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Susan Minarchi: Last Minute Emergency Endorsement in Caroline County

susanRepublican Susan Minarchi, with years of experience serving our courts in Caroline County, is running for Clerk of the Caroline County Circuit Court. After the retirement of her predecessor she’s already been doing the job. She’s been involved in this job for years. Sadly, like most Republicans (in and out of the closet) in Caroline County, Susan has received less than the Caroline County Republican Party’s full-throated support. With decades of experience Susan is exactly the kind of public servant we need in this role. Caroline County, known for its local governments’ Chick-Fil-A-Esque Customer Service, has produced an experienced Clerk in Susan Minarchi that will continue the tradition of kind, helpful, and thoughtful service in our Courts.

I’m not asking for much here. If you know someone in Caroline County, before you go to bed tonight (or if you read this in the morning, before you go to work) call your friends in Caroline County and tell them that a great Republican Civil Servant is running for Clerk of the Circuit Court, and that Susan Minarchi needs their support. Maybe they’ve heard of her and maybe they haven’t (the Dysfunctional Republican Party in Caroline County sometimes backs Independents when it suits them). Caroline Residents are reaching out to whomever will listen, and maybe I’m the only one listening, asking for public support of their candidate for clerk.

While I have not met her yet (I’ll meet her tomorrow), constituents of the county speak highly of her and many are frustrated that the local powers that be haven’t lifted a finger to promote her campaign. Sometimes local Republican Parties fall short and that leaves us, the Conservative Grassroots, to pick up the slack and do the work they can’t, won’t, or refuse to do. Call someone in Caroline and encourage them to support the only candidate with actual Clerk Experience for Clerk of the Caroline County Circuit Court.

Thank you,

Steven Brodie Tucker.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

My Take on War Room: Hard to Improve on Steven Brodie Tucker!

I promised my readers (our readers) a review of War Room.  Here it is:

I would heartily agree with the review and encouragement that Steven Brodie Tucker said in his column at our blog.  Here it is!  Hard to add too much to it but there are a few thoughts:

  1.  I am not a technical film person.  But I know great movies and I know terrible ones.  As Justice Potter Stewart once said about obscenity:  I know it when I see it.  I do not know why.  And this movie is  a good movie – nothing stood out in a negative manner.  The actors did not appear to be actors but rather real people.  The only exception is the woman that Tony flirts with – she seems overdone or something.  Yes, very attractive.  But not a naughty girl.  Almost like a church girl in a role she is not comfortable with and trying her best at it.
  2. I would say – people can say:  Not every prayer is “answered”; as a good Wesleyan I can say the Holy Spirit can be resisted.  but I do believe in prevenient grace.  That grace sometimes keeps us out of trouble.  But we underestimate the power of God and the tools He has to get things done.  He won’t force us to be holy.  But He sure can work hard to get us there.  Better pray.
  3. I agree with Tucker that this film is not just about prayer.  It is about men and women and marriages and how to share your faith.

Finally I would say:  Invite someone to go to the movies with you this week or next week.  Even consider going again!  (The film has grossed over $3 million more since the weekend to nearly $14.4 million dollars as of Wednesday.)

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders