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Listen to Virginia Senate Candidate (GOP-District 1) Mark Matney on the John Fredericks Show!

Here is the state senate candidate Mark Matney (Republican District 1) on the John Fredericks Show – he starts with an excellent reason why lawyers ought to be in the legislature.

Here is the link to YouTube and the Matney interview on Fredericks Show’s YouTube channel.

Mark Matney also explained how he expects to win as a serious underdog in this race, including an honest assessment of the internal poll rumor – there is discontent with the incumbent but Matney may not have moved the needle toward him yet.

Mark calls for opportunity for all – not just a mindless increase in the minimum wage – but rather substantive jobs that pay better.  He finally had a wonderful summing up why people should vote for him.  If you live in the First District of Virginia – or are nearby – please help Mark.  Here’s his website and here’s his FB page.  I am helping Mark already through this blog!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders