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The Blog is Ready: It’s-It’s-It’s Del. Buddy Fowler in the 55th!

Our first general election blog endorsement is out!  I am authorized to make the unanimous announcement that the Virginia Right Blog will endorse:  Buddy Fowler in the 55th.

I am impressed with a couple of pieces of legislation.  Concerning petitions in Circuit Court to have gun rights restored when they live in other states, where the Virginia Supreme Court said could not be done under existing law – here is what Buddy did (from the VGA website):

Firearms; restoration of rights; venue. Permits a nonresident of the Commonwealth prohibited from possessing a firearm, ammunition, or a stun weapon because of a felony conviction or a juvenile adjudication of delinquency of certain offenses to petition the circuit court where his last felony conviction or adjudication of delinquency occurred for restoration of his right to possess, transport, or carry a firearm, ammunition, or a stun weapon. Current law does not provide for venue for a nonresident’s restoration petition.

And it passed and the Governor signed it!  Here’s the new law.

Del. Fowler also introduced (alas unsuccessfully) a constitutional amendment to place transportation funds in a lock box.  Here’s the bill.

Yes, as Steven Brodie Tucker stated much more eloquently than I did or maybe could, Del. Fowler did oppose Medicaid expansion.  I can add:  Medicaid expansion will cause taxes to be raised after 100% from the federal government (it will normally be 90%) and it may increase costs.

Fowler’s Democrat opponent seems like a sincere person but she is way way too liberal for the district.  She is pro-choice on abortion, she supports more money for public colleges as a way to reduce tuition hikes (the solution is cut costs especially in administration):

MAKE COLLEGE AFFORDABLE AGAIN! Twenty years ago, the Commonwealth was supporting our state colleges by about 30 percent. Now it’s about half that. Virginia ranks 35th among the states in support of higher education and state support continues to drop. Our colleges and universities have become more efficient, but now there is not much more they can do other than lower standards or raise tuition. Tuition increases puts higher education out of reach for many students, and all of us suffer.

Radler also is against off shore drilling:

PROTECT OUR COASTLINE AND BEACHES! We have seen the devastation from major oil spills resulting from offshore drilling in other states—spills such as the horrific BP Horizon disaster. But in addition to the major oil spills, there have been more than a dozen oil spills/leaks of more than 1,000 barrels in the last 10 years from offshore drilling. We don’t hear about those.

From the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association to environmental groups, opposition to offshore drilling is loud and clear. But not so much from Virginia politicians. I will be a legislator who remains committed to protecting our tourism industry, fishing and recreation industry, and our coastline and Eastern Shore.

Instead of offshore oil drilling, I would support legislation for offshore wind power…safe, clean, and effective. Let’s not become the next BP Oil Spill, the next Louisiana Gulf Coast disaster. We want our grandchildren to have the benefits of the beauty had.

Seems like a poor answer.  I think we can have safe drilling and the economic benefits from drilling as well.

For these and many other varied reasons, the Virginia Right blog endorses Del. Hyland F. “Buddy” Fowler, Jr. for the 55th District.  Please make sure every conservative and Republican votes!  Otherwise you might not like the result!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders