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My Plea to the Conservative Grassroots in Virginia’s Historic 1st District (If Such a Thing Even Exists)

I live in Virginia’s historic 1st District. Congressman Rob Wittman is my Representative. I have often felt that we in the 1st District were poorly represented, predicated upon the fact that Congressman Rob Wittman is rather low-key, doesn’t vote for the most aggressive conservative bills, is easy to get along with, is never in the headlines demonstrating leadership, rarely fighting with Leadership, and never, ever, in trouble in the press. However, he does support many good pieces of legislation.

I want Congressman Wittman to demonstrate leadership, to mix it up, and to push Leadership toward a more Constitutionalist and Liberty-Movement agenda. I want Congressman Wittman to be more like Congressman Dave Brat (who has a 100% score with Conservative Review).

But I wonder if Congressman Wittman isn’t the perfect Representative for the 1st District. Relative to many other districts, it is simply a fact that the Virginia’s 1st district is one of the more passive districts in the State. Relatively disengaged, unwilling to mix it up, looking to go along and get along (as much as possible), and easily distracted by process and prerogative. I look at our Virginia Delegates Representing the citizens of the 1st District, and I think to myself, “Are our Richmond Delegates any more principled, vivacious, and aggressive than our Congressman”? Clearly the answer is a resounding, NO.

wittman1Maybe the 1st District is lucky to have a Representative as conservative as Rob Wittman. Sure, he isn’t there when it matters on the big issues, but neither are we. So who are we to expect a better Congressman than we deserve? Congressman Wittman is probably one of the more conservative Representatives in the State and in the 1st District, that seems to be good enough. He’s not Eric Cantor, but he’s not as conservative as Goodlatte either. I don’t dislike the Congressman personally. He is as nice a man as you’ll run into from Washington DC. But I’ve been around to TEA Parties in Virginia’s 1st, and listened to the people, and somehow walked away with the impression that there was a desire for something more, something better, something more akin to Dave Brat or Justin Amash or Thomas Massie.

I’m realizing that’s not the case.

Rob Wittman has a 60% score from Conservative Review, but that might just be a bit more conservative than Virginia’s 1st District. There is no real grassroots presence in Rob Wittman’s district; so it would be absurd for him to buck his bread and butter (Farmers, Military, and Lawyers). They control the 1st Districts’ politics in the absence of a grassroots. He should be representing them.

Therefore, instead of writing another article pressuring my Congressman, I am simply writing this: a request for Grassroots Leadership in Virginia’s First District. If you want better conservative leadership than you receive from your Congressman, then you need to demonstrate better leadership than your Congressman. TEA Party’s ought not be mere meetings for the airing of grievances, but dynamic institutes for education, involvement, and grassroots activism. Until I see better grassroots leadership and momentum from conservatives in the 1st District, I’m going to count my lucky stars that I have Rob Wittman as my Congressman.

What do I really want?

I want to see folk in Virginia’s First District stepping up for conservative candidates and volunteering for their campaigns. I want to hear about how folks in the 1st District are leading the way for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, etc. I want to hear about our Republican Candidates bragging about how Rob Wittman’s District is active and engaged, and I don’t want to hear about how most of the Presidential Campaigns can’t find volunteers. I want to hear about how knowledgeable the activists in the 1st District are about their local Republican Party, how involved they are in influencing local elections, newspaper stories about the unbelievable turnouts at local candidate forums, and I want to see communication from one end of the district to the other.

I want Kilmarnock talking to Montross, and Montross talking to King George, and King George talking to Gloucester. I want to see interaction and movement and purpose. Until then, you’ll never hear me say a single negative word about Congressman Rob Wittman, who so accurately reflects his district. More conservative districts should be so lucky to be so perfectly reflected by their Representatives in Washington D.C.

I don’t accurately represent Virginia’s 1st District. Congressman Rob Wittman does. I guess I just wish that wasn’t the case. Therefore, Congressman Wittman, you are officially off the hook, from the likes of me, until further notice. Have at it.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Open Request To Congressman Rob Wittman On Behalf of Virginia’s Historic 1st District

I’ve called Rob Wittman’s office and requested an open line, forum, or request for his constituents input into his vote for the next Speaker of the House. For this reason, as a constituent of Congressman Rob Wittman, I will not offer a suggestion publicly. Instead, I simply ask that the Congressman consult his constituency on his decision. I will not be writing future articles in support of any candidate for Speaker, so long as the Congressman agrees to listen to those he represents.

This is so important to so many of us in Virginia’s First District. Please Call Congressman Wittman and request some kind of an open forum for discussion: a Town Hall, an over-the-phone Town Hall, or something online, where we, those represented by the Congressman, can at the very least voice our opinion.

On this issue, I am not a voice, but a single person represented by a single Congressman. It is not my job to speak for the district. If the Congressman calls me, I’ll tell him who I want. If not, and if he opens up a forum for everyone living in his district, I’ll take advantage of that. Therefore, all I ask of the constituents of Virginia’s First District, is to contact your Congressman, and request a voice in the decision.

1st District Residents Only: Contact Rob Wittman by Email.

Rob Wittman’s DC Office: 202.225.4261

Please contact Congressman Wittman and request to have your voice heard.

Thank you.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker