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Congressman Dave Brat: Not the Easy Mark Bearing Drift Imagines

Rep-Dave-BratOur good friends over at Bearing Drift continue to snipe at Congressman Dave Brat from a distance. Sporting article after article written with accusations gathered from unnamed sources, Bearing Drift aims at painting a picture of Congressman Brat as lost in the weeds of Washington D.C., out-matched by those genius career politicians sporting their just-barely double-digit approval ratings. Nothing could be further from the truth. And while our dear disciples of the Church of Cantor clamor for a primary-incursion against Congressman Brat, deliriously certain of whomever’s impending victory, Congressman Brat continues to demonstrate that on no level will he cave to the pernicious pressures of the establishment syndicate – and his district loves him for it.

Libertarian, Conservative, or Constitutionalist – who among us can find fault with Congressman Brat’s legislative voting record? Brat’s record is more libertarian than Amash and Massie, more conservative than Jordan and Gohmert, and as Constitutional as Mike Lee. Explain to me why the 7th district would abandon him? Has Congressman Brat offended businessmen in the district who make a living off of Washington handouts and subsidies? I don’t know, but even if that’s the case, the constituents of the 7th district are most certainly more concerned with their own liberty and rights than they are with the wealthy getting wealthier.

Congressman Brat has been held to a higher standard than anyone elected to the House of Representatives. Unlike most Congressman, he can’t horse trade legislation; and we all know that’s exactly what happens in The House. Congressman Wittman and Congressman Goodlatte do it all the time. Why? Because they want to get their legislation passed and to do that, they have to vote for legislation they and their constituents don’t agree with. Sure, this usually ends up costing the taxpayers billions of dollars, but if that’s the price to (for Wittman) take care of our troops or (for Goodlatte) funnel money to the beleaguered and overlooked western realms of Virginia, than so be it. Yet, horse-trading legislation isn’t honorable. I’m not criticizing Wittman here. I’ve made my peace that Rob is perfect for the 1st district and feel that he has actually exceeded expectations over the last year. Over the last several months, especially, I don’t have any complaints. He’s been outstanding. But he does horse-trade legislation.

Congressman Brat has avoided that. He stands on principle. He keeps his campaign promises. He’s inclusive of his constituents. He holds town hall meetings in every area of his district.

Bearing Drift mocks Congressman Brat every time they think he bows to the wishes of his constituents. Really? Representing your constituents is surrender? If bowing to your constituents is surrender, then what the heck is he surrendering? Power? K Street Dollars? Wall Street Dollars? Super PAC support? Are the citizens of the 7th District really that upset that Congressman Dave Brat is failing to enrich himself by selling out to interests outside of his district? I don’t think so.

In fact, Congressman Brat’s utter refusal to sell out is what makes him a national icon for libertarians, conservatives, and constitutionalists all across the country. The grassroots knows the names of Jim Jordan, Dave Brat, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash. They’ve reached beyond the borders of their districts because they represent something utterly rare and precious in politics. They are public servants. They serve the people in their districts. They are not in our nations’ Capital to get rich. So, sorry Bearing Drift – you aren’t going to bring Brat down. In fact, the example he has set is a real threat to establishment Congressmen in every district in America. That’s the truth, no matter how you spin it.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Congressman Dave Brat Just Keeps Doing The Right Things

davebAs a Libertarian, I am used to disappointment. Some Libertarians choose to fight the good fight amongst other libertarians, some amongst civil libertarians within the Democrat Party – I’ve chosen to fight the battle amongst Republicans. Considering a Republican Leadership ruled by Boehner and McConnell, it is no great surprise that most evenings I feel as though my efforts have been for nothing. Except, every day I am reminded that the 7th District sent Dave Brat to Congress and I am reminded that no district has ever been so well served or represented.

Can you imagine that the 7th District used to be owned by Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader? Do you remember, Hanover County, when your Congressman Cantor lead the charge to funnel your hard earned tax dollars to Wall Street, to offer illegal immigrants amnesty, and to back a do-nothing Congress plagued by debt-limit increases, the Export Import Bank, and all kinds of K Street and Wall Street handouts? Look what you’ve done! Talk about reversing course.

Whenever I am discouraged, I think about Dave Brat let loose on Washington D.C., and with unimaginable expectations placed upon him, Congressman Brat has not failed to live up to all of them. The Cantor Crowd hates him more than ever. Boehner will have to contend with Brat and Meadows if he doesn’t get his act together.

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Earlier today, Congressman Brat spoke out against the Iran TREATY. Yes, it is a Treaty and should be dealt with as such. Joining patriots like Mark Meadows, Glen Beck, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, and even Donald Trump, Congressman Brat laid waste to the fallacious deal orchestrated by Secretary Kerry and President Obama.

He keeps doing the right things. While Cantor was flapping his lips and spending his K Street money, Congressman Dave Brat was meeting with his constituents, something Cantor forgot how to do – no, not forgot – refused to do! Eric Cantor didn’t want to deal with you people. Congressman Brat, on the other hand, meets with you, listens to you, and then goes back to Washington DC and REPRESENTS YOU.

There is a reason why we keep writing, why the TEA Party keeps fighting, why men of common sense and common cause continue in fidelity toward a brighter future and a better country: Congressmen like Dave Brat, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Mark Meadows give us hope. Senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul give us hope.

As long as Ted Cruz and Dave Brat fight for me, I won’t stop fighting for what is right, what is good, what is constitutional, and what is American. When you’ve got a rock star in your backyard, it makes it all that much easier to fight the good fight, to get behind the conservative soldiers like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in their pursuit of the Presidency. So, Congressman Brat, today and again, has reinvigorated me to engage, to reach out, to petition my elected representatives, to follow suit and stand up for an America with a Future. Believe me, the GOP Leadership is a cynical cult, which no longer believes in a prosperous America. But, the rest of America doesn’t have a Congressman to fight for them. We do. Enjoy that. Remember that. Fight for that!

Congressman Wittman are you listening? Rob? You listening? I didn’t see you on stage today. Why?

The 1st District deserves a Dave Brat. The 1st District deserves representation. Rob Wittman needs to join the choir or get out of the way. Just saying.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker