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King Arthur Flour Makes a Financial, “Contribution,” and I Write To Them:

“Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for being comfortable sharing how our recent messages have left you feeling. Your openness is appreciated.

We understand the discomfort some feel when companies publicly express their values. Big picture principles are shared by nearly everyone: show kindness, care for others, give generously, be thoughtful caretakers of our planet … But when defining the more difficult “how?” and “how much?” it’s common to disagree and for the ideas to be assigned to one side of the political aisle or the other. Though conditions make it challenging to separate them, neither politics nor division are our goal.

Our choice in speaking up boils down to this: The most important part of baking is that it brings people together in community. Initiating that connection is at the very center of who we are as a company. We’ve chosen to express values that we believe support a more inclusive community and people who’ve traditionally not received the full and fair benefits of society.

Your concern about the Southern Poverty Law Center as an initial recipient of this fund is not just heard, but is and will continue to be a part of our conversations about how to distribute the remaining $180,000 of our fund.

The parts of SPLC’s history which some have thoughtfully questioned aren’t unnoticed. We’re aware that the group had undergone a significant change in leadership over a year ago in order to correct a course that fell out of alignment with its credo. Our research into its current practices and direction gives us peace of mind that the small portion of our fund directed there will be well-spent in pursuit of addressing inequality. We also don’t believe them to be an organization which opposes any whole religion, which would be out of alignment with our own goals.

As we continue to champion a more inclusive world that recognizes all people’s inherent value, know that we’re listening and learning. There’s no doubt that our choices will have impacts and our hope is that they result in a more connected, more loving, more respectful whole. These will be key facets through which we research and select future participants of our fund.

Again, thank you so much for your note. We expect you and others to hold us to a high standard when it comes to both our products and our choices as a company.

Kind regards,