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The Dysfunctional Republican Party: Can It Prevail?

The world of Republican politics differs greatly from the world of Democrat politics, primarily because Republicans and Democrats really do live and think differently from one another.

CO-GOP1On the one hand, you have a Democrat Party that marches in lock step, democrat voters who will vote for any candidate so long as they are running on the Democrat ticket, and who conform to a general and broad system of beliefs. On the other hand you have Republicans, who are much more independent, more likely to vote on a single issue, and feel represented by particular factions within the party at large, as opposed to the Republican Party itself. The Republican Party is forced to hold together a divisive collection of contradictory philosophies, personalities, and purposes, while competing with a Democrat Party with much less friction between their voters. Now, that is not to say that there is not a great deal of friction at the top of the Democrat Party, since whoever controls the party, controls the voters. But that’s a Democrat problem the Republican Party simply never experiences.

It almost seems impossible for a Republican Candidate to represent the majority of registered Republicans, were it not for the fact that the alternative to voting for a Republican usually means the election of a Democrat. Not electing Democrats is pretty much the only thing that Republicans can agree on. Unfortunately, this makes life much harder for the Republican Leadership. With social media and instantaneous news, the Republican Party can no longer hide the inside the beltway sausage making from the folks back at home. Because there really are more Republicans than there are Democrats, and because the only thing Republican voters agree on is not electing Democrats, despite all the chaos and differences within the party, there are an awful lot of Republican on Capital Hill.

Despite Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress, the Republican Leadership is paralyzed by dysfunction and disagreement. There are those who believe that Republican voters need to allow the Republican Leadership to lead and to back their play, regardless of whether or not they fully agree. There are others who believe that the Republican Leadership needs to represent the will of the majority of Republicans back in the States, and that compromising with Democrats is certainly not what they sent their Representatives to our nations’ Capital to do.  So what do they do?


Therefore, with the Republicans in Congress unable to accomplish anything, the minority party still controls the agenda. And since the minority party still controls the White House, advancing that agenda has been relatively easy.

This leads us to the 2016 Presidential Race. If you want to get an idea just how dysfunctional the Republican electorate really has become, you need look no further than the lead up to our Republican Primary. Donald Trump, who isn’t a conservative, a constitutionalist, or even really a Republican, is dominating the polls and drawing unprecedented support for lambasting the media (who everyone hates), Congress (who everyone hates), Illegal Immigration (which everyone hates), and failure (which Republican voters are, frankly, sick of). So running on a platform of promises of success, many Republicans are jumping on the Trump train. That the Republican Party, the media, and the Democrats apparently despise Donald Trump, has only helped him draw support for more Republicans. Sorry Fox NEWS – like Gail Wynand, you must have now realized that there is no real power in building an empire on the basis of telling your audience what they want to hear. The second you stop, they’ll turn on you; and turn on you they have.

The Libertarians seem to be sticking with Rand Paul. The Conservatives seem to be sticking with Ted Cruz. The angry people are going to sink or swim with Donald Trump, and everyone else is still trying to make a name for themselves. Of course, the media is looking for candidates looking for headlines.

Here’s the formula: Candidate goes looking for headlines. Candidate gets headlines. Candidate poll numbers go up. Media spends day after day, hour after hour, attacking Candidate. Candidate poll numbers decline. Candidate runs out of money. Candidate drops out of the race. Now, if your a Corporatist Billionare, this formula doesn’t apply to you. Which really infuriates all the powerful people in this country that can’t control you – which delights everyone who hates the powerful people.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I mean, the Democrats appear prepared to nominate the least repulsive blast from the past they can find – and whichever relic of liberal marxism they nominate will get at least 40% of the vote. If only the Republicans could find a candidate that could win the other 60%. Sadly, this is beginning to look impossible and I am beginning to attempt to conceptualize the probability of a President Bernie Sanders or a President Joe Biden. It seems unfathomable. I do see a way out, but that isn’t what I’m writing about today. I merely wanted to describe just how complicated the Republican Party has become and all of our parts and responsibilities in causing it. I’m not even sure its a bad thing, in principle. It’s simply having negative results.




Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

GOP Debates Haven’t Changed A Thing: It’s Still Jeb v. Cruz

Ted Cruz is the most polished and prepared Republican Candidate running for President in the GOP field. Despite being utterly ignored in the debates, his responses and temperament have been flawlessly executed. His campaign is carefully crafted, consistent, and relevant.  His record of fighting for Conservative and Constitutional values and policy is unrivaled amongst his candidate peers. He’s put together a brilliant team, is fund-raising well, has not had any gaffs, and has chosen not to participate in the vitriolic and mean-spirited back and forth we’ve been forced to stomach from the rest of the field. Yet, Republicans voters remain enamored with pomp, bombast, substance-less positioning and rhetoric, media narrative, and emotional appeal.

I recognize we have a great deal of pent up anger and frustration. I recognize we’re all excited by angry candidates like Trump and Fiorina. I recognize the appeal of a Bush campaign unimaginably well-financed. I also understand that these emotions and the gratification of having them mirrored and portrayed by the great actors running for President won’t last forever. Eventually even the media will be curious about what a Trump, Fiorina, Bush, Carson presidency would look like. They’ll start asking questions about policy. They’ll be annoyed by inconsistency, shallow rhetoric, and impractical folly. When that happens, Trump, Fiorina, and Carson will all slowly lose their appeal, and the debate will begin to center around just what kind of Republican Party are Republican voters looking for in the future.

gop-canidates-58ac30f7b098d564Jeb Bush has enough money on hand right now to fight until the bitter end. Rick Perry ran out of money and dropped out of the race. Scott Walker’s donors are desperate for new leadership at the top of his campaign. On October 15th, the fund-raising report deadline just one month away, we’ll get a much better idea regarding the health of these campaigns. While Kasich and Fiorina continue campaigning for Vice President, – Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz will battle it out to see who can raise the most small donor donations. Rand Paul and Scott Walker will need to seriously shake up their campaigns in order to compete come November. I don’t expect to see Jindal, Christie, Graham, Pataki, Gilmore, or Santorum still in the hunt by the end of 2015. Huckabee is still gaining ground with the Christian Right and he’s the only candidate campaigning on the Fair Tax. Like Walker, despite having low polling numbers, he has a strong ground game.

So what are we looking at? I still believe at the end of the day we’re looking at Ted Cruz versus Jeb Bush. We’re looking at the first choice of the Wall Street and K Street, inside the beltway, establishment crowd in Bush. We’re looking at the conservative, constitutional firebrand and face of the freedom movement in Ted Cruz. What kind of Republican Party do the Republican voters want? It’s hard to say. Jeb Bush appears to have some life in him after all and the GOP Establishment and Congressional Leadership slaughtered the TEA Party in the last round of primaries. However, they lost all support from their base in the process, something which should serve the Cruz campaign in the months to come.

Policy matters. Experience matters. Records matter. They always have. We forget that in every primary Republicans become enamored with new names and new faces, but their inexperience always rears its head, and the shiny new gadgets are tossed in the garage or in storage in favor of more reliable instruments.  These debates have been interesting, they’ve been entertaining, and they’ve been lucrative for FOX and CNN. Outside of that, they haven’t changed a thing.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker