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Cruz Moving to Suspend His Campaign With Indiana Loss Today? Here’s Why.

This is being reported by DC Whispers:
FYI:  Today the very same rumor from two different (and trusted) sources  suggest Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign is currently engaged in ongoing discussions regarding the subject of suspending the campaign as early as this week should the Texas senator lose tomorrow’s Indiana primary.

Apparently Team Cruz is receiving a growing chorus of calls for his withdrawal from top Republican officials as well as donors now in the process of terminating their support of the Cruz campaign.

**UPDATE**  A message to a known Cruz campaign state operative was given the following reply to the above rumor:


Readers will have to decide for themselves to take that as a confirmation or not.

It is important to note that the Cruz Campaign responded with “No Comment” instead of a denial.

Ted Cruz has made a series of mistakes driven by desperation as he sees his campaign and his hopes to win the GOP nomination going down the drain. Cruz has not won a primary since April 5 and has only picked up 6 delegates since then. (Which is 6 more than Kasich has won.) And during that time period Trump has gained 246 Delegates. In fact, Trump has won 7 of the last 10 contests and amassed 304 delegates to just 92 for Cruz and 9 for Kasich.
All of this put Trump on a roll and Cruz and Kasich decided to team up when the race reached the point where neither could win on the first ballot, and try to block Trump. Poll after poll has shown this was seen as a very unpopular insider move by the GOP Establishment. Cruz had been running as an outsider, but started playing the establishment game. And at the same time, Cruz began “stealing” delegates at conventions hoping for a contested convention and a second or third ballot. And while this is not against the rules, voters see it as more back room establishment trickery and Trump has capitalized on the “rigged system” mantra. And again, voters see Cruz as just another establishment politician.
And Carly Fiorina is one of the least liked personalities in the initial group of 17 and she washed out early. When she ran against Barbara Boxer, her record at HP alone made Boxer look like a saint. Watch this devastating ad Boxer used to derail Fiorina. And ask yourself “what was Cruz thinking,”?

Fiorina is a huge mistake. An unforced error on the part of Cruz and many called it an incomplete Hail Mary pass born of desperation. Perhaps a lot of this has to do with the exit polls from last Tuesday’s 5 state romp by Trump. It seems that according to the exit polls, Trump won pretty much every demographic across the board. The LA Times reported:

It’s a clean sweep for Trump in the five Republican primaries Tuesday — and exit polls from three of those states demonstrate why: He won in practically every demographic.

Take education level, for example. Trump performed strongly among those who completed less schooling — 7 in 10 of those who finished high school and around 6 in 10 of those with some college.

But he also scooped up around half of the voters with college degrees and was the top finisher, albeit more narrowly, for those with postgraduate degrees. (In Maryland, he had a virtual tie with John Kasich in the highly educated category.)

He also locked up voters across the age spectrum. In Pennsylvania and Connecticut, more than half of voters aged 18-44 picked Trump, and nearly 6 in 10 voters aged 45 and older sided with the front-runner.

His margins were slightly lower in Maryland; he won just under half of the 18- to 44-year-old voters and more than 5 in 10 voters aged 45 and up.

And while Trump’s appeal to female voters has been much scrutinized, he was the top finisher among women in all three states. He won a more than half of women in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and just short of a majority in Maryland.

All of these recent actions by Cruz reek of desperation and a flailing campaign that has now become the establishment campaign Cruz has pretended not to be. And a recent story exposes Cruz top 3 big money backers as he tries to pretend his campaign is about individual donors.
And if we go back to March 15, the day that 6 states held primaries, Trump has won 12 out of 17 contests, Cruz has won 3 of 17 and Kasich just 1. (Note – American Samoa has 9 delegates and awarded 1 to Trump and 1 to Cruz. The rest are unbound.) And the delegate count for the last 17 contests, Trump – 533, Cruz – 144.
Trump vs Cruz
In last week’s performance by Trump in the 5 state’s primaries, Trump dominated. And as you can see by the chart above, Trump is on steep climb as far as delegates while Cruz has flat-lined. And as the wins pile up, Trump’s momentum has picked up like a snowball rolling down a hill. Everyone wants to be on the winning side and back the winner, once that becomes inevitable.
Let’s look at the effects of the last few weeks and the Trump momentum and the effect it is having on state primaries.
California has been pretty close right up until the April 19 New York win by Donald Trump. Look at the chart below from Real Clear Politics:
CA GOP PollsAs you can see by the position of the markers on April 19, Trump was leading Cruz by under 10 points, which has been historically the case in the Golden State. As of today, Trump has gone from an 8.5% lead over Cruz to a 26.4% lead since the New York win on April 19. And more significantly, Trump is now averaging 50.7%. The latest poll has him at 54%. California has 172 delegates and is a winner take all (by congressional district) state. The significance of this lead is that with Trump standing to win 172 delegates in California, if we add that to his current total he would stand at 1,168 delegates, only 69 shy of the magic number to win the nomination on the first ballot of 1,237. Winning a majority of the Indiana delegates today (57) would put Trump just 12 shy of the nomination. With The Donald expected to win both West Virginia (34 delegates) and New Jersey (51 delegates), that would put him at over 1,300, far more than required to win.
After Indiana where Trump leads in the polls by double digits and with the already mentioned West Virginia (Trump +20) and New Jersey (Trump +29) we also have Oregon where the Cruz/Kasich pact was supposed to block Trump. But a brand new poll shows Trump up by 17. Oregon is a proportional state, so Trump will no doubt add to his total delegate count.
There are other contests, but unfortunately there is no available polling data. But even if Trump does not win a single delegate beyond West Va and New Jersey (and CA) the race is over.
The momentum is heavily favoring Donald Trump. The only thing that can slow the inevitable Trump victory would be a strong and decisive victory for Ted Cruz in Indiana tonight. A victory for Trump would dry up money to Cruz and there will be no stopping Donald Trump all the way to Cleveland – and beyond. But a loss for Cruz tonight spells the end for his campaign.

Article written by: Tom White

The Inevitability of Ted Cruz

As the Republican Primary takes shape, I feel increasingly confident in the electoral viability of Senator Ted Cruz. While those who make a fortune working for, lobbying for, contracting with, and benefiting from the Republican Establishment in Washington D.C. will remain cantankerous toward the Cruz Campaign, the Senator has a great deal working in his favor.

atedcruzMoney? Check. He’s been an erudite fundraiser, drawing the magnitude of his contributions from small donors, who are likely to vote, likely to volunteer, and likely to spread the word-of-mouth praise and adulation that inspires others to get on board a bandwagon.

Organization? Check. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush also sport expertly crafted and experienced campaign staffs, but unlike Cruz, they have all been burdened by mistakes, by history, and by their inexperience. Senator Cruz is operating a mistake-free campaign. I’ve heard his campaign referenced to as “the little engine that could”, but that concept drastically misses the mark. What makes Senator Cruz a brilliant campaigner is not that he’s slowly chugging up the mountain, it’s that he has thousands of activists and organizers laying the track long before the train arrives.

Intellectual Support? Check. Conservative Review, Heritage Action, and dozens of other think tanks and organizations have ranked Ted Cruz as one of the most legitimate conservatives in America. Senator Cruz didn’t just become a conservative over the last couple years, nor has he crafted his conservative message in stages, piecemeal, over time. Unlike Carson and Trump who are having to spend an enormous amount of time and money manufacturing their conservative credentials, Ted Cruz has been a consistent conservative from our earliest investigations of his actions to present.

Debate Skills? Check. One of the best moments of the Republican Primary debate season came from Senator Ted Cruz.

Or how about that moment when Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the United States Senate and laid waste to Mitch McConnell? How about the fact that Ted Cruz hasn’t had to define himself as a conservative? From the very beginning Ted Cruz has been a Constitutional Conservative. And why are so many Libertarians like myself supporting Ted Cruz? Maybe because Ted Cruz has always been an advocate of those Constitutional Amendments this Republican Party has failed to adequately protect.

If Rand Paul or Ben Carson had the same fighting history as Senator Ted Cruz, maybe we’d be behind them. It takes more than having Ron Paul as your father to warrant support from the libertarian and constitutionalist right. It takes more than being a brilliant neurosurgeon to warrant our support. It takes more than being Donald Trump, Celebrity and Reality TV Star, to warrant our support. We want a lifelong, uncompromising, conservative who has been defending the United States Constitution for as long as we have, to represent us.

Ted Cruz hasn’t made many friends in Washington DC. The same Congressmen and Senators that have ignored us as their constituents have ignored and libeled Senator Ted Cruz.

The fact is, that Ted Cruz is the most likely nominee for the Republican Party. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are more popular, because they are better known, but as the nation gets to know Senator Ted Cruz, I have no doubt that he will ignite a fuse, a spark, a blaze, and a fire at the heart of the Republican Party. Those tired of losing, tired of watching the Republican Party legislating a Democrat Agenda, will embrace the Senator from Texas, as the next Republican Nominee for President of these United States.

Interested in joining the fight? Let me know. I’ll put you in touch with Shak Hill and Chris Shores. More importantly, I’ll put you in touch with your fellow republicans working to nominate an actual Conservative for President for the first time in decades.



Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

The Brilliantly Run Campaign of Senator Ted Cruz

“Ted Cruz? What? We want to hear more about Trump!” – Sorry. Like I said, I’m done.

Other than Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz is the best fund raiser in the 2016 Republican field. His experience with the Senate Conservatives Fund has helped him reach out to activists and individuals in all fifty states, raising millions of dollars in small donations from family’s just like yours. Ted Cruz has consistently fought for conservative values and legislative priorities, against the wishes of the Republican Party and Senate Leadership. Carefully crafting his message in the language and tone of the American People, Ted Cruz has consistently fought on behalf of millions of conservative Republicans who may have given the Republican Party a majority in the House and Senate, but who feel as though the party still refuses to fight for them.

Where is Ted Cruz this week? Mississippi.

In June of 2014 I wrote an article entitled The Muck in Mississippi, wherein I opined…

Yesterday, June 24th, the Republican Establishment revealed just how far they were willing to go to accomplish Mitch McConnell’s dream of “crushing the TEA Party”.  If you’ve been checking Drudge and Breitbart, you already know the story. The subject matter of this article isn’t what happened, but rather what we are going to do about it.

Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians have now been assured that we have no place in the Republican Party and that the establishment will go to any length imaginable to prevent our influence from affecting the political realities in Washington D.C.. This morning, I’ve read and heard a great deal of talk about forming a third party, but forming a third party is a form of surrender that I am unwilling to support. We should not form a third party. We should set all of our focus and energy on destroying the Republican Establishment.

Ted Cruz has done exactly that. He has fought the Republican Establishment at every opportunity and this week he is on the campaign trail with the wildly popular conservative Chris McDaniel, who was defeated, not just by Thad Cochran, but by the breadth of the entire Washington Establishment. Conservatives in Mississippi remember that betrayal. They will never forget and they will never forgive what took place in their primary. And there is Ted Cruz, in Mississippi, to remind conservatives that he stood with McDaniel when the rest of the Republican Party was trying to destroy his campaign. Brilliant. Expect big things for Ted Cruz in Mississippi.


Ted Cruz has fought the Republicans on ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood, Iran, and Cromnibus. His only misstep was his initial support of granting fast track authority to the President on TPP.

Unlike most of the other Republican Candidates who have taken to going after the-one-who-shall-not-be-named at every opportunity in the press, Cruz calmly states that he understands why some conservatives are excited about the rhetoric and fight of some of his competitors and takes the high road. Brilliant.

Fox News tried to ignore him as best they could during their TV debate show, but he never got angry, he didn’t act desperate and jump into fights he had no business jumping into. He maximized his opportunities and saw a 6 point bump in the polls, better than any other candidate. Brilliant.

In Iowa, Cruz is in 5th place. Now, you wouldn’t want to be any lower than that at this point, but let’s look at who’s ahead of him. A world famous reality tv star, the son of one president and the brother of another, a nearby and well known governor, and a world renown neurosurgeon. The only thing these other gentlemen have is widespread name ID. 5th place is fine. Iowans like to make you kiss their rings for a while before they talk about giving you support, and Ted has plenty of time.

In New Hampshire, in a recent poll, Cruz has jumped from 5% to 10% after the first debate. His favorability ratings amongst republicans have jumped from 22% to 29% between March and August. At present, only Bush, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, and Kasich (that little weasel) are ahead of Cruz, and it is still early.

Furthermore, understanding the politics of a crowded field, the Cruz Campaign is leaving no stone unturned. Kaum News

Could Guam play a pivotal role in picking the eventual Republican nominee for president? That’s what a staffer for Senator Ted Cruz believes. And he traveled all the way from Washington, DC to let local party members know that the GOP candidate wants their votes come convention time.

Dennis Lennox says under Republican Party rules, a candidate must win a majority of delegates from at least eight states to be eligible for nomination. With as many as 17 candidates potentially dividing up those votes, the eight-state threshold may be harder to come by.

However, GOP rules recognize Guam and the other territories just the same as states.  “The Republican Party believes that territories should have an equal say in the nomination of the Republican nominee,” Lennox stated, “And I’m here on behalf of Senator Cruz to ensure that Guam does have a voice in that process. We believe that Guam will be every bit as important as Iowa or New Hampshire.”


The Cruz Campaign is for real folks. While some candidates may be rolling around in the Benjamin’s of Wall Street, and while others are basking in the light of their celebrity, the Cruz Campaign is running a methodical, disciplined, thoughtful campaign. Keep an eye on him and remember that a Presidential Nomination is a last-man-standing kind of battle. There can be only one.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker