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Jeffrey A. Friedberg
Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Article, by Jeffrey A. Friedberg






The Left is so smart.

The Left is so smart, they are cancelling everything they may disagree with.

Cancelled: from conservative blogs, to college professors—thereby cutting off a harmless way for arm-chair warriors to self-express, vent, and post slogans.

They are closing those conservative routes of expression and protest.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Left is always “smart,” am I right?

They say, “smart,” all the time. Smart this, and smart that. As in, “Lord Obama engaged in ‘smart leadership.'”

It’s just smart.

It’s smart.

So—by cutting off harmless conservative outlets, the Left will no longer see things they might disagree with. You know, as in, the “Conservative Poison,” that gets posted, which they seem to fear.

In turn, those conservatives, posting slogans like,  “molon labe…lock and load…I kneel only to God,” and all that other leftist anathema—those “folks” now have conservative outlets closed to them.

No doubt they will just go away. The Evil Conserves. No doubt they now have no reason to “protest.”

No doubt they now have nowhere else to go. Nowhere else to disapprove or object to the Leftist takeover of America. And no other way of stating their “message.”

Conservatives are thereby stumped, cut off, pent up, frustrated, and…oh…I read where they are also, angry.”

But that will never cause a problem, am I right?

Leftists are too smart for that. It’s smart to be “smart.” They will just shut down the Conserves, shut them up, pen them in, eliminate them, remove their voices from Earth (the planet), and make them go away. Maybe even kill them.

I mean—what could go wrong with that?