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Could Chris Peace LOSE the Election? UPDATED with Website

Yes of course Del. Peace could lose.  Anytime we have a contested race, the incumbent could lose.  I do not think it is likely – in fact it would be something of a perfect storm election for Erica Lawler to win.  She’s not even a Democrat but rather an Independent Green.  And she has only raised $700 according to VPAP.  Not enough for any sort of mailing, let alone signs etc.  Lawler has clear talents and has issues to discuss; when I spoke with her, she understood the issues well enough to try to convince other people.

Conservatives need to make sure we vote and urge others to vote in this election.  I think this race ought to be in the bag but take no chances.  I will be curious what the turnout and percentages will be but get out and help Del. Peace.

I forgot:  Here is the website for Del. Peace!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders