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More Musings and Support for Candidates from Sandy! GET OUT the VOTE for Richard Ottinger, Sturtevant, Dunnavant, etc.

First, Richard Ottinger is my hero for what he said on the John Fredericks Show I think it was Friday.

Asked about the so-called “Gun Show Loophole”, as if he was listening to me in the car telling him what to say, Ottinger, running for state senate against Democrat Lynwood Lewis in the sixth district, said and I paraphrase this based on the radio blurb (here it is):

If you are a dealer – you must do the background check – it’s the law!  But this is an attempt to regulate a private sale of a gun by a non-dealer to a non-dealer.  What about a widow selling her late husband’s guns?  It is tremendous bureaucracy for that private sale.  No evidence that criminals or other illegal sales of guns from gun shows to commit crimes.  A solution in search of a problem!

Ottinger NAILED IT!  The only thing I would have added is that most of these private sales are carefully done – by people who respect the law and I believe most of them would not sell a gun to anyone that they did not feel right about.

Just remember:  Anyone who says I want to close the “Gun Show Loophole” really wants to regulate the PRIVATE SALE OF FIREARMS!  That could also be “Universal Background Checks” – SAME THING!

Ottinger also is against red light cameras (I am too – they are really a revenue raiser and an unfair one since you cannot easily confront or cross-examine a camera!) – I realize they probably do help reduce accidents.  BUT it is simply unfair.  Otinger says it is “big brother government”.

I did a victory lap cheering:  “OTTINGER’S GOTTA WIN!  He’s JUST GOTTA!”  So if you are in the Sixth District – vote and support Ottinger.  (He also said he was for making sure 65% of the education money goes to the classroom.  Excellent.)

Yes I am for Sturtevant – we need to tell Bloomberg NO!

I was not crazy about the bigoted anti-lawyer ads of Dr. Dunnavant.  Still not.  I tried to reach out to her through a mutual friend to get an apology in exchange for an endorsement.  Got nowhere.  But Dr. Dunnavant says she’s a strong conservative.  Let’s give her a chance.  She can always be primaried in 2019.  So get out and support her.

Finally, don’t forget some of the races in NOVA such as Craig Parisot (Dist 34) which could be a close race (Blue Virginia says so) and so get out!  Also Danny Vargas in Dist 86, Choung Nguyen in 87 and Sang Yi in District 37.  Please get out for Del. Bob Marshall, Del. Lingamfelter, Del. LaRock and Senator Black.  A hat tip to Del. Kirkland Cox for these ideas.

Gotta go!  Might have more!


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Some Virginia Races Where a Conservative Could Need Some Help!

I was reviewing House races yesterday and I realized I could ask my readers to help some people who could use it:  If you are in one of those boring uncontested races, help someone else in a nearby district!

Senator Dick Black in the 13th Senate District (Parts of Loudoun and Prince William Counties) is a top target of liberals and Democrats.  Here’s a nice compendium of articles from Blue Virginia.

So, don’t give the libs the satisfaction.  Let’s see Senator Black reelected.  Here’s his website.

Speaking of the 13th District – this time in the House – let’s help my old political friend Del. Bob Marshall.  Libs really can’t stand him – so let’s make sure he wins re-election!  Go here.

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is also on the Blue Virginia list of legislators to retire and here’s part of the reason why:

But noooooo…this guy’s as big of a right wingnut as any in the Virginia General Assembly, among other things an “Agenda 21” conspiracy theorist and global warming denier. In other words, the guy’s a bit…uh, “out there,” let’s just put it that way.
Obviously, Lingamfelter fits very well into that party, which is a frightening thought in and of itself. Let’s just hope this guy loses on November 3 to Democrat Sara Townsend. –
I do not know what the writer at Blue Virginia was referring to – but Agenda 21 is only a conspiracy theory in the sense the UN is one.  We at Virginia Right can help Blue Virginia know more – click here!
Or better yet:  Go to Delegate Lingamfelter’s website and find a way to help.
Delegate Dave LaRock – He’s got two opponents!  (A Democrat and a Libertarian)  I would say consider helping Del. LaRock out – here’s his website.
Finally, help Del. Buddy Fowler who is in a potentially tough race with Toni Radler (Look at this VPAP cite:  Radler has raised MORE than Del. Fowler has!  Perhaps used for a mailing that looks like this?  Make sure we all help Buddy out!  Go here to find out more.
If you, dear reader, have an exciting race to cover – tell me and I’ll consider it.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Mark Matney for Virginia Senate: Already There and Helping Out!

The Virginia Senate is sending me little email blurbs on the various GOP candidates for, well, the state senate!  They profiled the Republican nominee in the 1st Senate District:  Mark Matney.  Here it is.

Mark Matney: 1st District Republican Nominee

Mark Matney is a lawyer, a small businessman, a husband and a father.  He graduated from American University in 1989 with a degree in Political Science, and from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at William and Mary in 1992.  Mark and his family live in the Williamsburg area and Mark’s law firm is based in Newport News.

Mark has donated countless hours of his time to provide legal assistance and other help to non-profit and faith-based organizations in Virginia.  He works with various civic groups on the Peninsula and is an active member of the Newport News Bar Association.

Mark will fight for low tax and pro-business policies to grow our economy, keep existing businesses competitive, and increase opportunity.   Mark supports increasing opportunities for our kids, too.  He wants to make sure parents are empowered to choose the best educational environment for their children so that every student can thrive – and not have their futures dictated by their ZIPCodes.

Mark is taking on liberal Democrat Senator John Miller, who has reliably supported Obamacare, bigger government, and higher taxes.  He’s even proposed taxing your car on the number of miles you drive.

I am already there, helping out Mark and he can get elected.  Check out these numbers from 2007 and 2011 (numbers from the VA Board of Elections):

2007 :

Miller 15,502 51.1%

Tricia Stall 14,771 48.6%  (Blogger’s note:  I know Tricia Stall – she’s a fellow fighter against ICLEI and Agenda 21; if I’d only known her then…)

So you would think in 2011, now Senator Miller would easily defeat another unknown GOP challenger?  Not so fast:

Miller 17,196 51.7%

Mickey Chohany 15,994 48.1%  (Here’s a Bearing Drift article and a brief Q & A on Chohany)

In 2011, Blue Virginia wrote this article where it predicted Miller would have trouble in that race and in the future.  I agree (it’s tough I know) as to this issue with Blue Virginia.  But Miller has a huge lead in the money race – over $200k to about $16,000 for Matney.

Here’s a nice pix of Mark:

I met Mark through a mutual friend and I liked him almost immediately.  He’s committed to doing the things he says he’ll do.  So I am helping him.  You can and should too; especially if you live in a district where your senator is unopposed.  Here’s Mark’s website and here’s his FB page.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders