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A few videos I think you’ll find interesting

Another good day* but time ran away from me. Therefore, I’ll keep it short — but interesting — with some videos I think you should see.

The first video is Kimberly Klacik’s latest ad. She’s the gal who’s running to be the Republican House representative from Baltimore and whose first video landed like a flash of light in the political landscape. It showed Klacik, a beautiful young woman in red, walking powerfully through Baltimore, pointing out the blight and promising to bring change to a landscape that decades of Democrat governance have destroyed.

This video is even better. As she walks through the same blighted landscape, Klacik talks about the change she’ll bring and, through computer graphics, we see the promise of a better, brighter Baltimore. Here’s my thinking: If Klacik is as good at everything as she is at finding computer designers and ad executives, she may be the best thing ever to hit Congress:

Early on in the Black Lives Matter madness, a viral video showed up in which a young African woman, Nestride Yumga, argued with the BLM activists, most of whom were white. She told them that they were uninformed hypocrites because they were ignoring the real open wound of black lives not mattering: America’s inner-cities, places in which blacks slaughter each other with tragic abandon. Here’s that video in case you don’t remember:

Prager U tracked Yumga down, and gave her the chance to talk about her upbringing, her values, and how America protects her values and allows her to succeed in a way she never could at home. It doesn’t matter that Yumga was born in Cameroon. She’s a true American and a patriot. She is a reminder that America is a land defined, not by race or tribe, but by values. If you share our values and abide by our laws, you are an American:

This last video touches upon something I’ve been saying for years, which is that the Democrat party is all about abortion. That’s the glue that holds it together. In the circles in which I traveled for so many years — white or Asian, upper-middle class, meaning college-educated — every person I knew drew the line at abortion. For them, a pro-Life candidate was an impossibility. This woman, who sounds completely mad, nevertheless reflects the animating force behind the Democrat party. She is the id to their ego. And I honestly do not know why abortion is the hill they’ll all die on.


*For me, every day on which nothing bad happens is a day that I count as a good day. I have wonderful children, live in a delightful community, have a comfortable home, have money in the bank, and food on the table. I am blessed so, yes, every day is a good day.