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How Trump Lost The Libertarians and Constitutionalists: And Won Everyone Else

As a Constitutional Libertarian, I am looking for a candidate who understands the virtue and framework of the old Constitutional Republic which had protected our rights and liberties for many years. I am looking for a candidate who understands that our economy is best left in the hands of the American People, not in the hands of wealthy industrial tycoons and the politicians they purchase. I am looking for a candidate that understands the danger government poses, merely by virtue of its monopoly on force, to a free society. I am looking for a candidate who will fight for the liberty and sovereignty of the individual citizen and who will respect Federalism by respecting States’ Rights.

Republican Presidential candidate Trump reacts as he speaks at the 2015 FreedomFest in Las VegasFor all these reasons, Donald Trump could never represent me in elected office. I’m out, but what about the rest of my fellow libertarians? Well, his aggressive stance on military action overseas, with no structure or framework defining when and how such force would be warranted, or whether or not he would seek Congressional Approval, pretty much lost him half of all Libertarians. His support of tariffs lost him the other half. No one identifying with Libertarianism is going to vote for Donald Trump. He looks and sounds too much like a tyrant for us to support, or even vote for in a close election.

Constitutionalists seem similarly weary and tentative. Donald Trump doesn’t seem like the kind of man that would allow something as decrepit and complicated as the United States Constitution stop him. He seems more like the kind of man who looks at what Obama has done, and figures he could use all the same executive powers, but unlike Obama, you know… do good. This kind of presence and attitude will scare the living hell out of constitutionalists, that is, people who care more about preserving the Constitutional Republic than winning partisan political victories.

Lucky for Trump, Constitutionalists and Libertarians probably constitute less than 5% of the American population.

Conservatives ranging from evangelicals to TEA Party types, Independents, and those old blue-dog Democrats seem to love the guy. In fact, everyone except establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats seem to love the guy. Donald Trump is polling well with minorities coveted by the GOP, despite his political incorrectness. Conservatives, long spat upon and humbled by the GOP Leadership cannot get enough of Trump’s belittling and humbling of that same Leadership. The enemy of their enemy is their friend, their candidate, and, if they have their way, the next President of the United States of America.

The American People are tired of having a weak, skulking, smarmy, elitist government. Trump is a strong, bold, plain-talking, billionaire of the people (yeah, I don’t get that either, but roll with it). The GOP Leadership are finally discovering how few Republicans actually stand with them and how many Republican voters straight up despise them. Their well-financed minority is losing their grip on their own electorate and I don’t think they’ll ever get it back. Sadly, I think the Rand Paul’s, Ted Cruz’s, and Mike Lee’s are going to fall victim to the kind of power-populism the American People are playing with, risking the further erosion of our Constitution, liberty, and rights.

The People are confusing Donald Trump with Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump more accurately resembles America’s first Progressive President, Theodore Roosevelt or his intellectual decedent Herbert Hoover. Thus, the Coolidge, Goldwater, Reagan Republicans are going to find themselves, even in the defeat of the GOP elite, still without a party of their own.

That is, unless we pause and give Ted Cruz and Rand Paul a second look.







Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker