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Covert Republican Guerrilla Tactics Have Zero Chance of Success

I’ve heard it said that the secret to breaking the back of the Republican Establishment is to find ourselves an outsider, like Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina, to destroy the RNC from the inside. I’m told that this is how we defeat the GOP establishment once and for all. Smart people have listened to this strategy and have bought in to the idea that a Trump victory will be so humiliating, so destructive to the Republican Establishment that we’ll be able to refashion the GOP into something more conservative and constitutional.

Unfortunately, this strategy cannot do what the people want it to do. Who is the establishment? The establishment is comprised of politicians who’ve put their offices up for sale in Washington D.C. for all comers on Wall Street, K Street, and the Chamber of Commerce. Do you really believe that a Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina presidency is going to get rid of Wall Street, K Street, and the Chamber of Commerce? Powerful, Corporatist lobbying groups aren’t going away folks; and as long as they exist, the For-Sale Republicans will be well funded, well entrenched, and in positions of great power.

trumpfA political outsider isn’t going to change the nature of our Republic from the inside. The best a President can do is to fight the US Congress, refuse to sign bloated bureaucratic bills, refuse to sign legislation that increases the debt, increases the deficit, and increases our taxes. The best a Republican President can do is to use the bully pulpit to win over the American People to common sense conservatism and constitutional republicanism, then let the people pressure Congress for change. We need a Republican President that understands the corruption in Congress and if the choice is between a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul, who’ve been fighting this corruption in our nations’ capital, and Donald Trump who has been taking advantage of this corruption for decades, how could any conservative go with Trump?

Magic does not exist. Wishing something could happen isn’t enough to make it happen. The Republican Crony-Capitalists are here and they are here to stay. No one is going to somehow wave a magic wand and pull the temple walls down upon their heads.

To win, we need to work hard, not hope hard. To win, we need to elect the smartest, best credentialed conservative we can find and get out there and fight for every vote, but we better make sure whoever we’re getting behind has a strong conservative record.

See, I think our problem really is tied directly to how often we’ve fought and failed. Now, tired of the toil and exhausted by defeat, we’re actually willing to burn the entire system down. If we can’t win, then nobody can! Let’s just have a Republican Fire Sale and rebuild. OK. Fine, but keep in mind that the Democrats won’t be affected. The Democrats will only grow stronger as Republicans tear each other apart.

Yes, there is already a civil war in the Republican Party and yes, its a good thing; but it’s only a good thing when we know what it is we’re fighting for! Constitutional conservatism versus establishment cronyism. But now we’re getting desperate. We’re abandoning constitutional conservatism for authoritarian populism.

I understand the desire to hurt the establishment, to embarrass them, and to watch them squirm, but there are serious issues facing this country and a Presidential Election has to be about those issues, and not some strategy for destroying the GOP from within.

Many of you are still undecided. I would like to encourage you to remain resolute in your conservatism. Do not stray from your values for some poorly conceived guerrilla tactic. If you are a conservative, you need to back a conservative. If you are a constitutionalist, then you need to back someone who is a staunch defender of the Constitution, or for the love of god, at least someone who actually knows whats’ in it! There are candidates in the field today who are staunch conservatives and consitutionalists and they deserve your support. You know how awful it feels when no one fights for you… well, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, even Marco Rubio, have been fighting for you in the Senate, against the establishment you so desperately want to see destroyed. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker have been fighting liberal special interests groups for years, and they’ve won battle after battle.

In the lead up to the Reagan Revolution, I believe it was George Will who referred to Reaganites as Kamikaze Conservatives. They weren’t. They were just conservative. A Kamikaze Conservative is a conservative who supports untested, unproven moderate to liberal Democrats/Republicans in pursuit of sinking the ship. That’s a kamikaze conservative. Reagan was simply a conservative who fought for conservative government, nothing more and nothing less, and look at what a difference his leadership made in America!

There are many excellent Republicans running for President today and they all have records and a past. Examine those records. Examine their history. Support whomever you believe to be the most consistent supporter of your values and philosophies, and you won’t be lead down the dock by some random piper.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker