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The wonders of leftist cognitive dissonance

It’s strange that, with full color, x-ray vision into the fetus’s world, leftists can both celebrate that view and still be pro-abortion.

I grew up as a pro-abortion Democrat. I was unable to maintain that attitude when I saw the first ultrasound of my daughter at ten or eleven weeks or so. Her spine was like a little string of pearls. That was when I had that cognitive “click” that a fetus is a baby.

Once she was born, of course, the connection between baby and fetus became overwhelming. Visceral knowledge killed the cognitive dissonance that had allowed me to acknowledge fetal development (remember those black-and-white pictures in the old biology books?) while continuing to assert that there was no connection between a fetus and living, breathing people.

I mention all this because a pro-abortion person I know posted on her Facebook page the following post from IFLScience, a hard left site. It’s an amazing, beautiful, and fascinating video:

I am certain that, despite watching the video, all the people at IFLScience, the leftist who posted the video, and all the fans of IFLScience who watched the video are still pro-abortion. And I don’t understand that. If you’re hit over the head with the fact that the zygote, fetus, and baby are the same thing, how can you justify abortion as a form of birth control?

Incidentally, regarding fetuses, when I was about seven months along with my son, he started hiccuping. It’s a very peculiar feeling to have a baby inside you who is hiccuping. Then, after he was born and for at least his first year, whenever he laughed, he’d start hiccuping. So the question is, was he laughing already when he wasn’t yet born?