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Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


I’ve heard of, “a coming, Second American Revolution,” sounding more as if It were to be a holy, screaming, Second Coming.

But I have always poo-pooed it.

To me, sloganeering, such as, “molon labe,” and “lock and load,” and “from my cold dead hands,” or whatever, have always sounded like over-emotionalized, bull puckey— from a nearly hysteric right wing.

I have never been able to visualize a united “conservative front” rising from the pit that used to be America. I have never seen evidence of a “secret army of veterans,” or of any, so-called, “blue line of police, ex-police, and oath keepers.”

I had never seen ANYbody (organized in a group) ever stand up, and claim that title. Especially, not lately, with rampant rioting, burning, and violence.

Zilch. Nada. Nothing.


Frankly, as long as there was beer in America’s fridge, and a new episode of “The Walking Dead,” and a fresh movie featuring scads of costumed, “super-heroes,” I had been unable to foresee this  “uprising of patriots.”


It now seems to me — for a long time  —  that the Left is hell-bent on making it all actually happen.

I can’t tell for sure if this is by some grand, nefarious democrat design, or just by their doing everything stupidly, that there is for them to do stupidly.

The Left are behaving “stupidly,” to precis, His Holiness, Obama the First. They are the ones they have been waiting around for.

Leftists, democrats, progressives, liberals — or whatever — seem so Innately and helplessly stupid to me — I doubt they even have any idea how much they are infuriating elements in America.

Or how they are stacking the deck against themselves, or even that this “Second Revolution” will likely be over by lunchtime. Before they even know “wha’ hoppen?”

Even if they “arm up” for it, so they can kill conservatives, as they are reported to be doing and saying.

That is to say, I mean: the so-called, “military wing of the democrat party.” I mean, ANTIFA, and the vaunted, extremely well funded — and nearly deified — BLM.

Kids: to me they now seem armed and dangerous.