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THE CHANUKAH UNDERGROUND Daniel Greenfield December 13, 2020


(WHO will be next? You, Is Who!)

Nazis Progressive Jews






…In 2020, Chanukah came early when another abominable tyrant, fresh from killing 11,000 nursing home residents by forcing facilities to accept infected coronavirus patients, decided to adopt the medieval habit of blaming the virus on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. A swarm of inspectors from every department were sent out to schools and then to the hidden schools…..

…And in 21st century America, children huddled in basements, afraid to make a noise, and then, if Cuomo’s men found them, were ready to claim that they weren’t in school, just playing games….


THE CHANUKAH UNDERGROUND Daniel Greenfield December 13, 2020


(WHO will be next? You, Is Who!)

Nazis Progressive Jews






…In 2020, Chanukah came early when another abominable tyrant, fresh from killing 11,000 nursing home residents by forcing facilities to accept infected coronavirus patients, decided to adopt the medieval habit of blaming the virus on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. A swarm of inspectors from every department were sent out to schools and then to the hidden schools…..

…And in 21st century America, children huddled in basements, afraid to make a noise, and then, if Cuomo’s men found them, were ready to claim that they weren’t in school, just playing games….


You Can Write Anything on the Street, as Long as it’s ‘Black Lives Matter’

A founder of BLM in Arabic Scarf---or Whatever -
A founder of BLM in Arabic Scarf—or Whatever –

You Can Write Anything on the Street, as Long as it’s ‘Black Lives Matter’

Daniel Greenfield,

The activists were charged with defacing public or private property for using chalk, that is easily removable, in a city whose mayor had made a point of painting Black Lives Matter on the street leading to the White House in support of the attacks on the nation’s capital by BLM rioters.

And when BLM activists added “Defund the Police” to Bowser’s original racial supremacist slogan, they were not arrested and no law enforcement personnel dared to interfere.

The case of the arrested pro-life activists in Washington D.C. is not unique.

In New York City, Scott LoBaido, a local artist who had been painting American flag murals, decided to paint a thin blue line around a police station in support of the NYPD. And the Department of Transportation ordered him to remove the thin strip of blue paint from the middle of a median because it violates the rules against the “defacement of any street by painting”.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio has painted a huge Black Lives Matter sign on the street outside Trump Tower and dispatched police officers to guard the racial supremacist message.

According to LaBaido, no permit was ever granted for that.

New York City’s DOT is run by Polly Trottenberg, Obama’s former Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy. Trottenberg had taken part in painting a similar racist BLM message outside Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.

When asked if Women for America First, a conservative group would be allowed to paint, “Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering Women to Make a Difference!” on the street, DeBlasio dismissed the idea that anyone, except Black Lives Matter, should have that privilege.

“Everything’s individual and specific,” the leftist pol insisted. That’s the opposite of equality before the law. A fundamental principle of both American jurisprudence and civil rights.

De Blasio claimed that America was racist and that Black Lives Matter “transcends any notion of politics.”

Not long ago, American transcended any notion of politics and racial supremacism was racist.

The insistence that the racial supremacist message of Black Lives Matter is above politics is clearly false. If it were above politics, there would be no debate or dissent on the subject.

And that’s exactly what the radical backers of the racist hate group are trying to accomplish.

Even as Black Lives Matter bigots have vandalized churches and synagogues with their hateful messages, torn down statues and defaced memorials while going unpunished, Democrat officials have helped them tear down monuments and paint their hateful messages while aggressively punishing those who chalk different messages or erase the BLM message.

Eight people have been arrested in New York for pouring paint on the hateful BLM mural.

That includes Bevelyn Beatty and Edmee Chavannes, two black women from At the Well Ministries who are opponents of BLM, and had previously protested abortion clinics.

“If someone tries to deface it, that’s an offense. They’ll be arrested, and we will repaint it again,” De Blasio warned.

But no charges were pressed against the BLM bigot who vandalized St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In California, a couple who painted over a racist Black Lives Matter mural were charged with violations of civil rights, vandalism, possession of tools to commit vandalism, and a hate crime.

That’s the same state where statues of St. Junipero Serra, a Catholic saint, Francis Scott Key, the poet patriot who penned the “Star-Spangled Banner”, and Ulysses S. Grant, who defeated the South and ended slavery, were torn down without any condemnation by Democrat officials, with no interference by police, and without any actual arrests being made or charges brought.

Selective prosecution for the same offenses based on their political motives is the definition of civil rights violations. And BLM’s Democrat backers are violating civil rights on a massive scale.

If chalking on public sidewalks is illegal, it should be illegal for everyone.

If tearing down statues and defacing monuments is no longer a crime, then throwing paint on Black Lives Matter signs on the street should not lead to arrests, let alone prosecutions.

Democrat politicians have justified these illegal abuses of authority by insisting that the statues of everyone from explorers to founding fathers to saints are “divisive” and that the BLM messages are signs of “unity” while the attempts to erase them are “divisive”.

These are not legal standards. They’re the authoritarian slogans of a totalitarian regime.

When a government declares that the slogans and symbols it deems “divisive” can be destroyed at will, without penalty or prosecution, but that vandalizing its slogans is “divisive” and these divisive perpetrators will have every conceivable law in the book thrown at them, that’s tyranny.

Americans have been told by liberals for generations that there can’t be any law outlawing flag burning because, no matter how much the symbol is cherished, it’s protected speech.

And most Americans accepted the argument.

But now those same liberals loudly insist that their valued symbol supersedes speech. Its desecrators must be fired, prosecuted, and jailed even while murderers are being freed.

Ordinary Americans have been fired all over the country after they were filmed taking down hateful Black Lives Matter signs with the media running videos that helped identify them. Meanwhile the media has resisted turning over footage of BLM statue vandals.×290/b_502x220/when-black-nfl-players-kneel-during-the-national-anthem-they-are-protesting-the-white-house-image-credit-youtubewochit-news_1635833.jpg

While Black Lives Matter mobs in Portland burn stacks of bibles and flags, police officers are dispatched to protect yellow lines of paint on a Manhattan street.

This is not America. These are scenes out of some Communist dictatorship.

Either we protect all property, public and private, equally. Or we protect all symbols equally.

Equality doesn’t mean a diverse group of activists shouting the same slogans. Rather it means that everyone is treated equally under the law. That is manifestly no longer the case. Instead, leftists are allowed to vandalize private and public property, while conservatives are locked up.

Democrats and their leftist allies have inaugurated a new tyranny of ideas in which their symbols are protected as sacred while American symbols and monuments are torn down like garbage.

That is an insult to the First Amendment and to any notion of a free and equal society.

If the only thing anyone is allowed to chalk on a sidewalk is “Black Lives Matter”, then that hateful slogan represents the tyranny of ideas of a regime and its media propaganda corps.

Resisting that tyranny of ideas is the real civil rights movement. Painting “Black Lives Matter” on a street is an act of oppression. Throwing paint on it is an act of civil disobedience. And that will remain so while politicians treat BLM as the view of the state and repress its political opponents.

America has entered a political culture war in which athletes are forced to explain why they dared to stand for our country’s national anthem, and the statue destroyers demand the right to vandalize our sacred symbols and to prosecute Americans who paint over their racist slogan.

That is not civil rights. It’s the antithesis of it.

The difference between the American and the Communist ideas of freedom used to be summed up by the joke about the American who tells the Russian that he knows that he’s free because he can go to the White House and shout that President Reagan is a jerk, only to be told by the Russian that he too can go to the Kremlin and shout that President Reagan is a jerk.

Like that Russian, Americans can write anything they want on the sidewalk, as long as it’s “Black Lives Matter.”

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism



Article By The Great

   Daniel Greenfield


Every Sports Team Must Change Its Name

The Washington Redskins agreed to change a name that offended no one except white leftists, but the media, which always speaks with forked tongue, is demanding more sports scalps.

The Cleveland Indians have issued a statement whining that “the recent social unrest… has only underscored the need for us to keep improving as an organization on issues of social justice.”

Remember when the Indians were just known for being cursed with the second-longest championship drought in sports, now they can be cursed for their commitment to social justice.

The curse used to be known as the Curse of Chief Wahoo, but he’s already been purged for political incorrectness. And now the Indians announced that they’re “committed to engaging our community and appropriate stakeholders to determine the best path forward with regard to our team name.” Those stakeholders won’t be their fans or anyone who knows what baseball is.

But the purge of Indian names from sports is just getting started.

The Kansas City Star ran a piece declaring that, “It’s time for the Chiefs to defuse the cultural offenses they enable and reflect”. The editorial though quickly goes beyond blasting the Chiefs, to declaring that America is genocidal and that the Declaration of Independence is racist.

Spoiler alert. They’re not just coming for the Kansas City Chiefs, they’re coming for America.

Remember when American newspapers didn’t entirely consist of headlines that looked like they were badly translated from Chinese Marxist rants? Maybe it would be easier to rename the Chiefs, the Kansas City Marxists. We could call them the Reds, but that name is taken.

The Atlanta Braves have said that they aren’t changing the name, but will consider getting rid of the tomahawk chop. But the only thing appeasement half-measures accomplish is putting blood in the water. And once social media piranhas smell blood, they’ll never stop until they drink it.

The Black Hawks are currently refusing to change their name, but are promising to, “expand awareness of Black Hawk and the important contributions of all Native American people.”

As if that will protect them from a mob of angry white leftists who couldn’t care less.

The culture war isn’t hitting sports because white lefties, some of whom claim to be Native American activists even though they have the blood quantum level of Elizabeth Warren, care about the feelings of American Indians, but because it gives them the power to terrorize people.

The movement has already moved north of the border to Canadian football where the Edmonton Eskimos announced that, after “an extensive year-long formal research and engagement program with Inuit leaders”, they’re currently keeping the name.

Boston Pizza, among other sponsors, is pulling out because a Canadian pizza chain founded by a Greek immigrant named after something it’s not, doesn’t want to be associated with Eskimos.

The lefty media has already moved beyond Indian names, sensing that well might soon run dry.

The Washington Post’s Karen Attiah, best known for helping turn Osama bin Laden’s old pal, Jamal Khashoggi, into a martyr, quickly put out a piece demanding that the Texas Rangers change their name because they’re symbols of white supremacy and law enforcement.

They’re “not so far off from being called the Texas Klansmen”, Attiah huffed.

That’s big coming from a Jeff Bezos employee who had tweeted that, “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s’ and not calling for revenge.”

Maybe the team can move to D.C. and change its name to the Washington Post Racists.

“While we may have originally taken our name from the law enforcement agency, since 1971 the Texas Rangers Baseball Club has forged its own, independent identity,” the Texas Rangers responded. As if anyone had confused the team with the law enforcement agency.

Not that it’s going to stop there.

Statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Columbus are under attack. CNN is denouncing Mount Rushmore as a symbol of white supremacy. It’s only a matter of time until the Patriots, the Cowboys, the 76ers, 49ers, the Trailblazers, Nuggets, Spurs, and any names that reference American history, settlement and westward expansion, will also be banned.

That includes the Yankees and the Knicks, whose names are already forgotten national slurs.

The two New York City teams got their names from the slurs that the English settlers used to hurl at the Dutch settlers who wore short pants, or knickerbockers, and the slur John Cheese or Yan Kees, that the Dutch hurled back at the English usurpers. That won’t be the issue for the culture war mob, which doesn’t care about the slurs that different groups of white people called each other, but they both ‘problematically’ reference the European settlement of New York.

Both teams could change their names to those of local Indian tribes, but that’s already off limits.

Some media editorialist will, eventually, link the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Southern cavalier mythos and accuse them of white supremacy. The English Civil War would seem to have little to do with a Cleveland team, but King Charles I was involved in the African slave trade.

“The name Cleveland Cavaliers represents a group of daring fearless men, whose life’s pact was never surrender, no matter what the odds,” the fan who won a contest to name the team wrote.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will come under fire once someone realizes that their namesakes were involved in the slave trade in ways that were far more brutal than anything in Virginia.

And if you’re going to get rid of them, the Pittsburgh Pirates will probably have to go too.

The Minnesota Vikings might seem safe, since the Vikings largely focused on European slaves, but they did deal in at least some African slaves, which would also put them off limits.

What names would still be safe? Birds, animals, colors, and the climate. Just avoid history.

And the safest names will be corporate brands. The Washington Redskins are trying to figure out what to rename their team because FedEx gave the Redskins an ultimatum. They might as well just call them the Washington FedExes to celebrate the new politically correct corporate oligarchy which enforces political discipline through firings, indoctrination, and ad campaigns.

A nation with no history, no mythos, and nothing to take pride in except for the million dollar losers at the local stadium is a lot easier for all sorts of people and organizations to rule over.

The simplest solution might be for every team to change its name to Black Lives Matter.

And when the Pittsburgh Heinz Black Lives Matters play the New York MetLife Black Lives Matters, it’ll be a little bit confusing, but that’s okay because no one will be watching.




How to Make Your Own Race Riot – by Daniel Greenfield

How to Make Your Own Race Riot

The angry rioter is a sacred figure in the progressive pantheon of social justice. But the saint of the looted convenience store is as mythical a figure as the selfless community organizer. The race riot isn’t a bubbling stew of outrage out of which wounded souls emerge to cry out for justice. It’s a complicated criminal conspiracy in which the perpetrators rarely suffer any consequences.

Here’s how a race riot is actually put together.

[Counting Down:]

3. Riots aren’t fed by outrage, but by opportunism

The rioters aren’t outraged, they’re usually bored young men, frustrated and lacking in empathy. Many of them have gang ties or a criminal record stretching back to kindergarten.

They’re the same people who commit crimes in any other non-outraged context.

The rest are there to get some attention while providing them with protective coloration. 9 out of 10 people screaming frenziedly while holding up “Black Lives Matter” signs would eagerly scream and hold up “Tiger King 4 President” or “Minneapolis Loves the KKK” signs if it got them positive attention and a shot at being on television.

Everything else you need to do know about why riots happen out can be read on a thermometer. Weather breaks up a riot faster than appeasement. It’s hard to riot when your teeth are chattering. There’s a reason that riots usually happen in the summer. The same viral video that sets a nation on fire would have been met with shrugs in the winter.

The riots didn’t happen because of outrage, but because the gathering mobs were told by everyone from CNN right up to their local Democrat politicians that angry protests were expected and would be tolerated. That was as good as throwing a match into a spreading pool of gasoline.

No one was stealing beauty supplies or starting fires in Walgreens because they were upset about George Floyd They were stealing because they believed that they could get away with it.

2. The rioters and looters aren’t burning their own community

A riot has two components. There are the bored and irritated locals who begin swarming streets because they have no jobs, it’s hot outside and there’s nothing good on television. They will loosely agree with whatever issue is on the table, but they aren’t all that worked up about it.

And then there are the outsiders.

Before the riot, community organizers, citizen reporters and assorted activists show up to coordinate, spread slogans and justify the coming violence. They want violence far more than the locals do and they taunt police and try to create incidents, but they ofte avoid personally engaging in violence.

(In the early twentieth century the group stirring up riots was usually some arm of the Communist Party. Later a variety of leftist groups, like Antifa, many closely entangled with the Democratic Party took over. Most of the damage is done by looters and rioters from other areas looking for an opportunity to burn and steal. Some locals will tag after them, but they are usually responsible for the worst of the violence. Some of the looters are from out of state, others from different neighborhoods.

Being outsiders they’re unknown to the police and rarely have to worry about being identified afterwards. And they don’t care about burning down someone else’s community.

The media usually sticks to its narrative of an outraged community that engages in excesses, especially when it can’t tell apart the locals from the outsiders. Local cops can, but no one in the media listens to them. Arrest records ofte show that most of those charged in the more violent crimes aren’t locals, but the media remains immune to facts that conflict with a favorite narrative.

1. Riots are about power, not for the rioters, but for the establishment

“We must not reprimand our children for outrage when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system,” Al Sharpton had said, in the aftermath of the murder of a Jewish student by an angry black mob.

This same rhetoric was used by the inciters of the violence around the country and has been used in similar riots going back generations. Its major theme is that the rioters are free to do whatever they want. They carry no moral responsibility for their actions.

And what they want is to smash and steal anything they can get their hands on. This isn’t outrage. It’s textbook amoral behavior. The riot doesn’t release anger; it frees the perpetrators of their morality.

The real purpose of a riot isn’t to benefit the rioters. It’s to benefit those who incite the riot. The rioters and looters react in response to riot-friendly conditions created from above. If you build the political infrastructure for a riot, the rioters and looters will come.

Sharpton’s riots weren’t about helping anyone except himself. By associating himself with violence, he sold the idea that he was an influential figure in the black community. Whether or not Sharpton was actually popular, his rise to the top of the political establishment became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Riots are about perception, not reality. The ringleader tries to keep his hands clean while convincing the establishment that he can turn the violence on or off any time he wants to.

The last decade of riots are the product of a new generation of Sharptons, ambitious activists feeding hate, of the New Black Panther Party’s obsession with becoming relevant, of the ragged hipster ends of Occupy Wall Street drifting from occupation to occupation, of radical white lefties and groups like Black Lives Matter that exist to suck up funding and sympathy from their white lefty allies.

It’s an old and cynical game that has been played in and around the Democratic Party for too long.

The answers to the rioting can’t be found in its streets. The problem didn’t come from there. It came from a corrupt political establishment that lights the fuse for its own power and profit.