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Blog Endorsement: John and Anne Fredericks and Robert Ike in Fourth District GOP Convention!

The Fourth District GOP Convention will be held on Saturday May 21 and there are three candidates seeking the nod to represent the district in Cleveland in July.  They are:

  • Chesapeake City Councilman Robert Ike, Jr.
  • Radio personality John Fredericks
  • John’s wife, political activist and businesswoman Anne Fredericks (called affectionately by Fredericks on his radio show “The Fraulein”)

They are committed to vote for Donald Trump on all ballots he is a contender.  Here is their website.

It looks like Trump will win the GOP nomination without their overt help but John Fredericks has indicated he will be a whistle-blower if anything dirty or underhanded occurs at the convention.  We need that.

I have followed John Fredericks on his show for months since it was available in the Richmond area (I tried to catch him on day from a distant Hampton Roads radio station when he had Robert Sarvis on when he ran for Governor and reception was in and out but now this radio station in Chester covers the RVA metro area) and my only fault with John is that more do not have the ability in Virginia to listen to him.  I can hope that we can get John behind enemy lines in NOVA (He could be Radio Free NOVA) and maybe out west but he is heard in the AM on these stations:

Common Sense for the Commonwealth
WHTK AM 1650 – Hampton Roads
WNTW AM 820 – Richmond – Central Virginia
WBRG 104.5 FM, 96.9 FM, 106.7 FM & Supertalk AM 1050 – Roanoke, Salem, Lynchburg, Lexington, Charlottesville, Farmville and Danville.

Caveat and Disclaimer:  Tom White has been on John’s show but never me!  Not yet anyway!  If I ever run for something, John will be the first radio host to be told.

SO this is an OFFICIAL Virginia Right endorsement – if you live in the NEW Fourth District, vote at the district convention for the Trump 4 Delegate Team.  Best to all three of you.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Congressman Dave Brat: Not the Easy Mark Bearing Drift Imagines

Rep-Dave-BratOur good friends over at Bearing Drift continue to snipe at Congressman Dave Brat from a distance. Sporting article after article written with accusations gathered from unnamed sources, Bearing Drift aims at painting a picture of Congressman Brat as lost in the weeds of Washington D.C., out-matched by those genius career politicians sporting their just-barely double-digit approval ratings. Nothing could be further from the truth. And while our dear disciples of the Church of Cantor clamor for a primary-incursion against Congressman Brat, deliriously certain of whomever’s impending victory, Congressman Brat continues to demonstrate that on no level will he cave to the pernicious pressures of the establishment syndicate – and his district loves him for it.

Libertarian, Conservative, or Constitutionalist – who among us can find fault with Congressman Brat’s legislative voting record? Brat’s record is more libertarian than Amash and Massie, more conservative than Jordan and Gohmert, and as Constitutional as Mike Lee. Explain to me why the 7th district would abandon him? Has Congressman Brat offended businessmen in the district who make a living off of Washington handouts and subsidies? I don’t know, but even if that’s the case, the constituents of the 7th district are most certainly more concerned with their own liberty and rights than they are with the wealthy getting wealthier.

Congressman Brat has been held to a higher standard than anyone elected to the House of Representatives. Unlike most Congressman, he can’t horse trade legislation; and we all know that’s exactly what happens in The House. Congressman Wittman and Congressman Goodlatte do it all the time. Why? Because they want to get their legislation passed and to do that, they have to vote for legislation they and their constituents don’t agree with. Sure, this usually ends up costing the taxpayers billions of dollars, but if that’s the price to (for Wittman) take care of our troops or (for Goodlatte) funnel money to the beleaguered and overlooked western realms of Virginia, than so be it. Yet, horse-trading legislation isn’t honorable. I’m not criticizing Wittman here. I’ve made my peace that Rob is perfect for the 1st district and feel that he has actually exceeded expectations over the last year. Over the last several months, especially, I don’t have any complaints. He’s been outstanding. But he does horse-trade legislation.

Congressman Brat has avoided that. He stands on principle. He keeps his campaign promises. He’s inclusive of his constituents. He holds town hall meetings in every area of his district.

Bearing Drift mocks Congressman Brat every time they think he bows to the wishes of his constituents. Really? Representing your constituents is surrender? If bowing to your constituents is surrender, then what the heck is he surrendering? Power? K Street Dollars? Wall Street Dollars? Super PAC support? Are the citizens of the 7th District really that upset that Congressman Dave Brat is failing to enrich himself by selling out to interests outside of his district? I don’t think so.

In fact, Congressman Brat’s utter refusal to sell out is what makes him a national icon for libertarians, conservatives, and constitutionalists all across the country. The grassroots knows the names of Jim Jordan, Dave Brat, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash. They’ve reached beyond the borders of their districts because they represent something utterly rare and precious in politics. They are public servants. They serve the people in their districts. They are not in our nations’ Capital to get rich. So, sorry Bearing Drift – you aren’t going to bring Brat down. In fact, the example he has set is a real threat to establishment Congressmen in every district in America. That’s the truth, no matter how you spin it.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

How To Bag a RINO: A Book Review

51SwDIG8mjL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Gray Delany and Zach Werrell are household names to activists in and around Virginia’s now infamous 7th District. Once again, these two young gunslingers have teamed up to write an account of the campaign that shocked a nation, humbled the Washington Elite, and inspired grassroots activists from Hanover, Virginia, across every county and district within this United States of America. It was their campaign that energized an entire nation of grassroots activists to pressure their representatives, as if even the most sacrosanct amongst them were no longer invincible, for change. Today, not only have we seen the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the hands of Dave Brat, but we’ve seen the surrender of Speaker of the House John Boehner at the hands of a nation.

How To Bag a RINO, by Gray Delany and Zach Werrell

Their story does not begin with a brilliant idea and a full proof plan. If you are expecting a secret formula, innovative fundraising ideas, or a genius way to start from nothing and start strong, then you don’t know the story of Dave Brat’s bid to challenge the seat of the third most powerful Republican in Washington D.C. This is a story of will, not genius.

This is a story about the vision (and a commitment to that vision) by those within Dave Brats’ inner circle. This is a story about the most active activists, committed beyond anything we’ve ever seen before – average citizens, abandoning their day to day for the taxing life of campaign operatives. And most importantly, this is a story about a candidate that actually was what he was, was what he said he was, and was what his district desired.

John Grisham, eat your heart out.

Now a Congressman, Economics Professor at Randolph Macon, Dave Brat, is everything conservative and libertarian activists have been asking for. This campaign could not have been fought with just anyone. After reading this book, I realize that you need more than just principle and philosophy, you need to be qualified. Dave Brat was qualified.

Furthermore, if you are living in a district, and hoping for change, but you have no network of patriotic and committed grassroots activists… forget it. None of this would have happened without them. If you want to know what it takes, as citizens in a district, to create change, real change, then you need to read this book and understand how instrumental the average citizen is in bagging a RINO.

Finally, the third component, and the reason why these two young twenty-somethings are able to write this book – you need simplicity itself: truth. You need to tell the truth about your current representative. You need to tell the truth that has been denied to the people living under establishment rule and rhetoric. Make them defend the truth, because the Eric Cantor’s and John McCain’s and John Boehner’s cannot defend themselves in the light of reality.

So if you find yourself in Arizona, Arkansas, Ohio, or Illinois, and you’re wanting to Bag a RINO of your own, you need to read this book. You’ve got to find a qualified candidate – of course that’s important. However, years before you do that you need to build an army of activists, who understand the inner workings of the Republican Party, and who understand the importance of every angle. Then you need to use those activists and that qualified candidate to run on philosophical and realistic principles and policies, in order to create the contrast you already know to exist.

For those of us who simply served as satellites around Dave Brat’s campaign, blowing on the embers of a fire that would rise to the attention of the national media, we’ll never forget the moments that lead to the victory. Virginia Right! was there. We believed. In fact, Tom White called the election, days before the first vote was counted. I even promised that the 7th District would send Dave Brat to Congress. Why? Because I met the men and women of the 7th District and I met Dave Brat. I know greatness when it talks to me. I am an admirer of so many people that I’ve met, that were it not for this book, I would never have known how instrumental they were in the greatest political victory in modern times.

But let me say this – because this is the most important thing – if you really want to Bag a RINO, you’ve got to find a qualified candidate. Dave Brat didn’t just defeat Eric Cantor. He has demonstrated himself to be the most principled Republican in Congress. You’ve seen him on FOX News, you’ve seen him on CSPAN, and you’ve probably seen him or read about him everywhere else. Why?

Unlike all these “TEA Party” candidates we elected to the House and to the Senate that joined the establishment, accepted the money, and became willing pawns in the corruption which is our Federal Government, Dave Brat, Congressman Dave Brat, has not wavered.

This book could not have been written, but for the fact that Congressman Dave Brat has not been a disappointment. The intelligence and character and understanding of economic and political philosophy that made Dave Brat the candidate that inspired me to start writing publicly again, are the same characteristics that made him the right David to defeat Goliath.

What Gray Delany and Zach Werrell have laid out in this book is indispensable wisdom for anyone looking for real representation in the House of Representatives. Read this book Virginia! Read this book Maryland! Read this book America! You want real change? You need to realize how hard it is to have, how hard it is to offer, and how hard it is to win. This is the playbook. This is the story. This is the book that every family frustrated by the hypocrisy and dishonesty of their Representatives in Washington DC should read, Democrat or Republican.

So tonight, not tomorrow, (or if you are reading this tomorrow, then today, not Thursday), pre-order How To Bag a RINO: The Whiz Kids Who Brought Down House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Learn the importance of truth in politicking.





Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker