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COVID19: Why Are Successful Treatments Being Ignored?

The video below of Dr. Peter McCullough speaking to the Texas Senate HHS Committee regarding his personal experiences treating COVID19 patients must be watched and shared.  A novice to social media, he explains to the Committee how he was driven by his desire to share his clinical knowledge in successfully treating COVID19 patients to create a Youtube video, only to find it quickly scrubbed from the site.  Once Operation Warp Speed began NO ONE pursued treatment options for COVID19 patients and any mention of a treatment was quickly pulled from social media sites.  Sadly, he explained how once a person tests positive for the virus they are essentially sent home and told to quarantine.  Dr. McCullough’s protocols include treating patients with a drug to treat the virus in addition to corticosteroid drugs and other anti-inflammatories along with anti-thrombotic drugs, a combination which has proven to keep 85% of patients from requiring hospitalization at all.  Monoclonal antibodies such as Remdesivir and Regeneron have also proven to be effective in the early treatment of the virus.  Imagine if 85% of the United States COVID19 546,055 deaths (as of March 28, 2021) survived COVID19?  We would have had less than 82,000 deaths in America if we had concentrated on TREATMENT and not merely told patients to go home – leaving them to believe no cure is available and then wait until they get so sick they end up in the hospital.

Dr. McCullough revealed at this point Texas has reached 80% herd immunity.  He also stated that once someone has had the virus they have complete and durable immunity.  There is no reason they should be vaccinated.  There is also NO evidence of asymptomatic spread of the virus.

We have lost focus on treating infected patients.  No single drug works alone, and every individual should be treated based on their symptoms, health condition and comorbidities.

It’s unconscionable that these stories of HOPE and RECOVERY aren’t reaching people due to social media blocking and scrubbing any counter-narrative to the COVID19 government/media driven reports focusing only on the vaccines, which are still experimental and only have FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Dr McCullough and his associates have developed an excellent pamphlet for people explaining how to fortify your immune system and minimize COVID19 symptoms if you do contract the virus, along with the treatment protocols they have found successful in caring for their patients.

Click on this link to download the pamphlet A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment.