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Bush Voters May Be Moving to Kasich

Jeb Bush was at the top of the heap when 2015 began, polling in the mid teens and as high as 17.8%. That is until Donald Trump entered the race and his numbers have steadily declined ending in his suspension of his campaign last Saturday night after yet another rejection by the voters in South Carolina.

And since his announcement (and even before), people began speculating on where the Bush supporters would go. It is a pretty good bet that anyone who supported Bush would never support Trump or Cruz. And Carson would be unlikely as well.

So it comes down to Ohio governor John Kasich who, despite a strong finish in New Hampshire fell back into obscurity in South Carolina finishing 5th, until Bush left the race and elevated him to 4th.

And the other possibility is Marco Rubio. It actually makes sense for the Bush voters to move to Rubio, at least in the minds of those supporting Trump and Cruz. And in the news media, especially the “all in for Rubio” Fox News. Rubio finished 3rd in Iowa, Kasich 8th. He was 5th in New Hampshire with Kasich taking second, and Rubio managed second place in South Carolina while Kasich was 5th. New Hampshire was probably an anomaly for Kasich. Like Santorum did in Iowa 4 years ago, Kasich spent a lot of time and money in New Hampshire this year. And Santorum won Iowa and Kasich pulled out second place in New Hampshire. And like Santorum in 2012, that is looking like it for Kasich. Except Ohio.

The logical thing to do would be for the Bushie’s to move to Rubio who has momentum. The media is hoping for that with some even calling for Rubio to name Kasich as his VP running mate to consolidate the vote and stop Trump and Cruz.

But when have the RINO establishment folks ever done the logical thing? Remember, here in Virginia we are talking about Eric Cantor, Bill Bolling, consultant Boyd Marcus and a host of other left wingers who hate Conservatives (while pretending to be one) more than the Democrats.

I have raised an eyebrow or two at the RINO’s dumping hate on Cruz and saying they would rather see Trump as the nominee between the two. Bob Dole comes to mind. I would figure they would prefer Cruz who is an elected senator over Trump who does not hold any office. But then these RINO’s were happy to stay at home and let McAuliffe become the governor, so logic is not their strong suit.

But looking around the RINO droppings on Social Media and various websites, the former Bush supporters seem to be advocating a move to John Kasich. Of course Kasich is the bigger RINO between he and Rubio, but I suppose Kasich’s Obamacare medicaid expansion in Ohio is slightly more liberal than Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” amnesty episode. Of course Rubio changed his mond and Kasich implemented the budget busting Obamacare expansion. Perhaps if Rubio had actually passed amnesty things would be different. And maybe it is the long gone TEA Party support for Rubio that left a bitter taste in the RINO’s mouths. Probably both.

But my totally unscientific stealth RINO poll shows that the establishment Bush supporting herd seem to be migrating to Kasich instead of Rubio.

We will see what the polls say in the coming hours and days without Bush. But my anecdotal research seems to show Kasich will get a boost. I’m sure some will go to Rubio, but Kasich will definitely see more support and perhaps cash.

And if you are a Trump supporter, the more support Kasich gets from the Bush people the better. Keep splitting those votes!


Article written by: Tom White

More People WOULDN’T Vote than WOULD Vote for These 7 GOP Candidatese

Ok. The really big news is that Trump is killing everyone else in the polls by a huge margin. Trump brings in 35.4% in the Reuters Polling rolling average.

The rest of the candidates are, frankly doing horrible.

Second place, such as it is, belongs to Ben Carson, but only at 12%. Trump nearly triples Carson.

Third place is Marco Rubio at at 10.5% followed by Ted Cruz at 9.7%.

Jeb Bush is in 5th place with 8.4% and Chris Christie follows with 4.8%.

7th Place is held by people who wouldn’t bother to vote at 4.7% which means that Fiorian (3.6%), Huckabee (2.9%), Santorum (2.4%), Paul (1.9%), Graham (1.6%), Pataki (0.7%) and Gilmore who does not even register at 0%.

Article written by: Tom White