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All Politics Is Show Business

Hiya Kids!

Froggy The Gremlin
Froggy The Gremlin –



In my sixty (60) or so years of paying attention,

I can tell you this:

All Politics Is Show Business.



Kids, when I was born, there was no TV.

TV was still “experimental.” This was the 1940’s.

Transistors? Computers? CDs? Ear phones? iPhones? IPads? Space travel? We invented all that later.

This was the so-called, “Baby-Boomer Generation,” which everybody now seems to hate.

Yet, so far, this current “wonderful Millennial” generation does not seem to have invented ANYthing. Am I right?

Anyway, what I’ve noticed, in all that passing time and news, is that all politics is just show business. It’s Hollywood, but the stunts are real, and there are no stuntmen (or stunt-personages.)

Which is why I have learned to pay attention to what people actually do, and not what they say.

Donald Trump is a patriot, yes. Whom they want to kill, but who seems fearless. To me, he is America’s Best President since George Washington.

President Eisenhower was a great man, and a great General Officer in World War 2, but he was no Trump.

EL Trumpacito has done a lot of good things. He has made of lot of good moves. But his talking and Tweeting seem to me—and probably to any good business person—to be mostly tactics, not policy. And very predictable.

For instance, he is always telling us what he is For.

So what? I don’t care what you’re for, or what you “get out ahead of.” What you say.

I only care about what you actually do. Trump tells us and the world he will do this, and he will do that, and, so, we do know where he stands on a topic.

But then—when he has to decide whether to shoot or not shoot—Donald Trump will often just hold back a tad, and tell us he is waiting to see what The Natural Forces Involved will bring next.


In other words, he is using tactics. He’s moving, waiting, and counter-moving. The Russians did this all the time during the so-called Cold War, which is why I am such a great fricking EXPERT at reading it.

This sort of gamesterism makes the media even crazier than they already are. Yes, but then Trump literally may do nothing at all.

Or, like maybe later.

Donald Trump apparently still feels he must try to work within the USA Legal System. He will break no actual law.

Otherwise, it would no longer be America here.

Except, kids…America seems over, to me.

“America,” is something different now. I mean—not even Trump can shove all the democrat and republican shit back into their intestines. It’s too late. Too much has happened. The democrats know this, which is why they will not relent. Why they keep going. Why almost every day is some new diversion, some new attack.

The libs and dems are stupid as hell, but they know that much. To keep shoveling it on, moving fast to the next shit theme. Keep dancing. It used to be called “rope a dope.”


So…if you are waiting for the President of the United States of America—well…they aren’t.


So don’t. Wait.

Because Donald trump is not President of all of those states. Unless he fights a few to the death, kicks ass, makes arrests, maybe even kills a few “folks,” and conquers.

But, right now, Trump is just putting it all off. I mean—like, who, other than democrats, would want to do those things I mentioned above?

Oh wait…the dems are already, fighting “to the death,” and kicking ass, making arrests, and killing people. They have already conquered lots of territory.

I mean—the democrat combat wing, ANTIFA, has police and soldiers powerless. The Main democrat (admitted) Marxist front, BLM, is worth close to $600,000,000 (million) USD, and has them kneeling and groveling in gutters of the entire world.

I could go on to list democrat victories. But you already know what they are.

I mean—how much worse can it get, right? What could possibly go wronger?

Maybe…if Trump is re-elected in November. Maybe if the democrats don’t cheat. Maybe if the democrats “resist.” Maybe if the democrats shoot-up or firebomb the polls. Maybe if everything is done fair and square. Maybe if the Constitution is universally accepted, and everybody goes home.

Yeah. Right.