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Open Request To Congressman Rob Wittman On Behalf of Virginia’s Historic 1st District

I’ve called Rob Wittman’s office and requested an open line, forum, or request for his constituents input into his vote for the next Speaker of the House. For this reason, as a constituent of Congressman Rob Wittman, I will not offer a suggestion publicly. Instead, I simply ask that the Congressman consult his constituency on his decision. I will not be writing future articles in support of any candidate for Speaker, so long as the Congressman agrees to listen to those he represents.

This is so important to so many of us in Virginia’s First District. Please Call Congressman Wittman and request some kind of an open forum for discussion: a Town Hall, an over-the-phone Town Hall, or something online, where we, those represented by the Congressman, can at the very least voice our opinion.

On this issue, I am not a voice, but a single person represented by a single Congressman. It is not my job to speak for the district. If the Congressman calls me, I’ll tell him who I want. If not, and if he opens up a forum for everyone living in his district, I’ll take advantage of that. Therefore, all I ask of the constituents of Virginia’s First District, is to contact your Congressman, and request a voice in the decision.

1st District Residents Only: Contact Rob Wittman by Email.

Rob Wittman’s DC Office: 202.225.4261

Please contact Congressman Wittman and request to have your voice heard.

Thank you.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker