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How to stop all these “spontaneous” riots where “an innocent black man” has been mishandled or shot by the police.

An Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51


Hiya Kids!

Froggy The Gremlin
Froggy The Gremlin


A way comes to mind—how to stop all these “spontaneous” riots in the USA where “an innocent black man” is always mishandled or shot by the police. You know, all that “burnie-burnie down” stuff? The rioting and other mostly peaceful protest activities?

Or as it is done by Donald Trump. Because sometimes Trump gets a gun off the Secret Service and goes out and secretly shoots “folks.” Or, he runs the gun into Chicago where he gives it to lawless, supporter-white-men, who are posing as innocent black men.

Oh. “The RULES.”

Here ya go:

Froggy’s RULE #1: The police should never interfere with anything a black man is doing, no matter what it might be: just let him do it.

Froggy’s RULE#2: Never under any circumstances arrest or make physical contact with a black man. Ever. (Reinforces RULE #1, above.)

That way, there can never be transgression or harm against the sacred person of a black man. This would be similar to the current practice of avoiding harm or contact with the sacred body of a Muslim man.

Oh, I know, I know, there are those who would say, “But, Jeff! We can’t allow that! What if something (inspired by demonic, Christian. white males) goes wrong?”

The answer is clear.

Froggy’s RULE #3: Either (or both) Black Lives Matter and a mostly peaceful representative of ANTIFA could ride with the police, and tell them everything what to do.


In other words, the police would not—and could not, under local and state law—make a single move without the approval of BLM or ANTIFA.

Or maybe of CNN, or of NPR, or some other expert source.

Et, La Voila!

The Problem is sol-ved!