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Busting all the Democrat’s lies about election “security”

Everyone should watch Russell Ramsland’s 45-minute presentation about the ease with which computer voting systems allow election interference.

Allied Security Operations Group is a Texas-based company that provides high-level computer security and investigations into security breaches. Many of its employees apparently come from the federal government’s alphabet agencies.

I’ve been seeing Russell Ramsland, who co-founded ASOG here and there, but never really slowed down enough to pay attention to what he was saying. Last week, he filed a detailed affidavit explaining, in the words of John O’Sullivan, “How Big Tech Stole The U.S. Presidential Election.”

The allegations Ramsland makes are stunning — all the more so because he meticulously details how the election theft happened. For example, do you remember the 6,000 vote error from Antium County, Michigan, the one that saw 6,000 votes go from Trump to Biden. The county clerk attributed it to human error. Ramsland explains why this is a lie:

10. One red flag has been seen in Antium County, Michigan. In Michigan we have seen reports of 6,000 votes in Antium County that were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and were only discoverable through a hand counted manual recount. While the first reports have suggested that it was due to a glitch after an update, it was recanted and later attributed to “clerical ” This change is important because if it was not due to clerical error, but due to a “glitch” emanating from an update, the system would be required to be “re-certified” according to Dominion officials. This was not done. We are skeptical of these assurances as we know firsthand this has many other plausible explanations and a full investigation of this event needs to be conducted as there are a reported 47 other counties using essentially the same system in Michigan. It is our belief (based on the information we have at this point)  that the problem most likely did occur due to a glitch where an update file didn’t properly synchronize the ballot  barcode generation and reading portions of the system. If that is indeed the case, there is no reason to assume this would be an isolated error. This glitch would cause entire ballot uploads to read as zero in the tabulation batch, which we also observed happening in the data (provisional ballots were accepted properly but in-person ballots were being rejected (zeroed out and/or changed (flipped)). Because of the highly vulnerable nature of these systems to error and exploits, it is quite possible that some, or all of these other counties may have the same problem.

Ramsland also talks about voter turnout in some counties that exceeded 100% and the bizarre post 2 a.m. spikes for Biden. Leftists will tell you that this was because all of the mail-in ballots were for Biden and arrived in big clumps, but that’s not the tale the computer data tells. There’s a lot more meat in the affidavit. The worst thing about it is that Ramsland wrote it before even more statistically whacked-out stuff started emerging.

If reading densely written paragraphs with lots of statistics isn’t your thing, I strongly recommend (really, really strongly) that you watch Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation on the Jerome Corsi video. This presentation isn’t directed at the election itself. Instead, it is about how vulnerable voting machines are to manipulation. At every level — precinct, county, state, overseas data processing, etc. — they have wide-open portals that make it completely possible to manipulate votes in every one of the ways Sidney Powell and others have asserted.

The video is over 45 minutes but I was mesmerized. I was also terrified. It’s apparent that weird election outcomes across America have been gamed for a least a decade. Possibly the worst thing about the video, though, comes at the very end, when Ramsland explains how deeply disinterested the federal government was in learning about the fact that any marginally intelligent 10th-grade computer nerd can alter American elections:

So far, only around 12,000 people have watched the video. America would be a better place if 1.2 million or 12 million or 120 million people watched this presentation — and then demanded that America return to paper ballots.

Image: Screengrab from Russell Ramsland’s presentation to Jerome Corsi’s audience.