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Delegate Buddy Fowler Wins Big in the 55th

So much for the Richmond Times Dispatch nonsense about the 55th District being embarrassed by Delegate Buddy Fowler’s record. Did those crooked-glasses “Einstein’s” at the Times miss the mark or what? At the end of the day, the race for Delegate came down to the issue of Medicaid Expansion. Virginians simply do not want to bankrupt our State by expanding a program that has been achieving disastrous results across the country. I spoke with Toni Radler at the Madison precinct yesterday and told her that I thought her campaign really helped to make this is a single-issue race. If you are for Medicaid Expansion, you should vote for Radler. If you’re against Medicaid Expansion, you should vote for Buddy Fowler. Cut and dry, black and white, easy enough for everyone to decide who to vote for.

fowlerDelegate Buddy Fowler won reelection overwhelmingly with over 60% of the vote. In Spotsylvania, Buddy won an overwhelming 75%. In Hanover, Delegate Fowler won 64%. Both Spotsylvania and Hanover have a strong Republican Party presence. Only in Caroline County, where there is no real county Republican Party, did Buddy struggle. This highlights the importance of strong county Republican Parties able to get over their differences and come together to support their Republican candidates. In fact, Independent candidate for Board of Supervisors, Clay Forehand, helped Buddy’s cause a great deal at the Madison Precinct in Caroline County, as he was able to get previously unregistered Republicans out to the polls. Hopefully, the days of depending on Independents to get out the Republican vote in Caroline County are coming to an end; but I think Forehand adequately demonstrated that the registering of new voters in Caroline will be key to strengthening the Republican cause in future elections.

Despite our problems in Caroline County, it is important to note that Buddy Fowler actually gained ground over the last 2 years. In 2013, Buddy won with 56.8% of the vote, compared to 2015 where he won with over 60%. Those anonymous voices and whispering malcontents in our District hoping for a weak showing by Fowler were horribly disappointed last night as Buddy demonstrated that he has overwhelming support from his constituents.  Yesterday’s results should broadcast loud and clear to the Democrats in the 55th District that spending money on a Democrat challenger in 2017 will not be a wise allocation of funds.

I would also like to note that Buddy Fowler was one of only two candidates able to warrant an official Virginia Right Endorsement. Any candidate that can get Tom White, Sandy Sanders, and I all on the same page is definitely a candidate with an edge. The other Virginia Right endorsed candidate, Amanda Chase, also experienced a blowout victory yesterday. Congratulations to Amanda, a welcome addition to our State Senate!

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

STOP Medicaid Expansion: We Must RE-ELECT Delegate Buddy Fowler

Last night, in Beaverdam, Virginia, the Patrick Henry Tea Party hosted a fantastic candidates forum with Delegate Buddy Fowler, Jr and his Democrat opponent Toni Radler for Delegate, 55th District. Many issues were discussed: Higher Eduction, Taxes, Sludge, the 2nd Amendment, local Food Freedom, Common Core, the troubling behind-closed-doors meetings of the Hanover Board of Supervisors leading to the end of Proffers, Education Funding, Coal Subsidies, a new Nuclear reactor in Lake Anna, Campaign Donations, and the Convention of the States. But the most important difference between these two candidates is their positions on Medicaid Expansion.

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia is Toni Radler’s central plank. Radler argued that Virginia loses 2 billion dollars a year by refusing to expand the entitlement, adding that Medicaid Expansion would also bring thousands of new, high paying jobs to Virginia. Increasing education spending was her second biggest issue, arguing that future job growth in Virginia depends on higher spending on Education by our State government.

Delegate Fowler remains committed to preventing Medicaid Expansion in Virginia, arguing that it would end up consuming our State budget in the years to come. When Toni Radler confirmed that she would not vote for tax increases, Delegate Fowler argued that she would have to if she expanded Medicaid in Virginia. Mr. Fowler also demonstrated that increasing education spending is only half the battle. The most important focus, and his focus over the last two years in Richmond, has been to get more education dollars into our classrooms.

Buddy-FowlerWhile Delegate Fowler represents my interests on the vast majority of issues, it is his opponents promise to bankrupt Richmond with Medicaid Expansion that makes this election crystal clear. We cannot afford to lose a single vote in the House of Delegates on this issue. We all know that Governor McAuliffe is committed to finding some way to expand Medicaid, and putting Toni Radler in the House of Delegates would do exactly that.

Therefore, not only do I endorse Buddy Fowler for Delegate, it is absolutely imperative that the citizens of Caroline, Spotsylvania, and Hanover in the 55th District get out to the polls on November 3rd, and cast their vote against Medicaid Expansion and reelect Buddy Fowler to the House of Delegates.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker