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Feckless Hanover Republican Committee Chairman Nancy “Pelosi” Russell – An Example of Her War on Conservatives

Nancy Russell is the Feckless Chairman of the Hanover Republican Committee. In a post last night, we gave some of the reasons for you to come out tomorrow March 10 at 7:00 PM (GET THERE EARLY!) to vote her out as Chair and vote in Russ Wright.

Here are some more.

Just prior to the 7th District Convention, Nancy Russell emailed an endorsement of Linwood Cobb to the entire committee. Others were not given access to the list of GOP emails to do the same. She claimed it was a personal endorsement, yet it went out to the Committee. the Chairman is supposed to remain neutral and support ALL candidates.

During the Convention, I was appointed as a teller for Fred Gruber. Part of my duties were to keep an eye on the voting. I spotted the allotment of ballots that had been given to Nancy Russell in a tote bag along with her personal items. This was a potential for ballot tampering, mixing them in with her personal effects. We do not know if there were any other ballots in there. I notified Russell’s husband and he removed them from the tote. I did not see anything that looked like pre marked ballots in what he removed from the bag, but it was not a good thing to do. Especially after we all received her endorsement of Linwood Cobb and knew that she was biased in this election.

And when the first round of votes was called for the temporary Chairman to preside as Cobb was a candidate, Russell was on the far side of the Hanover section asking people who supported each temporary chairman to stand, one row at a time. Due to the distance and the noise and the fact not everyone was expecting to be told to stand when your row is called, most at the far end of the rows, away from Russell could not hear. Realizing that some people were not aware a vote was being taken, I began to relay Russell’s instructions from the other end of each row, so folks would know they were supposed to stand and be counted when their candidate was called by row. Russel screamed across the row at me to “sit down and shut up”. As a teller for Gruber, I refused. It was my charge to make sure things were done fairly.

And today I hear that there are accusations that the person challenging Russell, Russ Wright, may have supported a Libertarian candidate in the past running against a Republican. Seriously? About 4 years ago former state Delegate Bill Janis ran against the Republican candidate for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney. A number of Hanover Republicans supported Janis who was running as an Independent. These people included Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. And by the rules, if you support or endorse a candidate running against a Republican, you have automatically resigned. I spoke to Bolling and told him that after the election was over, as a Magisterial District Chairman I would like to bring his name up in the next meeting to be readmitted as a member. Bolling told me he didn’t know if he even wanted to be a member. My wife was with me and was stunned. When I mentioned this to the executive committee, Russell was adamant that all of these people be brought back on a voice vote with not so much as expressing a desire to be reinstated as members. I reminded her that Bolling indicated the opposite to me.

We sent emails back and forth over several days with several members considering resigning. In the end, Russell pushed them all back into the Committee without naming them or even ascertaining that they wanted to be readmitted. And as I think back to the treatment Nathan Cox, a former member, was given by the Committee, he was called out by name and they said he was kicked off the committee (not just considered to have resigned as the rules say). And Cox did not receive the same treatment as Bolling and the rest of the establishment that supported an independent did. Why was Cox treated differently? Because his “sin” was supporting Floyd Bayne who ran against Eric Cantor, Russell’s Lord and Master.

And recently I was asked to attend a meeting for a Conservative friend who was away on a trip. It should be noted here that Russell spends a considerable amount of time tracking attendance and making sure anyone who misses 3 meetings is purged. So I attended the meeting for my friend to keep up his attendance. I carried his signed paper proxy in and handed it to the person at the door. I signed in and noted that I was there as a proxy. Later I found out that Russell determined that my proxy attendance would not count because they failed to ask me to sign a loyalty oath. Had they asked I would have signed without hesitation. And later, when I found out that Russell did not allow my proxy (because of their failure) I offered to sign one then. I was not allowed to do so. Russell’s war on Conservatives, you see.

If we are going to win the White House in November, we need all cylinders running. With Nancy Russell, this is not possible. She is not concerned with anything but keeping power for the Cantorites. And now that Hanover has been moved into the First District, she is doubling down to try to prevent another great Conservative like Dave Brat from being elected in the 1st.

Russell is a hyper-partisan RINO who has no business being Chairman.

Come out tomorrow night and vote for Russ Wright.

The mass meeting starts at 7:00 PM but I expect dirty tricks and advise that you get there by 6:00 PM. the meeting is at the Hanover Courthouse complex in the Admin Building Board of Supervisor’s room.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER TO VOTE FOR CHAIRMAN!!!! Just a Republican and a registered voter.

Article written by: Tom White