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Polls: Trump +16 in California (172 Delegates) and +12 in Arizona (58 Delegates)

Mathematically, Ted Cruz needs 87% of the remaining delegates to reach the 1,237 needed to become the nominee.

Two new polls show some bad news for Cruz.

In California, Landslide/NSON shows Donald Trump with 38.3% of the vote and Ted Cruz with just 22.4%. And with less than 10% undecided, there will not be a lot of late deciders.

The only other poll taken in California this year showed Trump up by 5% so his lead seems to be building in this state with 172 delegates.


In a second new poll taken in Arizona by Merrill Poll, Donald Trump has a 12% lead over second place Ted Cruz. Trump has 31% to Cruz 19%. There are a high number of undecideds in this poll – 30% – so there will be a number of late deciders.

A previous poll taken a little over a week ago showed Trump with a 17% lead, but with fewer undecideds. Both Trump and Cruz were lower in this poll than the Merrill Poll. Perhaps an indication that voters are moving from decided to undecided.

All of these polls were taken prior to Trump’s dominating performance on Tuesday night winning 5 of 6 contests while Cruz won zero.

Article written by: Tom White

First Post December Debate Poll Shows Trump Gain +8, Cruz +4, Rubio +0

The first poll taken after the December debate on Tuesday 12/15 was produced by PPP December 16-17 2015 and shows Donald Trump was the clear winner gaining +8 points over the previous PPP poll (11/16-17) with Ted Cruz gaining +4.

In the November poll, Trump was at 26% and he now stands at 34%. In November, second place was held by Carson with 19% and he has now fallen to 6%, a steep decline. Cruz has moved from third place in November with 14% to second place now with 18%.

In November, Trump had a +7 advantage over the rest of the field and that lead has expanded to a +16 point lead, more than doubling the lead.

Some interesting results can be found in the cross tabs where Bush’s favorable ratings are upside down with 34% favorable and 49% unfavorable. Also upside down on favorable/unfavorable were Graham (22%-50%), Kasich (26%-40%) and Paul (34%-44%).

Most favorable was Huckabee with 63% followed by Carson at 61%. Cruz bests Trump win favorable by 1 point at 59% with Trump at 58%. Bad news for those not named Trump is that Trump rose from 51% in November to 58% in December. Rubio is at 49% favorable.

Another interesting bit is in a head to head matchup between various candidates,  Trump comes out on top in every instance vs the other candidates. But Cruz is closest losing to Trump 45%-44%. But both Trump and Cruz beat Rubio with Trump 54%-38% vs. Rubio and Cruz besting Rubio 48%-34%.

Banning Muslims from entering the US wins 54% in favor of the ban and 25% against.

46% to 37% support a national database of Muslims in the US.


Article written by: Tom White

Obama Mocks American Liberty and Spits on the American People

Tonight, December 6th, 2015, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, in response to the first Islamic State inspired terror attack on American soil, spent twenty minutes lecturing the American People on what it means to be an American and threatening further controls against our second amendment rights. What’s more dangerous? The homicidal death-worshiping disciples practicing a 7th century interpretation of a 6th century religion, or a 21st century President threatening to take all of us back to an 18th century brand of tyranny?

obama-pointing-Getty-640x480For twenty minutes I listened to this President lecture me, not sounding like the leader of an American Nation, but sounding like a foreign leader condemning a culture and civilization he desires to snuff out. Our government is no longer American, not in any recognizable sense. If our government is American, then we should all mourn the loss of a heritage and a birthright that died this night. We should lament the tortured, twisted, confused silliness which now reigns over what was once a shinning city on a hill.

This is a President that refuses to attack our enemies because he believes that attacking them feeds into their narrative that they are war with us. This, despite that fact that Sunni and Shi’ite caliphates have declared war on Israel and America. He tells us that we must call the Islamic State “ISIL”, because it bothers them. If we really want to hurt their feelings, we’re to call them Daesh. Islamic State soldiers are beheading people, crucifying people, burning people alive, raping pre-teen girls and boys, teenagers, and women, and throwing homosexuals from building tops. Earlier this week they inspired a woman and her husband to slaughter 14 Americans. Our response? Let’s call them ISIL! Let’s call them Daesh! Let’s go to a Climate Change conference.

If this is our strategy to horrify the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and the Islamic State in Iran, our only hope is that our enemies joke to death on their own laughter.

This president is using the death of innocent Americans at the hands of Islamist terrorists to deprive us of our liberty and to take greater control over our lives. Mark Levin says that we are living in a post-Constitutional America. Levin misses the mark. We’re living in a post-American America. We’re either living in Barack Obama’s nation or we’re living in an American nation – but we can’t be living in both. The two are opposite, contradictory, at war. No President has done so much to destroy our American way of life. I look to The People’s representatives in our United States Congress to condemn this President and to vow to fight any further efforts of this pretend emperor against our American Liberty.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

War Room Surprises at the Box Office: Estimated Weekend Take: $11,000,000!

To the certain consternation of media elites throughout the nation, and to the Glory of El Shaddai, the Kendrick Brothers did it again:  Beat their own first week record ($9.1 million for Courageous), and came in a strong and unexpected second place showing for the weekend of August 28-30, nearly topping Straight Outta Compton in its third week out.

Box Office Mojo said here the numbers were:

$13,240.000 for Compton

$11,000,000 for War Room

Here is Deadline Hollywood’s update:

5TH UPDATE, Sunday 10AM after 7:48 AM post: Despite the holy B.O. threat of Sony/Affirm’s faith-based title War Room this weekendUniversal/Legendary’s hip hop biopic Straight Outta Compton continued to spin records at No. 1  with a studio reported figure of $13.2M, making it the third Uni film this year after Furious 7 and Jurassic World to hold the top B.O. spot for three weekends in a row.


Those in the faith-based community aren’t surprised in the least that War Room, which counts an estimated $10.7M in second at 1,135, steamrolled over new titles by Zac Efron and Owen Wilson-Pierce Brosnan. Sony is reporting $11M for FSS for this pic which cost an estimated $3.5M to make.

By the way, Compton was in over 3000 theaters (3142 according to Box Office Mojo) compared to 1,135 for War Room.  Here is the Hollywood Reporter:

The dog days of August saw Universal’s box-office champ Straight Outta Compton remain No. 1 for the third straight weekend with $13.2 million from 3,142 theaters, while Christian drama War Room did far better than expected in earning $11 million from a small footprint of 1,135 locations to come in second.

Now these are estimates so go anyway today!  Estimates can be wrong.  Check also the morning talk shows (Good Morning America, Today, etc) for a story on the movie.  Numbers like $11,000,000 make people talk.  This week or next week, go see War Room.  Pad those numbers!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

WAR ROOM Seems to be Doing Well So Far: Get Out There and Go See It!

I looked at the early returns on the faith-based, Christ-glorifying latest movie by the Kendrick brothers:  WAR ROOM.  Here’s one very encouraging report from Deadline: Hollywood:

1ST UPDATE, Friday 8:13AM: The faith-based film War Room, from Fireproof director Alex Kendrick, started its weekend early last night with a $600,000 take from 1,017 theaters. The film, which is being handled by Affirm/TriStar, will expand to 1,135 locations today and is on track for a $4M-$5M opening.

But wait – there’s more – when the afternoon numbers come in, surprise:

Interestingly, NRG thought War Room would only pull in $3M total, according to its tracking service. The faith-based films, however, always seem to surprise and this one just might as it plays throughout the weekend. Look for maybe an $8.5M to $10M run. War Room is leading in ticket sales going into the weekend.

And the evening numbers show War Room perhaps outdoing Straight Outta Compton:

Affirm/Tri-Star’s faith-based title War Room looks to have edged out Universal/Legendary’s Straight Outta Compton$3.8M to $3.7M at Friday’s B.O. This could all change by Saturday’s sunrise, but there’s no doubt that Alex Kendrick’s film about a strained family that finds redemption through an elderly lady’s war room of prayer is coming on strong. It could make $10M-$10.8M for the weekend, which is 100% more than the industry was projecting it to be at 1,135 theaters. War Room could easily become Kendrick’s highest opener ever after 2011’s Courageous ($9.1M), also from TriStar. As of tonight, War Room is expected to slot second behind Compton for the weekend.

Variety, the leading newspaper in Hollywood, had this wonderful deadline:

Box Office: Zac Efron Trounced by Faith-Based Film ‘War Room’ on Thursday

Trounced!  I like it and here’s more from Variety:

Zac Efron’s “We Are Your Friends” was pummeled by the faith-based film “War Room” on Thursday night.

Sony’s Christian drama launched with $600,000 at 1,017 locations at Thursday preview screenings, while Warner Bros.’ DJ movie generated a mild $175,000.

But there’s this report that the critics hated War Room (surprise, surprise!):

The faith-based faith film raked in $600,000 at the Thursday night previews, but critics says it’s shot like “a term-life insurance commercial”

“War Room” may have crushed Zac Efron‘s “We Are Your Friends” at the box office on Thursday — the Christian drama grossed $600,000 compared to the meager $175,000 for “Friends” — but critics were decidedly less friendly than audiences.

Get out there and pray and go see this movie, if you can!  If War Room beats or even comes in a close second, it will go viral in the media and people will have to talk about it.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Astonishing: Trump Tops Cruz in Texas Poll

This is significant.

A new poll hints

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)


has a bit of a problem in his home state of Texas.

Donald Trump is now the frontrunner there, according to the latest survey. Trump now polls at 24 percent in Texas, roughly what he gets nationally. Cruz drops to second in his home state with 16 percent. Longtime Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a non-factor, polling just 4 percent alongside Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The poll, commissioned for a group called the Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee, was conducted by Gravis Marketing. It’s the first such survey since June, when Trump was just getting into the race. Back then Cruz polled a solid 20 percent, and Perry seemed a threat at home with 12 percent.

Read the rest on Breitbart

Article written by: Tom White