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“Democrats Deconstruct The Police Departments” – [America]

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Democrats Deconstruct the Police Departments
Vanity | 7/11/2020 | Self

Posted on 7/11/2020, 6:20:14 AM by CptnObvious


Democrats Deconstruct the Police Departments,

Have you ever noticed while the Democrats applaud the “Defund the Police” efforts, they do not say much about how they will protect us instead?

When asked they give answers like the Health Department can come or something on the order of it will be a “Community effort”, and you know that wouldn’t stop the future rioters (like those burning and looting the Democratic cities right now) and that these tokens ring Hollow?

You know it’s a serious matter yet there are unserious answers. Just exactly what is going on?

Well Black Lives Matter and ANTIFAs goal is not just to Defund the Police, it is to Deconstruct them and so weaken them so that America will more likely succumb to Marxism/Communism. But how is that to do with the Democrats you ask.

Well members like AOC, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley who are driving the Democrats are loudly supporting BLM and ANTIFA are calling the rest of us Racists. Have you ever asked yourself why they do this? It is that they are a part of the Deconstructive efforts.

But if you look at the other Democratic priorities, you begin to see even more Deconstructive efforts. Efforts to eliminate ICE, Border Patrol and to implement Open Borders. Not only this, but they want to give every wall hopper free Health Insurance and the right to vote in our elections. This is nuts…

Except when you figure out this is a deconstructive effort to weaken America. And this brought to you by The New Left, the Democratic Party and its Media.

What’s that with the Media? Well have you asked yourself why they haven’t identified this effort? Why they support calling all American’s Racists except those with dark brown skin? Yeah, the majority of the media went to Bed with The New Left and is helping with the Deconstructing of America.

But wait, there’s more. BLM and ANTIFAs efforts include the Deconstruction of the American Family (You heard that right). To replace Mom, Dad, and children with Trans, Trans and children as the highest, or Trans, Homo, children – take your pick out of 31 gender flavors. And you say so what?

Well add that to the activist teachers flooding the public schools, advocating that the children “explore” their possible “genders”. When a young child says “I like Trans.” they suggest a treatment of hormones and after that Surgery. Or the child says “Hom-sexual”, they are taught about possibly being Born Gay and that sexual attraction to males is normal and should be “Explored”.

In many schools this is done without the parents permission or under their radar as much as possible. Parents who attempt to Opt out their children now are often targeted, doxed and get fired from their jobs for not being “inclusive according to company policies”.

In short, America, you are being “Deconstructed” and weakened so that you will succumb to Marxism/Communist rule. The New Left has permeated the Democratic Party, the Media and so many of these organizations that they are now full throttle.

Now you know why they appear to ne so Nutty. It is The New Left.