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In 2021, is there such a thing as a “margin of fraud” in elections?

With computer voting machines, it’s entirely possible that the “margin of fraud” concept has been superseded by pre-programmed victories.

One of the things I check out every day is the Morning Report by J.J. Sefton over at Ace. I have absolutely no idea how J.J. manages to process and summarize that much material but every day, there it is, all processed and summarized. What caught my eye in today’s Morning Report was this:

“Peach State election integrity is the pits!”
Georgia Election: Loeffler and Perdue Need Turnout to Exceed Margin of Fraud

Under the old system, you could assume that perhaps 2% of your opponent’s votes would be faked (cemetery votes, underage, out of district, etc.). If that 2% was correct, you couldn’t just calculate your victory to be 51% to win. Your victory would have to be 53% to accommodate the imaginary votes. The great the fraud, the more you had to up your game amongst legitimate supporters. If you fail, you end up with John F. Kennedy beating Nixon in exchange for his promise to the mob to unionize federal workers — a promise he kept.

In so many ways, that election was the beginning of the end. Unionizing federal workers opened the door to a level of corruption that even Franklin D. Roosevelt, a hard core wealth-class socialist wouldn’t contemplate.

For those unfamiliar with the problem, in a normal union situation, both labor and management have skin in the game. Both want the company to survive and both are reliant on the marketplace for money. If either gets too greedy, they risk killing the goose that’s keeping their golden eggs flowing.

In the government context, though, neither of the two parties has any skin in the game. Labor understandably wants more money and the government representative has an interest in getting more money for labor, in exchange for labor’s promise to donate to the Democrat party. (It’s always about Democrats, since JFK started this scam.) The taxpayer is not at the table. He’s just the endless piggy bank. This is how you end up with a federal labor force that’s 90% Democrat and is willing to go to any lengths to keep a reforming Republican from getting elected — and, if that Republican gets elected, will violate any laws (because they’ll protect each other) to destroy him.

JFK’s election also started our downhill slide because his assassination broke something in middle-class American. They became deeply vulnerable with that assassination and the left rushed into to fill that empty space. Part of the left’s tactic, of course, was to claim — all evidence to the contrary — that it was a right wing conspiracy that killed Kennedy. Suddenly, Republicans had the mark of Cain.

JFK’s election and subsequent assassination also put Johnson in the White House. Johnson was a much more effective president than Kennedy would have been. He ruthlessly exploited the Civil Rights Movement to Democrat ends, rather than to American ends, or even black ends. He also escalated the war in Vietnam, although Kennedy might have too. (It’s doubtful that Nixon would have done the same but who knows?)

Anyway, I’m digressing wildly. My original point is that the margin of error has always mattered.

However, if all the information about computer manipulated voting is true, there is no longer a margin of error. What I believe happened in the disputed states (and probably in most states with Democrat election management and Dominion or ES&S voting machines) is that the machines were set so that, for every one vote Trump got, Biden got 1.056 votes. The reason I offer that precise number, although I can’t find the link, is because I know I saw somewhere that Biden invariably ran 5.6% ahead of Trump in the states using Dominion voting machine. That lead is a little too perfect across multiple states. If that data is true, it sounds as if Biden’s lead had been built into the system ahead of time.

And that’s why I think that “margin of error” is an outdated concept. Whoever controls the machines wins. The vote will always come out with a perfect, pre-programmed lead for the Democrat candidate. Or as the 1871 cartoon from Harper’s Weekly about New York’s corrupt Boss Tweed says:

If you can’t read the fine print, the made up quote says, “As long as I count the Votes, what are you going to do about it? say?” Meanwhile, the pedestal against which he leans says “In counting there is strength.” Democrats have never changed and Republicans, being fools, never learn.

If the Senate cooperates, the Constitution offers an easy path to a Trump victory

Pence could still save the day, but the 12th Amendment has a Trump-friendly remedy if Senators refuse to accept Electoral votes.

I’m willing to admit up front that mine could be a whackadoodle theory. I’m not a constitutional scholar and I was hopped up on caffeine and really tired when the answer to the election fraud problem suddenly occurred to me. Still, if I’m not completely off my rocker, this theory could be what smooths the path to eliminating election fraud and retaining Trump’s rightful place in the White House.

The House and the Senate will gather over the votes on January 6. At that time, as we know several House members and Sen. Josh Hawley, at least, will object to Electoral College votes based upon fraud. (For an overview of the evidence showing that there is overwhelming fraud, I recommend that you go here and here. Also, keep in mind that, while those are recent links, even more evidence of fraud has since emerged.)

Once that happens, both the House and Senate retreat to vote on those objections. We know that the House will vote to override the objections and accept the challenged Electoral College votes. But if the Senate refuses to — if more brave Senators add their voices to Hawley’s — that creates an unfamiliar situation.

Incidentally, I think these negative votes are clearly within Congress’s purview. Fraud voids everything. If the Courts refuse to consider fraud that doesn’t foreclose Congress from acknowledging fraud and saying that it vitiates Electoral College certificate.

But back to what happens if the Senate stands atop the mountain of fraud hollering “Stop.” There are a few theories for what happens then, based upon the 1887 Electoral Count Act.

One much vaunted theory is that Pence gets to make the call.

Another theory is that the state legislatures get to make the call.

Another theory is that the state governors get to make the call.

These are all theories. You want facts? Look to the Constitution, which spells it out. Keep in mind that, at the moment the Senate gives its thumbs down, there are no longer enough Electoral College votes to put any candidate over the top. So here’s what I think happens:

As I wrote in September, when no one was paying attention to this kind of thing, the Constitution is remarkably clear on the subject.  If there are not enough Electoral College votes to hand victory to any one candidate — as will be the case if the Senate refuses to accept Electoral College votes predicated on manifest and overwhelming fraud — the Constitution spells out who picks the winner: fifty members (one for each state) from the newly seated House of Representatives decide.

Here’s the Twelfth Amendment’s language:

But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by statesthe representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. (U.S. Const., Amendment 12, Clause 3.)

What’s of signal importance here is that the House as a body does not vote.  Instead, one House member from each state votes.  Handing the matter to the House in this way makes eminent sense because this is the body closest to the most recently expressed will of the American people.  If the Electoral College failed, at least the majority of voters in each state will speak through the majority of House members from their states.

Under the 20th Amendment, the vote takes place not with the currently seated House, but with the incoming House.  The incoming House has 27 states with a majority of Republican representatives, 20 states with a majority of Democrat representatives, and 3 states that are tied.  That spells a clear victory for Donald Trump.

In brief: If senators follow Hawley’s lead and take a stand against the fraudulently generated Electoral College votes, at that point, under the Twelfth Amendment, there is no elected president, and the matter returns not to the full House, but to a single representative from each state.  And so, Trump wins.

If you think I’m wrong and foolish, tell me so. But if you think I’ve got a point, please share this post or the underlying American Thinker article that I quote, above. The reason I ask is because, if I’m correct, what I just said actually matters.

Election fraud and the fake concept of “disenfranchised” voters

Leftists lie when they say invalidating fraudulent votes “disenfranchises” Biden voters. Losing fairly does not equal disenfranchisement.

I am stuck on a very important point, and I’m hoping to change how people think about it. The left, NeverTrumpers, and RINOS keep saying that, when Trump and his supporters allege election fraud — claims based on an increasingly high mountain of evidence — they are “disenfranchising” Biden voters. And, of course, “disenfranchising” voters is evil. Here are just a few examples:

Judge Linda V. Parker, from the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan (i.e., Detroit):

The judge called the lawsuit a request to “disenfranchise the votes of more than 5.5 million Michigan citizens who, with dignity, hope, and a promise of a voice, participated in the 2020 general election.” Mr. Biden defeated the president in Michigan by 154,188 votes or 2.8 percentage points. (Emphasis mine.)

Judge Matthew W. Brann, from the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania (e.g., Scranton):

U.S. District Court Judge Matthew W. Brann, who heard Giuliani’s argument on the case earlier this week, said the court “has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations” that weren’t tied to the actual complaint nor supported by evidence.

“In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth-most-populated state. Our people, laws and institutions demand more,” Brann wrote. (Emphasis mine.)

Brann, incidentally, did not consider the evidence presented. He just didn’t like the arguments.

Then there’s this representative “news” story from Yahoo! News: “Trump campaign sued for attempting to disenfranchise Black voters“:

[T]he president’s campaign now finds itself on the other side of a legal case in a newly filed federal lawsuit alleging that it violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 when it sought to “disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters,” particularly African Americans in metropolitan areas of Michigan.

“It’s not even about the success of President Trump and the Trump campaign’s attempts to overturn the election,” Monique Lin-Luse, assistant counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, which filed the lawsuit, told Yahoo News. “The very attempt … to overturn it by disenfranchising and de-legitimizing Black voters is what we believe is unlawful, and it’s also dangerous and corrosive to our democracy.” [Emphasis mine.]

You can find an endless number of other accusations from Biden supporters both inside and outside of courthouses. They all boil down to the same thing: It’s improper to claim that fraud was the means by which Biden achieved a greater vote count than Trump. Even trying to prove fraud “disenfranchises” those who now celebrate Biden’s victory. At this point, if “president-elect” Biden doesn’t get sworn in, a great wrong will have been done to his voters.

Hogwash. The above is a completely fallacious argument and needs to be challenged wherever it appears.

According to the dictionary, to disenfranchise someone means to deprive him of his right to vote.  Right off the bat, that did not happen in this election. No one was deprived of their right to vote. Both true Biden supporters, as well as tens of millions of Trump supporters, voted. The problem here is that Biden got votes that had no “right to vote” behind them. Instead, Trump claims that Biden’s “winning votes” came from dead people, imaginary people, illegal aliens, people voting multiple times, and computer bytes, none of which should have been included in the final count.

So let’s just dump the concept of “disenfranchisement” right now. No one was disenfranchised before or during the election and no one will be disenfranchised by properly examining evidence of fraud or concluding that there was fraud.

Properly understood, the correct term for what Biden-friendly judges, media outlets, and activists are claiming is that Trump’s fraud claims are attempting to “invalidate” the votes that true (living, legal) Biden supporters cast. And properly understood, all these people are wrong, dead wrong.

Here’s what Trump’s fraud claims will do: They will invalidate fraudulent votes, which is right and proper. That’s the whole point behind the Trump team’s careful statement that they seek to count “every legal vote.” When every legal vote gets counted, those who support Trump are 100% certain that Trump will prove to have more legal votes than Biden.

Correctly phrased, it’s clear that nothing Trump is doing seeks to — or can — “disenfranchise” Biden voters. Real, living, legal Biden voters were freely able to cast their votes. They fully exercised their franchise. Moreover, when the vote tallies are shorn of fraudulent votes, all of these legal Biden votes will still be counted — and Biden will lose.

That outcome is neither disenfranchisement nor is it a case of votes being “invalidated.” Instead, it’s how an ordinary election works. The side with more legal votes wins.

Think about it this way. If we apply the Democrats’ Orwellian definition of “disenfranchise,” that means that, in every American election since 1792, the losing party was disenfranchised. To state the principle is to realize how nonsensical it is.

So let’s figure out who the real victims are here, and it’s not Biden voters who will be “disenfranchised” if courts so much as consider fraud. The real victims are Trump voters, all of whose votes will have been invalidated if Biden is handed victory based upon a fraudulent vote count.

Exploring the fraud claims will ensure that no one’s votes are improperly invalidated. Instead, every real vote gets counted, fake votes are properly ignored, and the true winner has an unblemished, unquestioned victory. If Biden loses under this tally, there is no disenfranchisement. There is just an ordinary election.

Doing anything else — refusing to explore whether there was fraud or, worse, turning a blind eye to fraud — is a crime against Trump supporters and the American election system. If it stands, Biden is a pretender and American elections are shams just as surely as they are and always have been in communist countries, from the former Soviet Union, to China, to North Korea, to Venezuela.

I sure hope someone makes this clear to the justices on the Supreme Court. I’m worried that they’ll be scared off by some variation of the word “disenfranchise” (i.e., disenfranchisement, disenfranchised, disenfranchised), with all of its intended Civil Rights/Jim Crow connotations. They need to be very clear that invalidating illegal votes simply clarifies who is the real winner and the real loser in an American election.

Busting all the Democrat’s lies about election “security”

Everyone should watch Russell Ramsland’s 45-minute presentation about the ease with which computer voting systems allow election interference.

Allied Security Operations Group is a Texas-based company that provides high-level computer security and investigations into security breaches. Many of its employees apparently come from the federal government’s alphabet agencies.

I’ve been seeing Russell Ramsland, who co-founded ASOG here and there, but never really slowed down enough to pay attention to what he was saying. Last week, he filed a detailed affidavit explaining, in the words of John O’Sullivan, “How Big Tech Stole The U.S. Presidential Election.”

The allegations Ramsland makes are stunning — all the more so because he meticulously details how the election theft happened. For example, do you remember the 6,000 vote error from Antium County, Michigan, the one that saw 6,000 votes go from Trump to Biden. The county clerk attributed it to human error. Ramsland explains why this is a lie:

10. One red flag has been seen in Antium County, Michigan. In Michigan we have seen reports of 6,000 votes in Antium County that were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and were only discoverable through a hand counted manual recount. While the first reports have suggested that it was due to a glitch after an update, it was recanted and later attributed to “clerical ” This change is important because if it was not due to clerical error, but due to a “glitch” emanating from an update, the system would be required to be “re-certified” according to Dominion officials. This was not done. We are skeptical of these assurances as we know firsthand this has many other plausible explanations and a full investigation of this event needs to be conducted as there are a reported 47 other counties using essentially the same system in Michigan. It is our belief (based on the information we have at this point)  that the problem most likely did occur due to a glitch where an update file didn’t properly synchronize the ballot  barcode generation and reading portions of the system. If that is indeed the case, there is no reason to assume this would be an isolated error. This glitch would cause entire ballot uploads to read as zero in the tabulation batch, which we also observed happening in the data (provisional ballots were accepted properly but in-person ballots were being rejected (zeroed out and/or changed (flipped)). Because of the highly vulnerable nature of these systems to error and exploits, it is quite possible that some, or all of these other counties may have the same problem.

Ramsland also talks about voter turnout in some counties that exceeded 100% and the bizarre post 2 a.m. spikes for Biden. Leftists will tell you that this was because all of the mail-in ballots were for Biden and arrived in big clumps, but that’s not the tale the computer data tells. There’s a lot more meat in the affidavit. The worst thing about it is that Ramsland wrote it before even more statistically whacked-out stuff started emerging.

If reading densely written paragraphs with lots of statistics isn’t your thing, I strongly recommend (really, really strongly) that you watch Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation on the Jerome Corsi video. This presentation isn’t directed at the election itself. Instead, it is about how vulnerable voting machines are to manipulation. At every level — precinct, county, state, overseas data processing, etc. — they have wide-open portals that make it completely possible to manipulate votes in every one of the ways Sidney Powell and others have asserted.

The video is over 45 minutes but I was mesmerized. I was also terrified. It’s apparent that weird election outcomes across America have been gamed for a least a decade. Possibly the worst thing about the video, though, comes at the very end, when Ramsland explains how deeply disinterested the federal government was in learning about the fact that any marginally intelligent 10th-grade computer nerd can alter American elections:

So far, only around 12,000 people have watched the video. America would be a better place if 1.2 million or 12 million or 120 million people watched this presentation — and then demanded that America return to paper ballots.

Image: Screengrab from Russell Ramsland’s presentation to Jerome Corsi’s audience.

Watcher of Weasels 2020-11-19 22:36:36

The Democrats had a comprehensive plan for election fraud but Trump’s massive victory, plus an inexorable computer algorithm, ruined it all.

I listened to the press conference that President Trump’s legal team gave today. Because I’ve been following this story extremely closely since the election, none of them said anything that surprised me. I’m betting, too, that nothing surprised any of you. Trump’s legal team knows that Trump supporters have been paying very close attention to the evidence of fraudulent election activity that’s been accruing since November 3.

The point of this press conference was to force the media — that is, the mainstream media — to listen to the narrative. The very first question out of CNN, though, showed that the media, like the heathen idols in the Bible, “have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not; They have ears, but they hear not….” (Psalm 135).

After Rudy Giuliani had carefully explained the on-the-ground vote fraud, Sidney Powell had equally carefully explained the massive fraud committed with the Dominion vote systems, and Jenna Ellis had scolded the media for its utter lack of curiosity, the CNN “reporter” shouted out: “Is your goal in this to pressure officials and lawmakers in the battleground states to block or delay certification so the GOP can pick their own electors? Is that the end game here?” In other words, “All I heard was blah-blah-blah, so I assume Trump is trying to cheat.”

Having lived and breathed this news since the election, I believe that I’ve finally figured out a simple way to explain what happened to those in the media who are more open-minded, as well as to everyday Americans who want a map to explain this complicated story. It should start, as all good stories do, with

Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time, in 2016, the Democrats were absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton would win the White House in order to serve Barack Obama’s third term. Because of that, the various branches of the Democrat party — the DNC, the Washington bureaucracy, the media, and the tech monopolies — made crucial two choices: They did not censor Donald Trump’s campaign because they assumed it would alienate Americans, and they didn’t cheat any more than Democrats have routinely cheated in elections for last 130 years or so.

To the Democrats’ absolute horror, Americans voted for Donald Trump, who openly declared that he was going to clean out Washington D.C. and free Americans from their unconstitutional servitude to and rule by a grotesquely overgrown federal government. In that moment, when the Democrats realized they lost, you can imagine that them as millions of Grouchy Marxes and Bugs Bunnys, outraged that their grifts had ended:

All four arms of the Democrat party had their assigned roles to end the American people’s seemingly successful rebellion against the Democrats’ grip on the American government.

The Bureaucracy’s/Deep States’ job was to oust Trump immediately by faking up the claim that he’d conspired with Russia and then, when that failed, with Ukraine. Barack Obama continued as the commander in chief for this coup attempt.

The media and the tech monopolies had a two-pronged assignment. The first prong was silence to Trump supporters and other conservatives, whether by lying about them, deplatforming them, or ignoring them into oblivion. This accelerated before the election with openly aggressive deplatforming and censorship (especially about Hunter Biden). The second prong was to amplify the Democrats’ messages, whether that Trump was uniquely evil and incompetent, that the Wuhan virus was the second coming of the medieval black death, or that Joe Biden was an intelligent, accomplished, and effective leader.

Finally, the DNC — or perhaps a much smaller cadre of people drawn from all four branches of the Democrat party — got the task of making sure that the November 3, 2020 election, unlike the November 8, 2016 election, ended with a certain Biden victory. This time, they weren’t taking any chances. And again, this was a two-pronged effort.

The first prong was to ramp up all the traditional forms of Democrat cheating. In this, they got a boost from their hysterical response to the Wuhan virus which gave them an excuse to urge people to vote by mail. In true blue states, they did this by executive or legislative fiat. In swing states, they put enormous pressure on their supporters to vote by mail.

For Democrats, the beauty of mail-in voting is that it’s the form of voting most vulnerable to cheating. Instead of having to sneak people into polling places and hoping they don’t get caught, with mail-in voting, the dead, the illegal aliens, and the imaginary people simply had to shuffle their way over to a mailbox. And thanks to ballot harvesting, even that chore was limited. A harvester could find as many dead, illegal, and imaginary people as possible (plus sadly non compos mentis people in old age homes) and funnel all their votes to the mailbox or registrar.

Democrats also relied upon poll worker chicanery, such as intentionally miscounting votes, losing Trump votes, repeatedly counting Biden votes, and accepting entirely illegal shipments of tens of thousands of Biden votes long after the voting deadline had ended. In more past elections than we will ever know, this was more than good enough to get a Democrat candidate over the top.

But Democrats still had a niggling worry: Trump had shown remarkable sticking power with his supporters. They remained fiercely loyal for the entirety of his term, despite the non-stop slanders hurled at him. As the election neared, they turned out in their thousands and tens of thousands to hear him. The polls that ostensibly showed a massive Biden wave seemed — ahem — “suspect” when people compared Biden’s 12 people rallies to Trump’s 52,000 people rallies . . . in Pennsylvania.

The Democrats, though, had an ace up their sleeve. No, not an ace. All four aces. No, that’s wrong too. Democrats had a whole deck of aces up their sleeves.

Their aces came in the form of Smartmatic voting machines running Dominion software. The Dominion/Smarmatic system (henceforth, “Dominion”) was uniquely positioned to assure the doddering Biden’s (and the rapacious Harris’s) victory.

Dominion had its genesis in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The inventors specifically intended them to throw elections. That was their purpose. Thus, the Dominion systems weren’t there to record and count votes; they were there to change votes.

The Dominion systems had headquarters in Canada and England; vote counting centers in Barcelona, Spain, and Frankfurt, Germany; George Soros ties; and, in the case of Dominion Software Systems, a vice president, Eric Coomer, who is a fanatic Trump hater and Antifa supporter — and who was heard promising his Antifa friends that he could and would use his position at Dominion to ensure that Trump lost.

Here’s what the brains behind the Democrat party assumed would happen: Their traditional level of cheating would be more effective than usual thanks to the boost they got from the Wuhan virus. Indeed, the cheating might be so good that, standing alone, it would defeat Trump. Trump’s old-fashioned get-out-the-vote effort would pale compared to the Democrats’ get-out-the-illegal-vote effort.

Still, every plan needs an insurance policy. For the Democrats, the plan was the Dominion systems. The plan wouldn’t apply in super red states, of course, because there was no way the Democrats could claim that Biden could win in South Carolina or Tennessee. And it wouldn’t work in Texas, which had the intelligence to reject the Dominion system because of its vulnerability to massive fraud. And of course, it was unnecessary in super blue states.

After all, despite the mess Democrats have made of California and New York, people in those states have been brainwashed into thinking Republicans are worse than Satan (or, as Bandy Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, said, Trump is worse than Hitler.) Because these people cannot allow themselves to be seen as supporting Satan, Hitler, or Trump, they’ll always vote Democrat, no matter how much the party is destroying them.

For those states, though, that were a bit unreliable — Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc. — the Democrats knew that Dominion was there for them. After all, if you’re going to strike at the king, you’d better be able to kill him in a single blow. You need that Plan B.

Here’s what was supposed to happen: For the most part, the traditional cheating would ensure that Biden won in most, or even all, of those shaky swing states. However, Democrats assumed, if he didn’t win, his eventual loss in any one of those states would be by a small margin — hundreds, maybe a few thousands, of votes. In that case, the Dominion systems had their directions programmed into them.

The Dominion systems had two algorithms. (It’s still unclear to me if the systems decided which algorithms to apply or if humans did.) They could delete Trump votes while creating votes out of whole cloth for Biden or they could transfer Trump votes to Biden. Once they’d done that, they would ensure that any additional votes, whether real or fake, were always counted to favor Biden. The point was to give Biden a little boost, not an obvious one; it would be just enough to hand him a believable victory.

You’ll note that this system was set up so that it would be impossible for Trump to win. He could not possibly have campaigned in a different way so as to get more votes. Whatever his vote tally, the Dominion system would make sure Biden got just a little more. Really, it was a perfect plan. It would be invisible, there’d be no hoi polloi to testify about it, and it was foolproof.

Except that it wasn’t foolproof at all.

What the Democrats hadn’t counted on was that Trump wouldn’t get just a few hundred or even a few thousand more votes than Biden. Instead, Trump would get an extraordinary tidal wave of votes. His lead over Biden when the polls closed would be in the hundreds of thousands. The Dominion Plan B wasn’t set up for this margin of victory. Unfortunately for Democrats, it was the only plan they had.

In the wee hours of November 4, the important swing states suddenly announced that they were stopping counting, something absolutely unheard of in a presidential election. What they were really doing was regrouping in the face of this disaster. Eventually, though, they did the only thing they could: They triggered the algorithm for Plan B.

And this is where they learned that computers can be lousy co-conspirators.  Computers lack subtlty. Told to engage in a plan of action, they’ll follow that plan, whether it’s for 600 votes, 6,000 votes, or 600,000 votes. And, being computers, they operate with robotic precision.

The result was inevitable: The computers destroyed all statistical probability. When the marvelous number nerds who haven’t been sucked into the evil world of the tech tyrants looked at the voting patterns in the states in which Trump had been leading before Biden suddenly shot to victory at 4 a.m., they discovered statistical and mathematical impossibilities. Here are just some articles detailing the craziness:

If you don’t want to read all those articles, some of which overlap, this simple video from The Gateway Pundit tells its own compelling story:

Democrats hate the inexorable laws of economics and mathematics, but they are inexorable and now they’re stuck with them.

Having put all this information out there, here’s where the Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes in. You remember that segment from Disney’s 1940 movie, Fantasia, don’t you?

The sorcerer assigns to Mickey Mouse, his apprentice, the task of bringing in some buckets of water to clean the place. Mickey, being lazy, decides to put his rudimentary magic skills to work instead. He casts a spell on the broom, which carries in the water and settles in for a nap.

Mickey awakens to find the room flooded, for the broom, like a robot, keeps following the magic command. Mickey has no idea how to stop the broom and, when he takes an ax to it, he only multiplies the broom, massively increasing the problem. The only thing that saves him is the sorcerer’s intervention.

The Democrats are like Mickey the apprentice. Rather than doing the hard work of getting out the vote — actually, the impossible work, given their candidate and their platform — they decided to cast a spell on the voting system in the form of a cheating algorithm. They assumed they’d get a little boost, and then the election would be over and everything would be better than before.

Instead, like that magic broom with the water buckets, the Dominion systems kept going and going, robotically doing what it took to give Biden an edge. The systems created a flood of votes, just as Mickey’s broom created a flood of water.

Were Democrats really differ from Mickey Mouse is that he had the sorcerer to fall back upon to remedy the situation, followed by a good kick in the pants. The Democrats, though, cannot magically make the evidence of their crime go away. Moreover, if justice finally plays out as it should, rather than a good kick in the pants, many of the Democrats behind this extraordinary banana-republic fraud are going to find themselves on kitchen duty in a prison somewhere in America’s heartland, the place they hate most of all.