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WAR ROOM Hits a Solid Third Place at the Box Office this Weekend – Grossing Nearly Forty Million Dollars! A Second Faith-Based Film starts in Ninth Place!

Great news from the world of movies again this week.  War Room garnered a solid third place behind The Perfect Guy and The Visit (new movies in their first week) but the Kendrick Brothers film is nearly at $40,000,000 – a new record!  And another faith-based movie debuted in 9th place this week.   Here is the Box Office Mojo weekend estimate.

Here is from Hollywood Deadline:

Two faith-based films — War Room from Sony and Samuel Goldwyn’s 90 Minutes in Heaven both were good performers. Not a surprise. War Room is almost at the $40M mark with a weekend take of around $7.5M on 1,647 screens while the latter is expected to collect a little over $2M on only 838 screens.

The 90 Minutes in Heaven movie debuted in ninth place, not bad considering it was only in less than 900 theaters.  From Variety:

Not every new release was so lucky. Samuel Goldwyn’s “90 Minutes in Heaven” failed to connect with faith-based crowds, earning a disappointing $2.2 million across 878 theaters. It may have been overshadowed by the continued strength of “War Room.” The Sony Pictures and Affirm faith-based family drama was third place at the box office, taking in $7.4 million for the weekend and bringing its domestic haul to $39.2 million. It is now the highest-grossing picture of filmmaking brothers Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick’s career, topping 2011’s “Courageous” and its $34.5 million total.

A new Kendrick Brothers record!  Let’s keep it up next week.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Report: WAR ROOM Looks Like Number ONE at the Box Office this Weekend!

This is exciting!  Deadline Hollywood is reporting this AM that War Room, the faith-based blatantly Christian movie will beat out Straight Outta Compton for Number ONE at the Box Office!  I am sure they probably hated writing these words:

3RD UPDATE, Sunday 8:10AM Final update: N.W.A.’s reign at the top of the box office charts has been thwarted by the Lord with Sony/Affirm’s faith-based title War Room taking No. 1 on both a 3-day and 4-day basis, with respective estimates of $9.24M and $12.1M. Through 10 days, the Kendrick Brothers film has made$27.5M.  Sony sees $9.35M for FSS and $12.3M for FSSM.

(I do confess – I got a email from the War Room office [along with millions of others] alergting me to this possibility!)  Here’s Entertainment Weekly with their confirming report:

After three consecutive weekends at the top, Straight Outta Compton has finally relinquished its hold on first place, falling to the faith-based drama War Room during a sleepy Labor Day weekend.

War Room took a clear lead after three days, earning an estimated $9.4 million in 1,526 locations. With a budget of just $3 million, War Room has outpaced expectations since its $11.4 million debut last weekend, and its domestic total is now at $24.7 million. The PG-rated War Room has benefited from being one of the only faith-based films in theaters recently, and it’s the latest Christian hit from brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick.

Of course the Lord Jesus gets the credit.  But faith-based, uplifting films can be winners at the box office, can be technically sound, and can show the power of followers of Christ in the marketplace.

Maybe keep it going next week (September 11-13) if you can!  Go see War Room and be renewed.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

War Room: The Most Powerful Christian Film I’ve Ever Seen

I typically don’t intermingle my religion and my entertainment dollars, but War Room isn’t just a movie with a great Christian Message. It’s a revolutionary and biblical call to action. This is a movie sincere and powerful enough to change the lives of believers and non-believers alike, as many believers find themselves lost in a desperate attempt to control the world around them in what is, inevitably, a losing battle. How often have we read that, as Christians, we are to put our struggles, our fears, our suffering, and our hopes at the foot of God through prayer? How often do we actually do that?

Philippians 4:4-7 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”.

War Room gives us a peak into what this would mean for us as individuals and as families were we to actually put this into practice in our daily lives.

War Room is not a movie to watch without Kleenex (for the Ladies) or a long sleeve shirt (for the men, who are too manly to dry our eyes with Kleenex, let’s be honest). The moments of humor were brilliantly executed. The moments of real, day to day human experience and human struggles were written and performed perfectly. There was never a moment during the storyline where I thought to myself, “Oh Come On! That couldn’t happen”.

Not only does this film touch on questions about the power of prayer, but also questions about what it means to be a husband, to be a wife, and to be a friend; and what it means to truly allow a God believers call Lord to actually have some Lordship in their lives.

I usually see one or two movies in the theater a year and I am thankful that this year War Room was one of them. This is not a movie you will regret seeing for movie theater prices. It’s worth every penny. I’ll probably never write another article recommending a movie to our Virginia Right audience, since that’s not really what we do here; but I just want others to experience the same joy and excitement I experienced yesterday.



Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

War Room Surprises at the Box Office: Estimated Weekend Take: $11,000,000!

To the certain consternation of media elites throughout the nation, and to the Glory of El Shaddai, the Kendrick Brothers did it again:  Beat their own first week record ($9.1 million for Courageous), and came in a strong and unexpected second place showing for the weekend of August 28-30, nearly topping Straight Outta Compton in its third week out.

Box Office Mojo said here the numbers were:

$13,240.000 for Compton

$11,000,000 for War Room

Here is Deadline Hollywood’s update:

5TH UPDATE, Sunday 10AM after 7:48 AM post: Despite the holy B.O. threat of Sony/Affirm’s faith-based title War Room this weekendUniversal/Legendary’s hip hop biopic Straight Outta Compton continued to spin records at No. 1  with a studio reported figure of $13.2M, making it the third Uni film this year after Furious 7 and Jurassic World to hold the top B.O. spot for three weekends in a row.


Those in the faith-based community aren’t surprised in the least that War Room, which counts an estimated $10.7M in second at 1,135, steamrolled over new titles by Zac Efron and Owen Wilson-Pierce Brosnan. Sony is reporting $11M for FSS for this pic which cost an estimated $3.5M to make.

By the way, Compton was in over 3000 theaters (3142 according to Box Office Mojo) compared to 1,135 for War Room.  Here is the Hollywood Reporter:

The dog days of August saw Universal’s box-office champ Straight Outta Compton remain No. 1 for the third straight weekend with $13.2 million from 3,142 theaters, while Christian drama War Room did far better than expected in earning $11 million from a small footprint of 1,135 locations to come in second.

Now these are estimates so go anyway today!  Estimates can be wrong.  Check also the morning talk shows (Good Morning America, Today, etc) for a story on the movie.  Numbers like $11,000,000 make people talk.  This week or next week, go see War Room.  Pad those numbers!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

WAR ROOM Seems to be Doing Well So Far: Get Out There and Go See It!

I looked at the early returns on the faith-based, Christ-glorifying latest movie by the Kendrick brothers:  WAR ROOM.  Here’s one very encouraging report from Deadline: Hollywood:

1ST UPDATE, Friday 8:13AM: The faith-based film War Room, from Fireproof director Alex Kendrick, started its weekend early last night with a $600,000 take from 1,017 theaters. The film, which is being handled by Affirm/TriStar, will expand to 1,135 locations today and is on track for a $4M-$5M opening.

But wait – there’s more – when the afternoon numbers come in, surprise:

Interestingly, NRG thought War Room would only pull in $3M total, according to its tracking service. The faith-based films, however, always seem to surprise and this one just might as it plays throughout the weekend. Look for maybe an $8.5M to $10M run. War Room is leading in ticket sales going into the weekend.

And the evening numbers show War Room perhaps outdoing Straight Outta Compton:

Affirm/Tri-Star’s faith-based title War Room looks to have edged out Universal/Legendary’s Straight Outta Compton$3.8M to $3.7M at Friday’s B.O. This could all change by Saturday’s sunrise, but there’s no doubt that Alex Kendrick’s film about a strained family that finds redemption through an elderly lady’s war room of prayer is coming on strong. It could make $10M-$10.8M for the weekend, which is 100% more than the industry was projecting it to be at 1,135 theaters. War Room could easily become Kendrick’s highest opener ever after 2011’s Courageous ($9.1M), also from TriStar. As of tonight, War Room is expected to slot second behind Compton for the weekend.

Variety, the leading newspaper in Hollywood, had this wonderful deadline:

Box Office: Zac Efron Trounced by Faith-Based Film ‘War Room’ on Thursday

Trounced!  I like it and here’s more from Variety:

Zac Efron’s “We Are Your Friends” was pummeled by the faith-based film “War Room” on Thursday night.

Sony’s Christian drama launched with $600,000 at 1,017 locations at Thursday preview screenings, while Warner Bros.’ DJ movie generated a mild $175,000.

But there’s this report that the critics hated War Room (surprise, surprise!):

The faith-based faith film raked in $600,000 at the Thursday night previews, but critics says it’s shot like “a term-life insurance commercial”

“War Room” may have crushed Zac Efron‘s “We Are Your Friends” at the box office on Thursday — the Christian drama grossed $600,000 compared to the meager $175,000 for “Friends” — but critics were decidedly less friendly than audiences.

Get out there and pray and go see this movie, if you can!  If War Room beats or even comes in a close second, it will go viral in the media and people will have to talk about it.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

YES, Go See WAR ROOM, the Latest Film from that Little Church That Could (And DID)!

I have not been unaware of the impending feature film from Sherwood Baptist Church/the Kendrick brothers (I get the emails) but I have been a bad blogger!

Here is the official synopsis from the website:

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have it all—great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan’s world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. While Tony basks in his professional success and flirts with temptation, Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness. But their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara, and is challenged to establish a “war room” and a battle plan of prayer for her family. As Elizabeth tries to fight for her family, Tony’s hidden struggles come to light. Tony must decide if he will make amends to his family and prove Miss Clara’s wisdom that victories don’t come by accident.

Here is the site for it with a nice and moving trailer and here is the FB page.  If people go see it, just like the candidacy of Donald Trump, if people pay money to see it, the media has to cover it.  Maybe it’ll get nominated for awards and acclaim.

Surely this nation could use prayer for revival and renewal.  We also need to keep the spread of the Gospel around the world before the throne of God.  I like the African-American family being the focus; could broaden its appeal.  Millions will see this movie.  Let’s all pray souls will be saved and prayer warriors enlisted in His service!

So, try to go see it – this weekend or next!  Run up the box office numbers!

Here’s some reviews:

NBCNews (surprisingly positive):

Since 2002, Alex and Stephen Kendrick have been on a quest to change lives through faith-based films. With a humble $20,000 worth of church donations, Microsoft Word and volunteers, the brothers, along with Sherwood Baptist Church, produced their first movie, “Flywheel”—the story of a dishonest car salesman who finds faith and changes his ways. The film was a tearjerker and set the stage for heavy hitters—”Facing The Giants,” “Fireproof” and “Courageous.” With quality acting and soul-stirring plots, all four movies have taken the Christian film industry by storm grossing a combined $78 Million at the domestic box office and distributing in over 75 countries.


Ultimately, the film explores the effect that prayer can have on almost every aspect of life including marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and finances. Though some may be skeptics, “War Room” entreats those whose lives have been less than a bed of roses to simply try prayer in coping with life’s cares.

Seattle Times (Some good and some not so good):

A Christian faith-based drama with fire, good performances and a nice luster to its look and feel, “War Room” is an engaging film that derails itself only when the story occasionally stops for protracted preaching.

Anchored by strong acting and assured if unremarkable direction, “War Room” finds real-estate agent, wife and mom Elizabeth (Priscilla C. Shirer) feeling alienated from her husband, Tony (T.C. Stallings), a traveling salesman with a chip on his shoulder and a wandering eye for other ladies.

The Guardian (UK) (Unfavorable):

Is your husband a self-centered jerk? Does he ignore your needs, pay no attention to your adorable daughter, scold you for giving financial help to your troubled sister? Does he have a wandering eye and come dangerously close to committing adultery? Is he embezzling from his job? Well, you should know that it’s all your fault. When you find his behavior upsetting and take him to task you are only protracting the struggle. What you need to do is surrender, go in the closet and pray.

These tactics, say Alex and Stephen Kendrick in their latest “faith-based” film War Room, will bring your husband back to you, and cast Satan from your home. If you follow a precise prayer regimen (which remains vague in the film but all spelled out in supplemental materials available for purchase on the Kendricks’ website) there is no reason to believe that your husband won’t transform back into the man you fell for. He’ll even join your daughter for the big rope-skipping competition perfectly timed for the end of the movie.

So go out there and show ’em my fellow followers of Jesus!  Go to War Room as son as you can!  And hit your War Room as well!


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders