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Forum: Dogs, Cats Or ? What’s Your Favorite Pet?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Dogs, Cats Or ? What’s Your Favorite Pet?

Fausta’s Blog: I’m very allergic to cats, so I can’t have any contact with them.

Dogs are nice, but at this point in my life I don’t want the responsibility, so I visit my sister and hang out with her dog, who enthusiastically greets me at the door.

The Daley Gator : Dogs, no contest! They are called man’s best friend for very good reasons. Mainly the closeness you can get with a dog that just is not there with a cat, at least to me. I recall being 18, and heart-broken over a girl. As I sat on my bed, head hanging down, here came my dog. He just laid his head on my knee, and looked at me, as if to say it is OK.

The Razor : The older I get the more I like animals and the less I like people. As for cats vs dogs, both have their charms. I have 7 of each, the eldest being a 20 year old cat I raised from a kitten in Japan, down to a 6 month old Rottweiler mix puppy who bangs the kitchen cabinets like a drum when he wags his tail. All are rescues – the 20 year old cat from a plastic bag in a dumpster in Kyoto, the Rottie puppy running under parked cars as a 5 week old puppy at the local WalMart.

Cats vs Dogs… Cats are independent and perfect when you are young and relatively carefree. They aren’t needy the way dogs are, but it’s nice when one decides to curl up on you uninvited. Dogs, on the other hand, require a lot of effort. They are pack animals and can’t be ignored. The other day an early Spring storm rolled through and I had all 7 dogs either on me or within a few inches of me. They are also underfoot which can make them dangerous some times, because they always want to do what you are doing or see what you are seeing. Cats really don’t care – although the 20 year old cat like an elderly old lady has a nightly routine you could almost set your watch by where she curls up first with the Wife and then with me.

When one animal passes another inevitably finds the open niche in our hearts, transforming it into his or her own. When I cross the Rainbow Bridge I only hope that I have a multitude of hands to pet them all.

Bookworm Room : Pat Shipman, an anthropologist, believes that dogs helped humans become the earth’s dominant species, giving humans the edge over Neanderthals and dominance over animal predators. Dogs and humans were natural hunting partners, since dogs could sniff and chase, while humans, using weapons, could do a long distance kill. (Dogs could only do close kills, which put them at risk.) When humans transitioned to farm life, dogs protected them against predators, both human and animal.

In other words, where would we be without dogs? And can anyone say the same thing about the human/cat relationship?

I also believe that our ability to form bonds across species is part of the necessary empathy development humans need to be civilized. Societies that cut themselves off from dogs (and I’m naming no names here) miss that developmental phase and it damages them, leading to cultures of unusual cruelty. They have less empathy because they’ve had less natural scope to develop it.

Finally, at a personal, rather than intellectual level, I just love dogs. I love that they wear their hearts on their sleeves, I love that that we’re so important to them, I love that they can be (and want to be) trained so as to live in more harmony with us, and I love their playfulness, cuddliness, affection, and loyalty. As far as I can tell, the only real advantage cats have over dogs is that cats make for funnier videos.

The aged lady on the left is my Chihuahua/Australian Heeler mix; the feisty lad on right is my mostly Chihuahua, a little bit Fox Terrier mutt. The latter, especially, is my darling, loving me with a passion unique to Chihuahuas.

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason :With my lifestyle and personality I have always had an affinity for cats. I have taken in many feral kittens in my life and there is no better feeling than winning the trust of a wild cat. I suppose I relate to that initial hesitation to trust people too until they have proven they are worthy of my trust. Cats are independent, they can be aloof or playful depending on their mood, and do very well when left to themselves. With both myself and my husband working odd hours and going away for long weekends a cat is the perfect pet. Having a dog would be unfair as we are not at home enough to give the attention and time needed to walk and play with them. We have talked about getting a dog when we retire. Both bring so much joy into our lives in their unique ways and I can’t imagine not having a cat or dog, or both, in our home.

I think the meme of the cat and dog sums up their differences perfectly. The dog thinks “Wow, this human takes care of my every need, he must be a God” while the cat thinks “This human takes care of my every need, I must be a God.”

The Glittering Eye : Over the course of my adult life I’ve had rabbits, cats, and dogs as pets. They’re all great and which you prefer depends on what you want in a pet.

Cats are beautiful and don’t much care whether you’re there or not as long as you give them food and water. If they want to play, they might seek you out or they might not. Cats are nocturnal which means that they’re predisposed to be most active when you’re the least active.

Rabbits have a lot more personality than you might think and otherwise they’re not unlike cats without the claws and sharp teeth. They’re relatively easy to keep and tend. They might reward you with a little companionship if they’re so inclined.

Dogs are needier than cats or rabbits. Food and water and a place to eliminate aren’t enough for them. They need to be part of a family. Like rabbits dogs are crepuscular; most active at dawn and dusk. That’s convenient if you work an ordinary 9 to 5 job because they’re most active when you’re getting ready for work and when you get home and are quite content to sleep while you’re at work or asleep.

Virginia Right!: My family are all dog lovers. I have 2 siblings and they have a few dogs each. Can’t really keep them straight, but I think they both presently have 3 dogs.

We have just two at my house, both are large dogs. I am not a fan of the little “yappy” dogs, but I have nothing against them. Just prefer the larger breeds.

Both of my dogs are mixed breeds and both are rescues.

Layla is a sweet natured girl that is somewhere around 60 – 65 pounds. She is part yellow Lab and part Boxer. She is very laid back and has a unique greeting when anyone comes in the house. She grabs a stuffed toy in her mouth and goes up to the person yelling “woo hoo”. Just a happy 8 year old puppy.

The newest addition is also part Lab – we think chocolate Lab and part Irish Setter. We have had him for about 3 months now and he is around 8 months old. But he is already over 50 pounds of solid muscle. HE has eaten a sofa and several pillows and blankets. And 4 or 5 dog beds. I now wrap the beds in canvas tarps. But he has chewed through that too.

Layla is a house dog and Marley loves outside. He is a house dog too, but will spend as much time as he can in our yard. (Fenced in.)

We got a couple feet of snow last month and the drifts were higher. He was a bit skeptical at first when he saw the snow. But within a minute, he accepted it and decided he likes it. He REALLY likes snow. The snow was almost as tall as he is but he ran through the yars as fast as he could and reminded me of a dolphin following a boat. He had a smooth up and down running motion and looked like a blur. He does not feel the cold and his coat keeps him dry. I had to yell at him several times to make him come in. It was pretty cold and you don’t want to leave pets out in that weather, but he was having a ball.

Yea, both of my dogs have music names. Layla from the Clapton song and Marley is, of course, Nesta, also known as Bob Marley.

I had not seen the film Marley and Me before I named him. My wife and I watched it a couple of weeks ago and I think another name would have been better.

If you have not seen the movie, it is absolutely hilarious. But at the end of the movie, we turned the movie off. So I opted for the funny movie with the happy ending. By turning off the last few minutes.

Marley and Layla act like siblings. They love each other, but get into wrestling matches. Unfortunately, in the house as well as outside. Sounds like two bear cubs fighting.

But my dogs are a part of the family. Our daily routine includes my pups. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, and a few periods without.

I like the “with” times far better than the “without” times.

Anybody have a couch for sale? Make that two!

Puma By Design : Growing up, we had two dogs and no imagination. Both dogs were named Boots.

Boots #1 arrived on the scene after my parents took a trip to Harlem one evening. She was a tiny thing, a mutt of mixed breeds but what Boots # 1 lacked in weight and bloodline, as she grew up, she made up for in spirit.

I recall Boots #1 was such in ill health when she arrived that my mother had to cook a special diet of eggs and beef as instructed to boost Boots #1’s immune system.

Since we lived in a dangerous neighborhood and in an equally dangerous apartment building, Boots was not allowed to mingle with anyone but immediate family members. Even our friends were off limits.

It was not long before Boots had the junkies down the hall and on the second floor on the run.

You see, it was because of the junkies that my parents decided to get a dog.

We would hear the junkies down the hall playing with their key in the apartment door lock from time to time and since my parents knew that it was just a matter of time before their keys worked and ours did not, my parents decided to beat them to the punch by getting a dog.

By the time Boots #1 was five months old, the junkies decided to go elsewhere. When they would come anywhere near our apartment door, Boots #1 would let out a bark so ferocious that people refused to believe that such a bark came from this little dog who also had the strength and might to rip a junkie to shreds.

Then there was the male Alaskan Husky down the hall named, Oliver. Oliver was four times Boots’ side and a coward.

If Miss Ludell was walking Oliver at the same time that my brother was walking, Boots, the moment they made eye contact, poor Oliver would run for his life up three flights of stairs and back into his house with Boots not far behind.

My mother would always hear Boots barking, us screaming and catch Boots just in time. As for Miss Ludell, by the time she climbed three flights of stairs and entered the apartment, the whole building could hear her shouting at poor Oliver, “I can’t believe you’re afraid of that little dog.

Hmmm, such is life in the ghetto.

Finally, Boots became an even bigger hit with my parents once their daughters began courting. The boys would told to sit on the sofa, the girls in a chair opposite them with Boots in the middle staring hard at the boy, letting out this low growl and blocking any type of physical contact.

There was no hand holding, no nothing and the boy had better not blink or fidget. So where were my parents, cheerfully in the other room relaxed, reading the newspaper or watching the evening news.

While I love cats, what cat could compare?

Well, there you have it.

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Forum: Dogs, Cats Or ? What’s Your Favorite Pet?

Article written by: Tom White

Forum: Have Relationships Between Men And Women Changed For The Worse?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Has The Relationship Between Men And Women Changed For The Worse?

The Razor : Feminism once meant equality between the sexes. It has long since devolved into man-hatred, with women portraying men as sexual predators incapable of reaching maturity with psychopathic tendencies. In the process they have recreated a neo-Victorian sexual paradigm where women are too weak and feeble and must be protected from men, their ideas and thoughts as well as their sexuality. I half expect feminist college professors to faint at the next microaggression. Thirty years ago I thought college age women were neurotic. Today I think they are absolutely insane.

Being the gatekeepers of sexuality has traditionally elevated women’s worth, forcing men of that age to put up with a lot of hassle. Fortunately today there are more distractions that compete for men’s attention, putting a limit to the amount of trouble they are willing to put up with in order to have sex. To put it bluntly, women are in danger of pricing themselves out of the market.

I once thought that because of the innate inequality of sexual desire shared between the sexes that men would always be dependent on women. But thanks to technology I see men growing independent from women to a degree that I once didn’t believe possible. And I’m also seeing women react in surprising ways to this change in the balance of power between the two sexes.

In all likelihood the spasms of feminist dystopia we are witnessing on today’s campuses and among the liberal elites will settle down and the he-ing and she-ing that has characterized our species since its inception will continue unabated. But if it doesn’t, women will stand to suffer more than they expect as men decide their crazy, self-contradicting controlling desires are simply not worth the trouble. Bring on the replicants!

The Independent Sentinel : Since the sixties, I’ve watched the man-hating feminists demean men. I won’t negate the fact that they have helped raise the status of women, but they’ve also elevated them to the point that they are encouraged to kill their babies at any time up to the moment of birth because it’s their bodies. In the process of boosting women, they’ve used the tactic of belittling men and attacking them as aggressors to win their points.

The left today includes both men and women putting men down. Women are seen beating up the bad guys while men are too often portrayed as weak or looking like Pajama Boy or walking around with orange hair and crashing into cars in Foster Child commercials. Aggressive sports are on the ropes and football players are portrayed as more violent than the other men though research proves it’s not true.

Older men and women appear to have great relationships in this country but I don’t know what the situation is going to be for the new generation. I will say, however, that women need to get ahead on their own merits, not because of preferential treatment, lies about their abilities, and degradation of men.

The Glittering Eye: I don’t find the Forum format conducive to long-form, citation-filled responses. Maybe I’ll write a post on this subject. I’ll just jot down a few quick thoughts.

I’m an empirical kind of guy and, if there’s empirical evidence that men and women are happier and better off, that their relationships are happier, longer, and more satisfied, and that children are being reared in more loving and secure environments than was the case 50 years ago, I have yet to see it. Over that period marriage rates have waned, divorce rates have risen, and the proportion of children being reared in homes with both of their biological parents has fallen to levels unparalleled in American history if not in human history as well.

Increasingly, men are becoming dispensable. A relative handful of elite women may wield more power and influence and reap more wealth than ever before but by far the greater number of women are being left to rear children alone.

You can change the laws. You can change the expectations. You can’t change millions of years of human physical and social evolution in a few years or even in a few generations. Is it any wonder that suicide rates have risen?

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : We know it to be true that for a society to survive we must first start with a secure family unit consisting of a father and a mother raising their children together; providing for them and teaching them morals and values and how to be productive members of society.

I really feel sorry for the youth today growing up exposed to progressive indoctrination especially when it comes to the male/female relationship. While the majority of children in the past grew up secure in their sexual identities, today the emphasis is on the aberrant among them. Our children are being taught at a very early age that there are all types of sexual preferences and all of them are acceptable. They encourage self-exploration at very early ages. It’s almost as if the majority of people, the heterosexuals, should NOT be the preferable choice. All this is doing is causing the lines to be blurred and creating uncertainty in our children. Like so much of the progressive agenda, uncertainty is the key to indoctrination and the younger the child the easier it is to shape and mold their morals and values.

Relationships today must be very difficult for young adults, given all of the information they are being fed from their progressive teachers and the media. However, I believe most of them will follow the traditional route and find a mate and settle down and raise their families. After all, we are hard wired to do so. Indoctrination will never be able to change human physiology.

JoshuaPundit : Ah, the prog fascist model! Remember ‘Julia,’ the character in that famous Obama ad? Something that immediately struck me and that I haven’t heard mentioned anywhere else was that there is another famous ‘Julia’ who was used as a model for cradle to grave government control of a woman’s life. She appears in Orwell’s 1984 and like her lover, Winston Smith is crushed by the State and condemned to live a loveless, lonely life afterwards.

Many women in America used to meet their spouses at school or at work. Today, most sane young men wouldn’t dream of asking anyone they work with or go to school with out on a date. All it takes is a malicious accusation of ‘sexual assault’ and they face expulsion or being fired. The risks are simply too high.

A lot of the young women who revel in this ‘victory’ will end up a lot like Julia in their mid to late thirties..unloved, miserable, childless and wondering where all the good men have gone to.

Lots of men are rethinking things too. After being demonized from that first day in kindergarten by the very society they helped to build and make a much more safe and pleasant place for women, an increasing number of them are choosing to avoid marriage and hold on to their adolescence as long as possible. Or they’re looking for wives elsewhere. As one of them put it, your children and 2/3 of your earnings is too high a price to pay for the privilege of seeing the average American girl naked.

Some bright spots – while the current laws and the culture being pushed today is designed to eliminate till-death-do-us-part marriage entirely, it persists stubbornly the among more traditional cultures in America, especially where religion is a factor. And those families are the ones having most of the children in America today. And there is also this. When times get hard, people tend to flush the sophistries of the Left and return to the traditions of the past. Marriage rates shot up during Great Depression.

Well, there you have it.

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Forum: Have Relationships Between Men And Women Changed For The Worse?

Article written by: Tom White

Forum: Forum: What Is Your Reaction To The Terrorism In San Bernardino?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What is your reaction to the terrorism in San Bernardino?

The Glittering Eye : Since the murders by Syed Farook and his wife in San Bernardino last week, I’ve written fourteen posts. Five have been on the subject of the police execution of Laquan McDonald. I’m actually surprised that my fellow Council members have not latched onto this subject, considering their antipathy to the Democratic Party. Not only does it have the potential to throttle Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations, it could rend the whole Democratic coalition apart.

Four of my posts were on a variety of topics. The other five have been devoted to the murders in San Bernardino:

Folie à deux
The Faceless
Reasonable Inferences
These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls

Rather than try to summarize them, I’ll just set out some bullet points:

  • As of this writing, the president has apparently decided that the most effective strategy for opposing such incidents in the future is gun control. What specific measures does he have in mind? I predict that no Democratic candidate (or very few and those running in safe seats) will run on a platform of gun control in 2016.
  • The Democratic talking points about the strength of our vetting process and the moral necessity of accepting women and children refugees are as dead as the victims in San Bernardino.
  • Why are we accepting immigrants from Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Libya, etc. at all? Why are we accepting immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq other than those who worked as translators for our armed forces or their immediate families at all? And those after a rigorous vetting process? We need a moratorium on immigration to the U. S. from that part of the world and I include fiance, compassionate, refugee, and asylum visas in that.
  • Why do we allow CAIR to continue to violate the Foreign Agent Registration Act?
  • Indeed, why are U. S. imams who are supported wholly or in part by foreign donations not required to register under FARA?

JoshuaPundit : My immediate reaction, even before the names of the attackers were belatedly revealed by the media was ‘smells like jihad, but not ISIS.’

Baghdadi is smart, and he picks his targets carefully for maximum impact. A Resource center in a place like San Bernardino wasn’t it. I know the area pretty well, and San Berdoo as the locals call it is a midsize, fairly depressed inland city over two hours away from Los Angeles, traffic willing. Redlands where the jihadis were living is San Bernardino’s slightly more upscale college town neighbor to the east. Unlike Paris, there was little or no strategic value and what shock value existed was from the sheer body count. Jihad Barbi and Ken were essentially ISIS groupies. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t connected to like-minded individuals, even given some training and assistance but I doubt they were actually part of the team.

There’s a great deal we won’t find out since the FBI (almost certainly under President Obama’s orders) released the crime scene after only an unheard of forty eight hours and allowed the media to trample the crime scene and even handle physical evidence.

And of course, that’s the heart of the matter. We can make all the laws and take all the precautionary action we want, but with dysfunctional leadership that’s always going to sabotage it, we will always be stepping on our own feet. Impeachment is the first step towards winning this war.

I heard President Obama last night, and the only part of this dysfunctional jackass’s 13 minute speech that didn’t surprise me was that he failed to work in a mention of climate change. Of course, he will never admit the major part his policies have played in strengthening jihad in America and worldwide, like his illegal war in Libya and his protection and appeasement of Islamists. And that includes his role in arming, training and financing ISIS and later, al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra, now going under the name of Jaish-al-Fatah, The Army of Conquest. Or, as President Obama’s creatures refer to them, ‘the free Syrian rebels.’

I also wonder if anyone but me who was watching and heard the gun control part appreciated as I did the irony of someone whose administration sold AK-47’s to Mexican drug cartels and did his best to stonewall any kind of investigation of it talking to the rest of us about ‘sensible gun control.’

    GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD : Practicing that ol’ time religion.

    It was maddening to hear press and political cats contort themselves into risible positions to find something – anything – to smoke screen the Cali Jihad.

    Again it was a big surprise to the jihadists’ family, his mosque members etc etc. Always the same Really strange too that CAIR was right on top of this with their other worldly press conference, the family attorneys press call and how about the FBI or whomever allowing the land lord to open up the apartment to the press and public before investigators were able to haul off anything.

    Almost like the FBI didn’t want to investigate the place, seize stuff, get fingerprints and all.

    Very tough to watch after the Chattanooga Jihad – in me very own back yard, yet a pattern seems to emerge. Boston, Chattanooga and now San Bernardino – the children of mohammedist immigrants are attacking us – and with ultra conventional weaponry – rifles and bombs.

    Despite the fact that the killers Boston and Chattanooga mosques are hip and haunch together in the North American ‘You Know What’ Trust – still awaiting to see in the Riverside mosque in Cali is hooked up with NAIT (same affiliated mosque that the Pentagon plane hi jackers went to in VA) and if any action can be taken against NAIT.

    Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason : I must confess when I heard of the massacre I was not surprised. I knew it was only a matter of where and when the next attack would occur.

    In the aftermath of the massacre in San Bernardino, CA by radical Islamic terrorists we discovered the two killers were named as Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The media appeared shocked to learn a woman was involved in the murders. It took awhile for them to report the killers’ names although early on many of us were learning their identities via Twitter and Facebook. As the relationship between the two was revealed it occurred to me the K-1 visa bride more than likely radicalized her American born husband.

    With gun stores reporting record sales it appears the majority of Americans now understand, if they had not before, we are at war with radical Islamists. And it is not just America these terrorists have declared war against; it is all of Western culture and non fundamentalist Muslims. They have been waging a war on “infidels” for centuries, so anyone who says that we brought it upon ourselves must acknowledge this fight has been going on long before America was discovered.

    Americans have been preparing for this war and I pray more people will arm themselves and be able to stop or at least minimize any damage visited upon us by Islamic, or any domestic, terrorists. I have faith in our resolve and our courage.

    We know the potential threat of terrorists whether they are Islamic or any other fanatical individual or group. What is more concerning is a government consistently shifting the narrative away from speaking the name of our enemy and instead focusing on gun violence or climate change as urgent issues that need to be addressed.

    Speaking about the San Bernardino massacre and other attacks the Obama Administration and the left seems more concerned with not offending the Muslim community than recognizing and conveying the truth to the American people or taking measures to protect us. Attorney General Loretta Lynch even went so far as to say she would prosecute anyone guilty of what she considered violence-inspiring speech. So now we have the head of the Justice Department threatening to deprive the American people of their constitutional right to free speech if they speak out against radical Islam. Can we say “shari’ah?” Interesting we haven’t heard her say the same about the #BlackLivesMatter group who calls for the killing of law enforcement officers.

    Americans will not tolerate any gun control measures. We are born out of revolution and hold our God given rights sacred. Conservatives should be conveying to the American people that the Bill of Rights is a list of our human rights. These are not rights given to us by government; they predate any laws of man. The right to speak freely and the right to protect ourselves, our families, loved ones, and co-workers should never be the subject of political debate.

    This is our reality and will be for the future. We must realize electing a Republican will not immediately make this threat go away. The threat is in our country and in our cities. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Take firearms classes and learn how to use a firearm safely and properly. Get your concealed license permit. Refuse to be a victim.

    Stealing from the British World Word II poster, all I can say is KEEP CALM AND CARRY!

    Well, there you have it.

    Make sure to tune in every Monday for the Watcher’s Forum. And remember, every Wednesday, the Council has its weekly contest with the members nominating two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. The votes are cast by the Council, and the results are posted on Friday morning.

    It’s a weekly magazine of some of the best stuff written in the blogosphere, and you won’t want to miss it.

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    Forum: Forum: What Is Your Reaction To The Terrorism In San Bernardino?

    Article written by: Tom White

    Forum: Does Education Need Reform?

    Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:Does Education Need Reform?

    Fausta’s Blog : Yes, education thoroughly needs reform.

    All schools must be answerable to the parents, who should have freedom to choose what schools they want for their children.

    Elementary schooling is most important in a child’s development. For instance, substantial research on the brain’s neuroplasticity shows the importance of learning cursive handwriting during childhood. My experience is that few elementary school teachers are even aware of such research – and teaching cursive is a long, hard process which is not favored by the “teach for the test” environment.

    In today’s society, schools are called to do many functions that parents should. At the same time, most teachers’ colleges favor a politically-correct approach of “everybody gets a trophy” instead of focusing on a sense of the value of virtue, a work ethic, and thorough respect and familiarity with the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, all of which are American values.

    As the mother of a boy, I can attest to the fact that most schools – public and private – are oriented to teaching in a way that does not foster the way male students learn. Luckily we were able to place my son in an all-boy’s school that encouraged hands-on learning, and where recess was never cancelled (in fact, the youngest grades had two brief recesses in the morning). He graduated from college with honors.

    Current curricula is affected by the latest trends. I remember when the local school board proposed to change (at great expense to the taxpayer) the math curriculum years ago. My husband asked “were any studies done comparing the new plan’s effectiveness to the current one?” Not one member of the board had even thought of such a study. Now we have Common Core, with murky math exercises that I cannot understand even after having completed nine semesters of college and graduate school statistics, calculus, and economics.

    I also believe that one of the most important things a good educator can have is a sense of the value of learning-from-failure, which goes hand-in-hand with understanding the value of healthy competition. It is tragic that the present educational environment can not comprehend either. As ever, it falls to us parents to make sure our children do.

    Maggie’s Notebook : We first need the will to change education. To do that we need parents insisting on it and finding a way to sacrifice whatever is necessary to put their children in good schools when their public school is failing. Most importantly, we need teachers willing to stand up for truthful text books and honest methods of teaching, grading and passing pupils. Today’s teachers come out of their own education taught to hate and be victims. We are on a merry-gro-round. When our kids fall off, the merry-go-round continues to spin.

    How do we get truth into textbooks? The only answer I have is that educators and parents must insist on it. If we find a way to provide truthful civics and history textbooks, then can our children CANNOT pass the SAT, aligned to Common Core, and testing is not going away anytime soon. For decades, Liberals have tried to bring racism and victimization into everyday life so that every school child is turned into that community’s organizer.

    We barely teach English and Math. Neither are considered important today –– nor is it important to know how to balance a checkbook or understand the stability behind a bank account yielding profit. It’s more important to learn how to put a condom on a banana, or create a flier showing support for Islam. History is so obscenely distorted, we may not be able to reconcile the decades of damage already done. After all, many of our schools are staffed with those who themselves were taught to feel victimized.

    Spend some time with Fox News’ Jessie Watters on beaches in very influential communities, or on some of the university campuses considered the finest in the country, and you’ll understand how little our children know or care about liberty and freedom.

    Some parents believe their efforts have removed Common Core from their schools, but as long as English, History and Mathematics are taught to pass the current testing, Common Core lives.

    The crux of all evil in our schools are the two major teacher’s unions, the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). We can’t fire them, even when they molest our children. Such a teacher may be removed from the classroom, but not removed from the payroll and retirement benefits. To be sure, there are excellent teachers, who suffer over this problem every day of the school year, but in our current and common environment, good teachers can do only so much.

    Then there are the lawsuits –– dropped on schools on a whim –– costing thousands to defend. It’s easier to give in. Banish the child that chews his pop tart into the shape of a gun. Praise the child bringing a suitcase with the guts of a clock inside that clearly looks like a bomb. That early teenage child has been told that MIT will welcome him.

    Does education need reform? Such a disturbing question. I don’t think there’s an answer to fix it. I don’t think there are enough aware parents to shield their children. I don’t think there enough good teachers to fight their unions. I think there are far too many teachers/administrators teaching the poor to continue to be poor, to continue to hate others for their plight.

    Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : Many people today are surprised to discover the U. S. Department of Education was created during the administration of President Carter in 1979. Until then, the control of our public education resided within the states. Our Constitution makes no mention of the federal government having any duties or responsibilities related to education, and as such the DoED is an unconstitutional agency. In the past thirty-five years, the federal government has taken control of the education of our children by enticing states and counties with funding. Unfortunately these funds come with strings that have shaped everything from the curricula to what our children are eating for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner in some districts. School districts compete for these funds and policies enacted in order to receive these funds.

    Right now we have the federal government colluding with private corporations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, taking our tax dollars and turning our education system over to entities not as much interested in providing our children the best education as they are making money and pursuing the social engineering of generations of our youth. Our schools should not be laboratories and our children should not be guinea pigs to untested and unproven standards such as Common Core. The Common Core State Standards is the latest incarnation of the old No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top programs, all promising to improve standards and turn out children who are college or career ready. Charter schools and magnet schools are being sold to parents as an attractive alternative to low performing schools, but again, people must realize this is the taking of public tax money which should be going to public education and putting it in the pockets of private corporations. The states have no oversight over these charter schools and the curricula is proprietary, meaning no one is able to see or review what our children are being taught. An early charter school, International Baccalaureate, has direct ties to the United Nations through UNESCO, and promises to promote “rigorous” study and create young people who embrace multiculturalism and diversity as “global citizens” and where, as they say on their website “These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.” IB started out as a high school diploma programme, but now includes primary and middle year programmes as well as a career related programme. The Common Core State Standards appear in many ways to be fashioned after the International Baccalaureate programme.

    In the 2016 presidential election we must get behind a candidate who promises to abolish the DoED and return education to the states and local districts. The future of our country resides in taking back control of our education system at the local and state levels and assuring our children are being taught the basic knowledge and skills that will carry them into being productive, competent and capable citizens into their adult lives and professions.

    JoshuaPundit : I think a great many people have finally become aware of how poorly our education system works over the last decade, and that’s been underlined by the nonsense that’s been making headlines lately at our universities.Fixing this is going to involve several steps,and it’s going to be necessary to look at the origin of the problems, break down the root causes and solve them in increments.And since part of the solution is obviously political, a lot is going to depend on the national will.

    Let’s look at K-12 first.

    School choice is important, even vital but it merely underlines the fact that the enormous amount of money spent on public education has largely been a waste, since parents, given the choice, overwhelmingly choose private schools whom are normally able to educate students for less money per pupil and at a much higher level than majority of the public schools. My own experience is that the average 12th grader in private schools is at least 3 years or more ahead in terms of the work they’re doing.

    Private schools usually have these things in common – parents whom care very much about their children’s education and are willing to invest in it, high standards of discipline, work ethic and conduct for the students themselves (frequently including religious and moral education as well as sex segregated classes), non-unionized teaching staffs and a much lower ratio of administrators to teachers than the large public school districts. Teachers also have much more freedom to gear the pace of learning to the classes’ level rather than having to devote set amounts of time to mandatory programs that bore the more intelligent children or overwhelm those whom need more time and help. And teachers are likewise judged by their empirical results rather than tenure or other considerations.

    Once public education became unionized and the Left took control of it, most of not all of the above qualities including scholastic ones were degraded over time as education became indoctrination, standards were lowered and bureaucracy became an end in itself. The tool the Left used to accomplish this was federal and state money, which is why the attendance head count in the morning has become the most important part of the day. Ironically, it’s also a tool that can be used to reform the system in the right hands.

    To fix K-12, the following steps are necessary in my view: Breaking apart the larger urban school districts into smaller units, de-unionizing teachers by making public employee unions voluntary and regulating the involvement of public employee unions as organizations in political campaigns, getting rid of tenure and enforcing much higher standards in teachers are the first steps.

    The Federal Department of Education and the threat of withdrawing federal money can be used to accomplish much of this, and federal school choice legislation would be needed for the rest.

    The next steps are more difficult, because they involve changes in attitude. First, the pernicious influence of the Left needs to be curtailed. A good start would be for textbooks to need to be approved by a new Bureau of Standards as a part of the DoE before they could be used in the public schools, and for standardized tests to be administered at different grade levels for tracking purposes of both teacher fitness and individual academic progress. And yes, I’m talking about British-style O-levels. Some children are university material and some are better served by good vocational training. Moral education also needs to be taught again at an early age in the public schools as it once was, and discipline re-established. This unfortunately is vital nowadays.

    Public education should not be thought of as a right but as the privilege it is. Children and teenagers who habitually disrupt classrooms, act out in school and show disrespect for teachers should be removed to a single facility in the district more geared to their special needs so that they do not deprive the other children who actually came to be educated.

    Dealing with the Universities is an extension of this.

    Even private ones receive public money and subsidies as well as student loan funds. This can likewise be used as a lever to effect change.

    College has become an overpriced scam particularly in the Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, which these days are anything but liberal. This could be changed with the following policies.

    First, any university receiving federal funds of any kind would have to eliminate tenure, base admissions on a race neutral basis, have its curriculum meet certain federal standards as established by standardized yearly testing and allow ROTC training and military recruiters on campus in accordance with the Solomon Amendment.

    In addition, the Federal DoE could easily create college curricula for various majors that could be available online at a fraction of the cost of what college costs today, and some universities already offer such programs. My daughter is now working as a special ed teaching assistant in the field she wants to make her career while taking online courses that will give her a BA in a year’s time at a fraction of what even a state university would cost, and minus the indoctrination and ethos that entails nowadays.When she gets ready to start her career, it will be with actual job experience on her resume and zero debt.

    Those students who want ‘the college experience’ as a prolonged adolescence, are legacies with wealthy alumni parents who are seeking contacts or want to use college as a talent showcase for the professional sports franchises will still likely want a typical high priced brick and mortar university, but the opportunity to obtain the same degrees at a fraction of the cost is going to appeal to a lot of young Americans.

    The DoE could also enable a rebirth of vocational colleges and paid apprenticeships in various trades that would be far more practical, useful and cost less than some of the ridiculous majors many students are currently pursuing while bankrupting themselves or their parents at the same time.

    Implementing these changes would take time, but the results would be seen fairly quickly. And they would revolutionize education as it is today.

    Well, there you have it.

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    Forum: Does Education Need Reform?

    Article written by: Tom White

    Forum: What Did You Think Of The Democrat’s Debate?

    Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:What Did You Think Of The Democrat’s Debate?

    The Noisy Room : Boring. Flat. Torturous. The Walking Dead. Apathetic. Pathetic. Need I go on? That is what that debate last night was. All the print media this morning are claiming that Clinton nailed it. Nailed what? Propagandic lies? What a bunch of horse manure. Both Clinton and Sanders are revising history as they go – just pure fabrication. Donald Trump got more attendance live-Tweeting the debate last night than the debate did. In fact, I can’t find anywhere just how many attended. It must have been very, very bad. The attendance was the first thing you saw on the Republican debates. Not even the local press showed, much less national and international. They didn’t want to die from sheer boredom. I lived in Vegas for over 20 years… drag queen shows had far better attendance. In fact, I’ll bet that’s where a lot of the Dems were. That and the Bunny Ranch. Bill Clinton was in Vegas, but didn’t attend the debate. Any bets where he was? Unless the vote is entirely rigged, the Republicans are going to stomp all over the Democrats in this election. That is unless they deliberately hand it to Clinton.

    From the Daily Mail:

    This was the scene inside the press filing center at the first Democratic presidential primary debatejust an hour before the event began.

    Empty seats. Lots of empty seats.

    In all, 354 numbered seats were set aside for journalists at the Wynn Hotel and Casino – not in the debate hall, but in a separate ballroom lined with TV monitors and flanked by snack tables.

    But two-and-a-half hours after the hard deadline for reporters to check in, 61 of those seats lay undisturbed, with the CNN- and Wynn-branded swag remaining neatly lined up where staff had placed it.

    ‘They’ve managed to bring apathy to Las Vegas,’ a reporter from a Washington, DC-based news outlet told on background. ‘Who’d have thunk it?’

    Journalists on the scene with three separate media organizations said, also on background, that they had been offered more seats in the filing center than the number of reporters they brought to Sin City.

    None of them would allow their names, or the names of their news organizations, to be used in print.

    ‘We don’t want to tick off CNN, to be honest,’ one reporter said. ‘It’s not their fault the energy is so low.’

    After a pair of Republican debates that brought TV audiences of 23 and 24 million viewers, CNN has conceded that expectations for a repeat perfomance are low.

    The elephant who’s not in the room – Donald Trump – could explain the dramatic difference between the two vibes.

    Trump himself plans to live-tweet throughout Tuesday night’s debate.

    ‘Should be interesting,’ he wrote on Twitter just minutes before go-time, ‘but too bad the three guys at《1% will be taking up so much time – but who knows, maybe a star will be born (unlikely).’ was present at the first two Republican debates, in Cleveland, Ohio and Simi Valley, California.

    Both events drew complaints on-scene from journalists who were denied entry because of overcrowding.

    For those who don’t know, Vegas is a Democrat town. The mayor is a Democrat – big time. The fact that there weren’t thousands demanding entrance says something. Sanders drew 20,000 in LA… I wonder why he didn’t have numbers in Vegas? Unless his rallies are somehow rigged by the Democratic Socialists of America. I wouldn’t be surprised. Clinton can’t fill a supply closet. Biden is in the mist somewhere and no one knows what gives with him. There are a lot of gays and feminists and liberals in Vegas… what happened? I’ll tell you what… it’s too boring even for them. Plus, the candidates just aren’t radical enough I guess. They also didn’t get the living dead and vampire vote in Vegas – bummer. Trump, Carson and Cruz are all beating Hillary hands down. The media is waxing poetic this morning on how wonderfully Clinton did, but I have one question… if a Marxist shrills into an empty forest of chairs in Vegas, does anyone hear them? Or give a crap?

    Trump believes that Hillary won this snooze fest, but a Drudge poll tells another story. The geriatric, authentic socialist won. Bernie Sanders was perceived as the winner hands down. And if you really want to get grossed out, look no further than Joy Behar, who is hot for Sanders. He arouses her. May I just say, ewwww! I knew she was sick and twisted, but come on. It must not take much to turn a commie on.

    The real winner of the debate was Donald Trump, who got more attention than any of the lame donkeys in Vegas. That guy gets more free air time than anyone I have ever seen. It’s brilliant.

    They’ve got the moron vote locked… and the slacker vote. Looks like it’s up to the rest of America to make sure these Marxists don’t somehow slither into the White House. They’ll tax, regulate and bore us to death. That’s if we don’t get invaded or nuked first. Death or cake?

    The Independent Sentinel :The Democratic debate was a real snooze fest and there isn’t much I can add to what people have said. Obviously they were all in competition for who could give away the most “free” stuff except for the one normal person, Jim Webb, who needs to rethink his shift to the Democratic party.

    I don’t know how people can say Hillary won when her competition was a stuffy military guy, two really unintelligent people including a failed Governor, and last but not least, a crazy old and angry commie. Oh, wait , I’m being unfair, she didn’t fall flat on her face-that makes her a winner!

    JoshuaPundit : I freely admit that being familiar with the specimens involved, my chief interest was threefold; how the actual event would play out as opposed to how the media would spin it, what it would signify in terms of the Clinton/Obama war and how Jim Webb would go over.

    To put it briefly, here’s what I gleaned from it:

    Even though many after-debate polls showed the old commie winning, the media uniformly crowned it a Clinton triumph, often in what seemed like a co-ordinated collusive effort – ah, but we’ve been there before, haven’t we?

    It’s obvious to me that the Clintons and the Obama’s have come to a grudging rapprochement. The entire scandal surrounding the Clinton’s ‘charitable foundation’, the e-mail servers scandal and people championing a Joe Biden candidacy without going into hysterical laughter were all attacks by President Obama and his creatures on Mrs. Clinton.

    However, as I’ve mentioned previously.Mrs. Clinton has some potent weapons of her own. First of all, a simple call from her attorneys to certain members of congress offering candid testimony on any number of issues she has intimate knowledge of in exchange for immunity from prosecution could make Barack Obama’s final months in office extremely complicated.

    Second, even Barack Obama has to sometimes bend to reality. Ironically, the Democrats have a unique system where the party insiders choose the nominee via a vehicle called super delegates rather than basing it on the more democratic reliance on the results ofp[lo-0 votes in the primaries. That’s why Mrs. Clinton was not the nominee in 2008.

    Apparently, a number of these female super delegates who are in positions of power in the party have anointed Hillary based on her gender and have let it be known that any attempt to sideline her would have extreme consequences. So it’s no surprise to me that the usual suspects would trumpet a Clinton ‘triumph’ in the media, that the noise about a Biden candidacy would be muted and subside into silence or that President Obama would take steps to curtail the FBI investigation into the Clinton e-mail scandal and the almost certain breaches of national security involved. Remember, they work for him.

    In view of that, the response to Jim Webb was almost an anti-climax. I’m amazed he was allowed to speak at all.

    The Democratic Party used to combine economic populism with love of country and the backing of a strong national defense. What they’ve morphed into is an American version of the British Labour Party – philosophically Marxist, anti-freedom, rabidly isolationist, anti-military, hysterically vitriolic towards those with different views. The party’s leadership and yes, much of the rank and file have hyper criticism of America combined with appeasement of the country’s enemies as their default stance. And I’d also add that like the British Labour Party, a good chunk of the Democratic party is now firmly anti-semitic, oh pardon me , ‘anti-Zionist,’ something a lot of American Jews are now struggling to come to terms with if they haven’t already chosen sides.

    As such, Jim Webb is a courageous dinosaur of what the Democrats once were, and yet another symbol of our dysfunctional politics – a man who might make a superb president, but whom hasn’t a remote chance of obtaining the office. Not as a member today’s Democrat Party.

    Maggie’s Notebook : The Lincoln Chaffee –– Hillary Clinton exchange on the Iraq War caught my attention:

    Lincoln Chaffee:

    “If you’re looking at someone who made that poor decision in 2002 to go into Iraq when there was no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction, which I knew because I did my homework, that’s an indication of how someone will perform in the future. And that’s what’s important.”

    Hillary Clinton response:

    “I recall very well being on a debate stage about 25 time with then-Senator Obama debating this issue. After the election, he asked me to be Secretary of State. He valued my judgment. I spent a lot of time with him in the situation room going over some very difficult issues.”

    I remember, well, when Obama announced he would put Hillary in charge of the State Department. I figured Bill Clinton had made it clear to Obama that Hillary would tell Obama’s life story better than he could ever tell it, if he didn’t appoint her to State.

    I thought the questions were useless. They gave us nothing we didn’t already know. They all agree on almost everything, including what has since been estimated to be $18 Trillion in giveaways. I say “almost,” as I excuse Jim Webb from this sorry lot.

    When Bernie Sanders made himself proud by saying “enough of the “emails,” the commentators failed to scale the remark down to facts. Why is everyone but Democrats concerned about the emails Bernie Sanders has had enough of?

    1) March 2013, Hacker Guccifer released emails from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary regarding the attack on our Special Mission in Benghazi. Various committees both in the House and the Senate were trying to get answers about the deaths of four Americans, and the life-threatening, and forever changing wounds of others. It’s my opinion that Congressman Trey Gowdy pushed long enough and hard enough that Speaker Boehner had to give in and allow a Select Committee to investigate.

    There was more than sufficient reason to investigate, and Guccifer releasing correspondence with Sidney Blumenthal made it necessary. So, no we haven’t had “enough of the emails” because we, the peons out here following every smidgen of information about Benghazi, know some of what she did and didn’t do, and we are not amused that she has not been held responsible, at any point for sheer negligence and for trying to cover-up yet another America weapons smuggling operation out of Libya. We know one other thing for certain. She blamed an anti-Islam video for the attacks, and through her own videos, she spread her testimony of that clear lie around the Middle East, at taxpayer expense.

    Martin O’Malley called illegals “new American immigrants.” He also said no one on the Democrat stage had spoken “ill” of another’s religion That was the only time religion was brought up, I think, and it was for the sole reason of protecting Islam. Damn the facts.

    Late term abortions and the dismembering and selling of human tissue and baby parts was not mentioned on the stage. Neither was Planned Parenthood mentioned, along with the fact that taxpayers are forced to fund it annually. They have no shame, as Democrat Congressman Zell Miller once said.

    Climate Change (not global warming) was the star of the evening. for one reason, and one reason only: Democrats rake in big bucks from their bogus Climate Change claims, and it binds us tighter and tighter to the United Nations.

    While Syria and Russia were mentioned, I don’t think “ISIS” was uttered.

    Nothing about our hideous debt or the seemingly insurmountable problems our Veterans face every day. The commentators were not alarmed at the surfeit of skunks in the room.

    Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : If I were one of the low information voters Rush Limbaugh speaks about who does not follow politics, I would believe Hillary Clinton won the debate and will most certainly be the Democrat nominee. According to CNN, “Hillary Clinton delivered a poised, polished performance”, while AP reported “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s polished performance in the first Democratic debate…” and US News and World Report wrote “The former secretary of state was feisty and polished…” One might think the media had collaborated with one another in their reporting, but that might sound conspiratorial, huh?

    At several points during the debate I couldn’t help thinking about Oprah Winfrey years ago when she gave away cars to everyone in her studio audience. It seemed like a competition on who could give away more free stuff. Free college tuition… free health care as a right… you get a new Obama phone … you get a new car. Of course, I believe Oprah used her own money to give away those cars. The only ones mentioned who would be paying for the “free” stuff were the evil one-percent. It doesn’t take a numbers cruncher to know that does not compute. Who could out-socialist Bernie Sanders? Apparently Hillary Clinton is up to the task, although she prefers calling herself a “progressive.”

    Several other candidates mentioned our need to combat climate change and take America off of fossil fuels and completely transition to cleaner, greener energy in less than a couple of decades. Again, there was no discussion about the skyrocketing costs of alternative clean energy nor the billions of tax dollars wasted on failed clean energy companies.

    Americans must be made to realize all of these utopian promises cannot and will not ever be kept. The sad fact, however, is there are an overwhelming number of low information voters too eager to drink the Koolaid and depend on the government taking care of their every need.

    The Glittering Eye :Didn’t watch it. Don’t much care. I said what I have to say about it in my post on the subject:

    I did not watch the Democratic candidates’ “debate”. I won’t watch it and you can’t make me. However, based on John Cassidy’s remarks I have a question. Did Hillary Clinton convince anyone not already predisposed to vote for her to do so?

    Well, there you have it.

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    Forum: What Did You Think Of The Democrat’s Debate?

    Article written by: Tom White