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Politics Out in the WEST – Cridlin, Slemp, Neo and Arrington for Commonwealth’s Attorney!

I have to say:  I know a fair amount about far west Virginia and I love the mountains.  I have found out that four good acquaintances are running for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Lee, Wise, Buchanan (pronounced “Buck-anan”) and Tazewell Counties:

  • Lee County – H. Fuller Cridlin is seeking election as the CA in Lee County, the westernmost county in all of Virginia.  Here’s his webpage and his FB page.  I think he will be great for the county – in his appeals, Fuller is dedicated to his client.  Support Fuller Cridlin.
  • Wise County – Chuck Slemp is doing a fabulous job gaining support for his bid for CA in the home of the Tesla of Court Clerks (J. Jack Kennedy); Chuck had a fundraiser early in October and it had several members of the General Assembly and former Attorney General Kilgore in attendance.  I tried to get a business presentation (my presentations are how I know most of these lawyers) so I could attend but ‘fraid not! He also has a TV ad!  Here is Slemp’s FB page with the TV ad and his website.  I can endorse Chuck was enthusiasm – he’s a solid attorney.
  • Tazewell County – Flux Neo is the CA candidate in the nearby county of Tazewell.  Here is his website and his FB page.  He is worthy of your support.  Neo has a TV ad, too that can be found at his FB page.  Flux’s wife is Tamara Neo who was the top prosecutor in neighboring Buchanan County until she was defeated by…
  • Buchanan County – Gerald Arrington – he is opposed this term and he is also worthy of your support.  I knew Gerald when he ran before and I suspected he might just pull off the upset and he did in 2011.  Great lawyer.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders