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Watcher of Weasels 2020-11-19 22:36:36

The Democrats had a comprehensive plan for election fraud but Trump’s massive victory, plus an inexorable computer algorithm, ruined it all.

I listened to the press conference that President Trump’s legal team gave today. Because I’ve been following this story extremely closely since the election, none of them said anything that surprised me. I’m betting, too, that nothing surprised any of you. Trump’s legal team knows that Trump supporters have been paying very close attention to the evidence of fraudulent election activity that’s been accruing since November 3.

The point of this press conference was to force the media — that is, the mainstream media — to listen to the narrative. The very first question out of CNN, though, showed that the media, like the heathen idols in the Bible, “have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not; They have ears, but they hear not….” (Psalm 135).

After Rudy Giuliani had carefully explained the on-the-ground vote fraud, Sidney Powell had equally carefully explained the massive fraud committed with the Dominion vote systems, and Jenna Ellis had scolded the media for its utter lack of curiosity, the CNN “reporter” shouted out: “Is your goal in this to pressure officials and lawmakers in the battleground states to block or delay certification so the GOP can pick their own electors? Is that the end game here?” In other words, “All I heard was blah-blah-blah, so I assume Trump is trying to cheat.”

Having lived and breathed this news since the election, I believe that I’ve finally figured out a simple way to explain what happened to those in the media who are more open-minded, as well as to everyday Americans who want a map to explain this complicated story. It should start, as all good stories do, with

Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time, in 2016, the Democrats were absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton would win the White House in order to serve Barack Obama’s third term. Because of that, the various branches of the Democrat party — the DNC, the Washington bureaucracy, the media, and the tech monopolies — made crucial two choices: They did not censor Donald Trump’s campaign because they assumed it would alienate Americans, and they didn’t cheat any more than Democrats have routinely cheated in elections for last 130 years or so.

To the Democrats’ absolute horror, Americans voted for Donald Trump, who openly declared that he was going to clean out Washington D.C. and free Americans from their unconstitutional servitude to and rule by a grotesquely overgrown federal government. In that moment, when the Democrats realized they lost, you can imagine that them as millions of Grouchy Marxes and Bugs Bunnys, outraged that their grifts had ended:

All four arms of the Democrat party had their assigned roles to end the American people’s seemingly successful rebellion against the Democrats’ grip on the American government.

The Bureaucracy’s/Deep States’ job was to oust Trump immediately by faking up the claim that he’d conspired with Russia and then, when that failed, with Ukraine. Barack Obama continued as the commander in chief for this coup attempt.

The media and the tech monopolies had a two-pronged assignment. The first prong was silence to Trump supporters and other conservatives, whether by lying about them, deplatforming them, or ignoring them into oblivion. This accelerated before the election with openly aggressive deplatforming and censorship (especially about Hunter Biden). The second prong was to amplify the Democrats’ messages, whether that Trump was uniquely evil and incompetent, that the Wuhan virus was the second coming of the medieval black death, or that Joe Biden was an intelligent, accomplished, and effective leader.

Finally, the DNC — or perhaps a much smaller cadre of people drawn from all four branches of the Democrat party — got the task of making sure that the November 3, 2020 election, unlike the November 8, 2016 election, ended with a certain Biden victory. This time, they weren’t taking any chances. And again, this was a two-pronged effort.

The first prong was to ramp up all the traditional forms of Democrat cheating. In this, they got a boost from their hysterical response to the Wuhan virus which gave them an excuse to urge people to vote by mail. In true blue states, they did this by executive or legislative fiat. In swing states, they put enormous pressure on their supporters to vote by mail.

For Democrats, the beauty of mail-in voting is that it’s the form of voting most vulnerable to cheating. Instead of having to sneak people into polling places and hoping they don’t get caught, with mail-in voting, the dead, the illegal aliens, and the imaginary people simply had to shuffle their way over to a mailbox. And thanks to ballot harvesting, even that chore was limited. A harvester could find as many dead, illegal, and imaginary people as possible (plus sadly non compos mentis people in old age homes) and funnel all their votes to the mailbox or registrar.

Democrats also relied upon poll worker chicanery, such as intentionally miscounting votes, losing Trump votes, repeatedly counting Biden votes, and accepting entirely illegal shipments of tens of thousands of Biden votes long after the voting deadline had ended. In more past elections than we will ever know, this was more than good enough to get a Democrat candidate over the top.

But Democrats still had a niggling worry: Trump had shown remarkable sticking power with his supporters. They remained fiercely loyal for the entirety of his term, despite the non-stop slanders hurled at him. As the election neared, they turned out in their thousands and tens of thousands to hear him. The polls that ostensibly showed a massive Biden wave seemed — ahem — “suspect” when people compared Biden’s 12 people rallies to Trump’s 52,000 people rallies . . . in Pennsylvania.

The Democrats, though, had an ace up their sleeve. No, not an ace. All four aces. No, that’s wrong too. Democrats had a whole deck of aces up their sleeves.

Their aces came in the form of Smartmatic voting machines running Dominion software. The Dominion/Smarmatic system (henceforth, “Dominion”) was uniquely positioned to assure the doddering Biden’s (and the rapacious Harris’s) victory.

Dominion had its genesis in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The inventors specifically intended them to throw elections. That was their purpose. Thus, the Dominion systems weren’t there to record and count votes; they were there to change votes.

The Dominion systems had headquarters in Canada and England; vote counting centers in Barcelona, Spain, and Frankfurt, Germany; George Soros ties; and, in the case of Dominion Software Systems, a vice president, Eric Coomer, who is a fanatic Trump hater and Antifa supporter — and who was heard promising his Antifa friends that he could and would use his position at Dominion to ensure that Trump lost.

Here’s what the brains behind the Democrat party assumed would happen: Their traditional level of cheating would be more effective than usual thanks to the boost they got from the Wuhan virus. Indeed, the cheating might be so good that, standing alone, it would defeat Trump. Trump’s old-fashioned get-out-the-vote effort would pale compared to the Democrats’ get-out-the-illegal-vote effort.

Still, every plan needs an insurance policy. For the Democrats, the plan was the Dominion systems. The plan wouldn’t apply in super red states, of course, because there was no way the Democrats could claim that Biden could win in South Carolina or Tennessee. And it wouldn’t work in Texas, which had the intelligence to reject the Dominion system because of its vulnerability to massive fraud. And of course, it was unnecessary in super blue states.

After all, despite the mess Democrats have made of California and New York, people in those states have been brainwashed into thinking Republicans are worse than Satan (or, as Bandy Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, said, Trump is worse than Hitler.) Because these people cannot allow themselves to be seen as supporting Satan, Hitler, or Trump, they’ll always vote Democrat, no matter how much the party is destroying them.

For those states, though, that were a bit unreliable — Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc. — the Democrats knew that Dominion was there for them. After all, if you’re going to strike at the king, you’d better be able to kill him in a single blow. You need that Plan B.

Here’s what was supposed to happen: For the most part, the traditional cheating would ensure that Biden won in most, or even all, of those shaky swing states. However, Democrats assumed, if he didn’t win, his eventual loss in any one of those states would be by a small margin — hundreds, maybe a few thousands, of votes. In that case, the Dominion systems had their directions programmed into them.

The Dominion systems had two algorithms. (It’s still unclear to me if the systems decided which algorithms to apply or if humans did.) They could delete Trump votes while creating votes out of whole cloth for Biden or they could transfer Trump votes to Biden. Once they’d done that, they would ensure that any additional votes, whether real or fake, were always counted to favor Biden. The point was to give Biden a little boost, not an obvious one; it would be just enough to hand him a believable victory.

You’ll note that this system was set up so that it would be impossible for Trump to win. He could not possibly have campaigned in a different way so as to get more votes. Whatever his vote tally, the Dominion system would make sure Biden got just a little more. Really, it was a perfect plan. It would be invisible, there’d be no hoi polloi to testify about it, and it was foolproof.

Except that it wasn’t foolproof at all.

What the Democrats hadn’t counted on was that Trump wouldn’t get just a few hundred or even a few thousand more votes than Biden. Instead, Trump would get an extraordinary tidal wave of votes. His lead over Biden when the polls closed would be in the hundreds of thousands. The Dominion Plan B wasn’t set up for this margin of victory. Unfortunately for Democrats, it was the only plan they had.

In the wee hours of November 4, the important swing states suddenly announced that they were stopping counting, something absolutely unheard of in a presidential election. What they were really doing was regrouping in the face of this disaster. Eventually, though, they did the only thing they could: They triggered the algorithm for Plan B.

And this is where they learned that computers can be lousy co-conspirators.  Computers lack subtlty. Told to engage in a plan of action, they’ll follow that plan, whether it’s for 600 votes, 6,000 votes, or 600,000 votes. And, being computers, they operate with robotic precision.

The result was inevitable: The computers destroyed all statistical probability. When the marvelous number nerds who haven’t been sucked into the evil world of the tech tyrants looked at the voting patterns in the states in which Trump had been leading before Biden suddenly shot to victory at 4 a.m., they discovered statistical and mathematical impossibilities. Here are just some articles detailing the craziness:

If you don’t want to read all those articles, some of which overlap, this simple video from The Gateway Pundit tells its own compelling story:

Democrats hate the inexorable laws of economics and mathematics, but they are inexorable and now they’re stuck with them.

Having put all this information out there, here’s where the Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes in. You remember that segment from Disney’s 1940 movie, Fantasia, don’t you?

The sorcerer assigns to Mickey Mouse, his apprentice, the task of bringing in some buckets of water to clean the place. Mickey, being lazy, decides to put his rudimentary magic skills to work instead. He casts a spell on the broom, which carries in the water and settles in for a nap.

Mickey awakens to find the room flooded, for the broom, like a robot, keeps following the magic command. Mickey has no idea how to stop the broom and, when he takes an ax to it, he only multiplies the broom, massively increasing the problem. The only thing that saves him is the sorcerer’s intervention.

The Democrats are like Mickey the apprentice. Rather than doing the hard work of getting out the vote — actually, the impossible work, given their candidate and their platform — they decided to cast a spell on the voting system in the form of a cheating algorithm. They assumed they’d get a little boost, and then the election would be over and everything would be better than before.

Instead, like that magic broom with the water buckets, the Dominion systems kept going and going, robotically doing what it took to give Biden an edge. The systems created a flood of votes, just as Mickey’s broom created a flood of water.

Were Democrats really differ from Mickey Mouse is that he had the sorcerer to fall back upon to remedy the situation, followed by a good kick in the pants. The Democrats, though, cannot magically make the evidence of their crime go away. Moreover, if justice finally plays out as it should, rather than a good kick in the pants, many of the Democrats behind this extraordinary banana-republic fraud are going to find themselves on kitchen duty in a prison somewhere in America’s heartland, the place they hate most of all.