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Article by Jeffrey A. Friedberg





Well, kids, THEY have tried the impeachment ploy, the gay thing, the COVID-19 lockdowns, the death of a major criminal (George Floyd or whoever,) “black is beautiful beer” marketing, and other sillyass stuff.

Yet, Trump still stands tall.

However, the democrat Communist Party–as well as Hollywood, Cher, BLM, Tom Arnold, and other raving Communists–now need some new, major distraction and anti-Trumpist “Cause.” Something to motivate THEM to riot, burn things down, kill people, and scream about.

I don’t think the reported,  “latest cop murder of a black man” will do it for them this time.

So…let’s see here…what shall it be…?

…Hmmmm. Well, “Gun Control,” has been out of their contrived, MATRIX-Like universe for “too long.”

Ergo, I predict a major push by them along these lines very soon. Maybe today or next week. (Mark it down.) I am predicting maybe a Gun Control Push by THEM.

Everybody seems to finally know this now, but I’ll say it anyway—a summary—because I have been shouting it into the wind–unheeded–for about ten years:

The democrats, “progressives,” liberals, socialists, “Hollywood,” and other communists seem to me, hell-bent on dismantling–destroying: American tradition, rule of law, guiding institutions, history, political structure, “Can-Do” spirit of World War II, Our innate decency, and our naturalistic morality.

We are told we must love honor and obey, THEM, and only THEM….

…and all they purvey and “stand for.” Among these “truths” they hold to be “self-evident,” are: Rule By THEM only, our unlimited serfdom, unlimited invasion and desecration of America by leftist foreigners and their potential voters, deification of confirmed violent criminals, worship of skin-tone and melanin-content,  the rewriting of history—and all the rest of it.

You already know all this.

The question remains: what are *YOU* going to do about it, when your time comes.

And it will come.

“Your time.”

For you.

Sooner than you might think. So you had better know, what you are going to do.