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WHAT THE HELL ***YOU*** LOOKIN’ AT? (Part Three)

By Jeffrey Adam Friedberg


“ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- An Albuquerque brewery is showing support a movement that highlights injustices that many people of color face on a daily basis.

La Cumbre [THE TOP] Brewing Company will be offering “Black is Beautiful,” an imperial stout.

“It’s going to be dark and rich and malty and roasty….”


“And I Ain’t Yer damn ‘Bro,’ brah. I am ‘dark, rich, and malty And roasty,’ and ‘beautiful,’ and you’re not.



(Part Three)


I had so much cardboard and empty boxes left over from my Amazon foodie deliveries that I actually had to take it all out to the recycling center. Of course, I wore a surgical mask, even though I seemed to be the only person in Albuquerque wearing one.

I lost 30 lbs on the Amazon Diet. Now when I see all these great, big, fat, sloppy slobs “jogging” and “running” at 6 AM (no masks), I call them ‘great, big, fat, sloppy slobs.’ I mean, Albuquerque, New Mexico, gotta be the fattest, sloppiest, slob hole in the FUSA (former USA.)

So, I’m, all like, the only person I saw wearing a mask. I’m wearing it mostly because I read where our Governor made it a law. Or, at least, she said a mask must be worn “in a public setting.”

I wasn’t sure what “a public setting” might be. Is it a tea-table setting? Is it when a few people are setting around. Is it a tennis court where they have sets? Is it erector sets? Some sort of sexual dysfunction?

I dunno, so I wrote to several local newspapers for clarification. They don’t know either.

So I wear the mask mostly in case I get stopped by the State Police or something. I mean—who knows how it might be taken, am I right?

I read, if you’re not wearing a mask, “you’re on the wrong side of history.” I want to more or less be on the right side of history. Anyway, if I don’t wear one, I’m told, “we’re all gonna die.” Also, if I don’t wear one, I could be attacked by the Left, have my career, family, and my reputation destroyed, or worse.

Oh wait….

…I don’t actually have a job, a career, a family, OR a reputation…so no problems there.

But, serially, folks, I read where THEY will get you, unless you endorse (bow down, kneel, praise) their every utterance and whim. It’s the only way for you to come out on the right side of history. Because they seem to be writing history; or re-writing it, actually.

which brings me to BLM. Or, Black Lives Matter.

Can I still say that? Have they outlawed those words on the TeeVee, Or the Google, or made that phrase “inoperable?”

“Black Lives?”

Because, unless you bow down, kneel, praise them, recant–or some shit–I read where they will come for you and call you names and stuff. Because, as far as I know, the BLM now have about $600,000,000 (MILLION USD) backing them up.

This is termed, “Instant Godhood.”

See, if they “call for back up,” they “don’t need no steenking bodges.” They don’t call for police. They could call for highly paid lawyers, private armies and “security,” or “news anchors,” or boughten politicos. They have enough money to buy anything on Earth (the planet.)

Because today, in today’s world, I read, you must bow, kneel, praise, deify, or support them–all of them: the BLM, liberals, “Progressives,” and all other communists–or they will come to your house and call you names.

I can just imagine the Germans calling us names, and stopping us in our evil, racist, insane, American tracks…on June 6, 1944–“D” Day, Normandy, at Omaha Beach; Sword; Gold; Utah; and, Juno.

Kids, the truth is, nobody has that sort of American, “Can Do” attitude, or motivation, leadership, or identity anymore. No. We have become pussies, wimps, and snowflakes.

America (the FUSA,) as we knew it, is already dead. You should say it.

“America Is Already Dead.”

You can NEVER put all this shit back in the intestines, It’s not gonna happen–not anytime, anywhere, or anyhow.


Something New slouches toward us. Whatever happens; whatever the changes to our core may be; Whatever is born: let’s hope we remain true to the 1776 Founders’ vision of American greatness.

Do whatever you may see fit to help Make America Great Again.

Because, kids: right now, it may look like THEY are winning. But the secret is, that THEY are not.

We are.