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Maybe I Was Wrong: I forgot about THIS Big Game ad from 1984…

I said that the best Big Game ad was the 2010 Audi “Green Police” ad that beautifully skewered environmental wackoism.  But maybe this is the best ad ever:  Apple’s 1984 Mac ad.  Brilliantly libertarian – part of Steve Job’s vision.

And do you remember this take off on it – involving Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?  Perhaps the thought police should have caught her after all…


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Just Asking? Why Should…

…a private company or even a nationalized one have to ask permission of the Federal Government to lay down a oil or gas pipeline such as the Keystone Pipeline?  I could understand crossing the border or the pipeline as a common carrier being regulated like a utility.  I could even understand environmental issues to affect WHERE the pipeline goes.  I assume those companies have eminent domain powers for good or bad but that is not the Federal Government’s concern absent it being on Federal lands (and there is too much Federal land).

BUT why should a company have to ask the President or Congress for the okay to build the pipeline?  Just asking…

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Norway TV Network Plans to Show TV Series on Russia-EU Invasion of Norway!

I do not think this will really happen.  But it is fascinating that there is someone seriously thinking of it. But here it is.

Reports say that the Second Norwegian TV network will purchase and show a TV series based on a Russian invasion of Norway to overthrow an elected government of environmental wackos who then stop its oil industry.  Here’s a pro Russian source and here’s a Hollywood one.

And here’s the kicker:  The EU encouraged the invasion!

From the first source:

Events in the TV show evolve around the invasion of Norway by the Russian armybacked by the European Union – after environmental radicals come to power in the Scandinavian country and stop its oil industry.  (emphasis added by me!)

According to the script, Russia occupies the country and subsequently seizes its oil fields.

And from the US source:

Set in the near future, the series tells a story about Russia occupying Norway on behalf of the European Union, due to the fact that the newly elected environmental friendly Norwegian government has stopped the all important oil- and gas-production in the North Sea.  (emphasis added again by me)
How ’bout that!  I am not sure who I’d support.  On the one hand, there are elected environmental wackos – boo hiss!  But they are elected after all.  But not for liberty!  I believe in self-determination.  But on the other hand, the Russia/EU alliance is not our friend either?  Boo hiss!  And they do turn the oil back on.  But liberty seldom comes on the point of a sword (The American Revolution notwithstanding – which was not a radical revolution but rather a conservative one – one to restore and maintain the colonists’ rights as English subjects and if you won’t give us our rights, we’ll fight for them!) so the locals have to be helped.
I am glad to see the EU be so characterized as being in league with Russia to overthrow an elected government but I think the producers selected the wrong scenario.  Rather maybe if a nation tried to leave the EU and got invaded by Russia?    There’s already evidence the Union has peacefully overthrown elected governments in both Italy and GreeceHere is the powerful but unclear trailer (in Norwegian with no subtitles) for the show.  What satellite dish will show it here in the US?
Well, we know the European Union is not the friend of the US, either.  I wonder if I can speak to Donald Trump for five minutes or so…if he’d say that out loud, that would be a tremendous victory for liberty!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders