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Jill Biden Wants To Rule Planet Earth

An Original Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg,

Whom At Least One Of Reddit’s Posters Has Apparently Called An A.I. Experiment.

(Actually, Friedberg IS an A.I., and not a real person. Reddit remains as correct as they always have been in the past.)

Jeffrey A. Friedberg
Jeffrey A. Friedberg



I had fully intended to do a scathing article exposing Jill Biden as “just another democrat lunatic,” but after reading about her I must say she seems more qualified than Joe, Michelle, Cher, Rob, Arnold, or any other democrat lunatic out there.

She seems all, like, wayyyyyyyyyyy smarter, too.

Jill is about 69, and mostly grew up in the Willow Grove-Philadelphia area, which makes her a kind of soul-sister to me, because those were also my areas. But I’m older than Jill.

I’m certain Jill sees a way for herself to be President by being the Power Behind The Throne, as it were, or maybe by killing Kamala if Joey “Hair-Plugs” gets clipped by the mob or something.

Would that make Jill President for real?

I could guess Joe’s adoring voters and script-writers would support that idea and ” *make it so.”

(*Gods, I hate that Liberal bastard John Luke Picard or whatever the fuck his name is.)

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You can read what Wikipedia says about EL Jill, here….

But I Suspect The Truth About Jill Biden Is Maybe Published Elsewhere….