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GALLUP POLL ALERT: Republican Leadership Held in Public Contempt

Image fd1mj6lb9sxjvo4plkme.jpgAt no moment in modern history (besides 2008) has the Republican Establishment been so categorically despised and now, not later, is the time to fight. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are powerful men. It is always dangerous to go after men of great power. But in the course of human events, when leadership needs changing and when the relics of an unreliable institution have exhausted the patience of their own people, that is a time to unleash hell.

Every Congressman and Senator in Washington DC hears of these polls and this is what they heard yesterday evening and today:

GallupJohn Boehner now enjoys his worst favorability ratings in the history of his Speakership. Only 23% of Americans view the Speaker favorably. Not even a quarter of our countrymen support this man. 54% of Americans view him unfavorably and 23% of Americans have no opinion on the matter (in other words, they don’t know who the heck he is). However, I believe the 23% of Americans that have no opinion, upon learning what this crony of corporatism stands for, will join the majority of their countrymen in disgust.

Mitch McConnell fairs no better. Only 22% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the Majority Leader in the Senate. 41% view McConnell unfavorably and 37% have no opinion. Again, now is the time to go to the public, to our friends and neighbors, and to our Congressmen and tell them all the reasons why these two stewards of the Republican Establishment are so utterly despised.

boehner_bernsteinWhen you look at Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, the numbers tell an even more troubling story. John Boehner is viewed favorably by only 37% of Republicans, 17% of Independents, and 19% of Democrats. This idea that “independents” side with the Republican Establishment, with the moderates, is a complete and utter lie. More Democrats like John Boehner than do Independents. Yet the conservatives are told that only establishment candidates can win with independent voters? Balderdash.  42% of Republicans view the Speaker unfavorably, as do 57% of Independents and 59% of Democrats. This is a weak Speaker of the House. He should be challenged and challenged and challenged again.

34% of Republicans view Majority Leader Mitch McConnell favorably, compared to 19% of Independents and 16% of Democrats. 32% of Republicans view McConnell unfavorably, as do 41% of Independents and 50% of Democrats. There are still plenty of people who haven’t made up their minds. Our mission is to find them and reach out to them and win them to our side.

Before losing the Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid enjoyed similar levels of unpopularity. The fact is, that if there is not a leadership change at the top of the Republican Party, the Republicans will lose this Congress, eventually. Republican Party loyalists, who have long supported their leadership should understand that they risk all by continuing their support. Now is the time to find fresh blood, reinvigorate the conservative base, and to stir up some excitement amongst Independents going into 2016.

How optimistic are you that the next President of the United States could get anything, anything at all, accomplished with these two package boys for Wall Street and K Street running the Legislative Branch, cutting deals with Pelosi and Reid, and selling out the fiscal future of the country?

There is a very good chance that a Republican wins the White House in 2016. Let’s have a Republican Congress amiable and inclusive of such a President. It does no good to elect a conservative or a constitutionalist or he-who-shall-not-be-named if our leaders in Congress are widely despised and loyal, not to the Republican Party, but to their own power.

If Mitch McConnell and John Boehner cared at all about the Republican Party, they would resign for the good of the party. What happens when a company’s stock begins to plummet? The CEO’s will resign. Invigorating blood and fresh ideas are brought into leadership and that companies stock does rise! The Republican Corporation is no different. The stockholders of the Republican Party ought to demand that their CEO (McConnell) and CFO (Boehner) step down for the longterm stability of the franchise.

Sadly, knowing what we know of these two gentlemen, they will continue to put their own power and pocketbooks ahead of their Party, the United States Congress, and the United States of America. This Gallup Poll screams, in black and white, that now is the time to remove these wrecking balls from their positions of power.

So, call your Congressman or Congresswoman, and tell them that you fear for the future of the Republican Party when its’ leaders are held in such national contempt! If the Republican Leadership cannot even assume 50% support amongst Republicans, what in the world are they doing in positions of leadership? Tell them that the same sweeping away of power that we saw in 2008 will repeat itself in 2016 or 2018 if a change is not made and made quickly. Tell them that if they don’t want to lose to a Democrat in the next two election cycles, they need to consider a change of leadership.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker