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The WaPo romanticizes violent Antifa anarchists

Looking at the WaPo’s gauzy view of Portland’s Antifa anarchists helps clarify that the American media are truly America’s enemies.

Andy Ngo posted this tweet:

I thought to myself, “No, that’s not possible. The Washington Post can’t be romanticizing the people who have been engaged in all out warfare against police for the last 70 nights. The people who throw concrete, explosives, and bottles of frozen water at police. The people who try to blind police with lasers. The people who have been trying to set fire to federal buildings and local police stations. The people who attack little old ladies who, although they support black lives matter, don’t support burning buildings. The WaPo can’t be romanticizing those people. It just can’t.”

How wrong I was. That’s precisely what the WaPo is doing.

The WaPo article is entitled “Trump sent agents to quell unrest. But protest is what Portland does best.” Yes, it does rhyme. Somewhere, a second grader is thinking, “I could have done that too.”

Before getting to the article, let’s talk about the author, a young woman (and yes, I’m assuming her gender) named Marissa J. Lang. One of the things you need to know about her is that her journalism career started in San Francisco, where she worked for the San Francisco Chronicle (or, as I call it, the Comical). On her webpage, her resume says she began working at the Chron in 2015, before which she worked at the Sacramento Bee, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Tampa Bay Times. I bet some of those were internships. I suspect she’s a pretty recent graduate (after 2010) of the University of Maryland, where she got a B.A. in Journalism.

Based on these assumptions, I’m willing to bet that I can assume a few other things about Lang. She’s never held a real job. That is, she may have worked in high school and college, but she doesn’t understand how a real business works. She’s always been a paycheck collector in a business that produces nothing but words. Also, if she’s a recent college grad — and one, moreover, in the journalism department — she’s been steeped in leftism since the day she entered college.

Lang’s affiliation with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists tells me that she probably embraces intersectionality. She’s not Marissa J. Lang, journalist. She’s Marissa J. Lang, female Hispanic journalist. She views the world through those identities.

Okay, having aired all my assumptions about Lang, let’s get to her article, which is as awful as Ngo said it was. What Lang does is profile Antifa protesters. The article is a series of romanticized looks at a Portland person or family steeped in Democrat / leftist protest. Each little vignette is accompanied by two photos: The first shows the people profiled in their daily clothes. They’re not criminals. They’re people! The second shows them all dressed up to go fight “the man.”

Here are some examples of Lang’s passionate prose about these hip Antifa types:

Kia Rae’s first memories are strung-together scenes from a Jesse Jackson rally in 1988. The 34-year-old lifelong Oregonian remembers the smell of the fairgrounds, the current of waving signs, the colorful pins stuck to the chests of strangers.

Some parents take their children to sit in the stands of football games or baseball diamonds. The children of Portland come of age clapping to protest songs and stomping their feet to chants for justice and peace.


Toren, 65: “You know, Portlanders are very peaceful people. It’s not like we’re just misguided youth, which is what I think people are labeling the protesters. I’m a retired nurse with a really long career who just sees what’s happening is wrong.”


Mischa, 31: “I am protesting because it is unacceptable and wrong on so many levels to have a police force that the majority of citizens are afraid of. I am opposed to the existence of the police in their current form of a culturally corrupt, armed, cruel and tyrannical force that patrols the streets and instills fear into the people.”


But after the police killing of George Floyd in May, something shifted in this city where less than 3 percent of the population identifies as Black. [If only 3% of the population is black, Mischa (above) is exaggerating just a bit when he says “the majority of citizens” are afraid of the police.] While White residents largely tout liberal ideals of civil rights and equality, Oregon’s racist history looms large here, said Shirley Jackson, a sociology professor in the Black studies department at Portland State University.


In Portland, it’s not just the usual suspects who take to the streets. Moms in yellow shirts and bike helmets folded sunflowers into the iron fence around the federal courthouse. Teachers made signs likening Trump to tyrants and dictators of the past. Military veterans waved flags hung upside down to signal distress and strapped on gas masks and respirators to stare down the front line of federal troops.

And blah blah blah. The article goes on forever with these gauzy, saccharine looks at these sweet freedom fighters.

But let’s pull back from this close-up view. Let’s look at what these people do when they’re not gazing with doe eyes, or fierce eyes, at a journalist’s admiring camera lens:

I feel like sitting all these people down and forcing them to ask themselves, “Are the baddies?” If you’re living in the least racist and one of the most free cities, not just in the world, but in history, it’s really evil for you to create strawmen enemies and then attack real people with staggering brutality. And for a paper like the Washington Post to buy into that evil delusion is worse. I mean, let Portland destroy itself, but the WaPo, because of its reach, has the potential to destroy America.

I am grateful that, outside of Democrat enclaves, most Americans, no matter their race, sex, sexual orientation, etc., seem to have a clearer view of what America is and who America’s police are. Our police are not the men who go into Hong Kong newspapers and arrest people for daring to criticize the government. Trump’s “war on the media” consists of calling them out on their lies. And except for the minute number of bad cops, our police forces’ “brutality” lies in arresting people for violating laws that exist in all civilized societies: Don’t assault people, don’t kill people, don’t rape people, don’t rob people, don’t break into people’s homes, don’t steal, and don’t destroy public property.

One of the great things about the Wuhan virus (yes, there are silver linings) is that it’s undermining two of America’s most pernicious institutions: Public schools under the guidance of teachers’ unions and the mainstream media which is hemorrhaging readers and viewers. Lang contributes nothing good to society. Instead, she takes local toxicity and smears it across America. It will be a good day when she no longer has a forum from which to spread her poison.


Vassar Bushmills

Keep this simple set of facts in mind when the subject of the strength of the Democratic Party base comes up.
And keep a constant visual of this map in your head when the subject of the power of the media comes up.

2016 presidential election results red and blue map

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
Trump won 3,084 of them.  
Clinton won 57.
Now look at New York State
There are 62 counties in New York State.
Trump won 46 of them.
Clinton won 16  
Clinton won the NY state popular vote by approximately 1.5 million votes.
In the 5 counties that encompass New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received over 2 million more votes than Trump, which means Trump won all the rest of New York State by half a million votes. (Clinton only won 4 of those counties; Trump won Richmond).
                                            Therefore these 4 counties alone more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.
Those 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.  
The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles
When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.
Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT be allowed speak for the rest of our country!
Consider that people still pay to see “Lion King”, on stage after 22 years, while “Russian Collusion” was written and directed so poorly it closed after only one performance. Two years of commercial hype couldn’t buy it even a single Sold-Out, SRO performance, not one standing ovation, despite the lavish praise heaped on its leaked script by the majority of the sycophantic Ellsworth Toohey media who tried to drown out the alternative media calling for it to be shut down on opening night[…]

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Hold the Celebration: The GOP Got By on the Skin of Their Teeth – We Need New Ideas

I went to the Buddy Fowler Victory Party in Ashland Tuesday evening with excitement (It was looking good the Del. Fowler) but also trepidation.  Gecker was ahead – was it 3000 or 40o0 votes?  Powhatan was out but how many votes can that be?  Will it be enough?  I knew little about the Hal Parrish seat.

I was thrilled to hear at the party that Fowler wins!  I think it was 60-40!  And my thrill grew when I heard the Powhatan vote put Sturtevant over the top!  And I was more glad for the 10th district win when I heard that the Democrats held the Colgan seat.

So what did I hear:  GOP barely gets by?  Holds on by a tiny bit?  We’re thanking the four who ran for Sheriff of Powhatan County today?  No:

To: Interested Parties, Press
Re: McAuliffe’s Million Dollar Failure
Date: Nov. 4, 2015
The media on Wednesday morning headlines said it all:

Now it’s great to celebrate a hard-fought victory.  I am glad at least the Richmond-area voters said NO to Bloomberg.  Too bad Prince William voters did not.

I hate to be Debbie Downer but I think we just got by.  And we need some answers.  Or next time, we’ll not be so blessed.

I submit that we need some new packaging of old ideas and some new ones.  Let me give a few:

      • Term limits – 8 years for service in each house
      • Some sort of initiative and referendum
      • Education reform – continue to show why the public school monopoly is not good for Virginia’s children BUT let’s also discuss:  Top heavy administration at the university and secondary/primary school level.  And don’t forget the State Board of Education.  Make college presidents and division superintendents justify administrative costs.  After say the President of UVA and Tech are on the hot seat, the head of say JMU will say:  I won’t be next!
      • Something must be done about the domestic relations laws.  Want to win (back) suburban women?  Reform the archaic divorce laws:  Lower separation periods, maybe get rid of fault except as a factor to consider in dividing the marbles or perhaps spousal support.  End the adultery or other fault bar to spousal support.  Increase the use of simple forms for uncontested divorces.
      • Electoral fairness:  Better ballot access for minor parties (see this post for details)
      • Procedural fairness:  A statewide public defender system – the study bill should be introduced and when it is we’ll debut it at this blog!
      • Sovereign immunity reform:  Sovereign immunity, correct in principle, is being used to keep government actors including police and state agencies, from being held accountable. The courts, as they should, are upholding sovereign immunity in many cases.
      • Do not mindlessly adopt tort reform ideas while keeping common sense in the mix.
      • Seek out the African-American community.  There is a fair amount of hostility to the GOP by blacks but under some circumstances, you can earn the right to be heard.  But we must reach out and listen.  Issues to consider:  Overcriminalization, especially for juvenile offenders and freeing up parents to decide what schools to go to – that is how vouchers can be sold in the African-American community.  Sincere faith is strongly attractive.  Explain why you are for voter ID but also make sure all voters can get the ID.  After you win the right to be heard, you can explain why minority set-asides and some affirmative action programs are scams and where government gets to pick winners and losers based on race.  Ask the question:  Do we want to do that?

Repackage certain issues:  Abortion – need to be humble about this issue and be very careful in drafting bills.  If you can get women to lead this fight.  Guns – many are afraid of guns in general and mass shootings in particular.  Package this as self-defense and liberty.  Many women want to feel safe.  Gay issues:  The issue is settled; we need to follow the court decision but not expand it to new areas.


    Get rid of the entire BPOL system.  You should not have to ask government for permission to start a business.

Other ideas?  Yes sure.  But it is serious.  Let’s try out some or all of these issues in future campaigns.  I am starting the debate!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders