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I Like Donald Trump for President Because he is not for Sale and the Rest Are!

TrumpPicRepublicans are fond of their loyalty oaths because they know as soon as someone with an “R” after their name is elected, they immediately become indistinguishable from Democrats and Socialists. If, after elected, Republicans actually did what they promised to do during the election, there would be no need for loyalty oaths in the first place.

But Republican Party leaders are well aware that Republicans are Chameleons. They are Conservative right up to the day they are sworn in and then they turn as liberal as any Democrat. They have become adept at deception. Show votes designed to fail like the bill to defund Planned Parenthood that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed to come to the floor for a vote are a perfect example. Instead of placing this bill on a “must pass” bill as an amendment, where failure to pass or a veto would shut down the government, McConnell decided to have a show vote designed to fail. The bill required 60 votes and few Democrats would dare vote to defund Planned Parenthood because it is political suicide. So instead of pushing the issue in a way it stands a good chance of passage, we had a show vote.

Now if you are fortunate enough to have a Republican Senator, they will claim that they voted to defund. What they won’t tell you is that the outcome was never in doubt.

Now imagine if we had a President that would hold a press conference and expose Mitch McConnell and John Boehner for their use of theatrics designed to fool the average voter and give Republicans plausible deniability with the voters at home, all the while giving the Democrats what they want. Taxpayer funded abortions and for profit human chop shops.

If McConnell wanted Planned Parenthood defunded it would already be done. The same goes for Boehner in the House. And the issue does not matter. Illegal immigrants, amnesty, the Iran “treaty” or any other hot topic of the day.

But instead, most of these issues are dispatched quickly in a why that Republicans can pat themselves on the back to the voters back home, cave in to the Democrats and still see money from the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business pour in to fund their next campaign. It is a win-win-lose. The voters and taxpayers are the only losers.

Have you heard any of the Democrats asked about taking a loyalty oath? Of course not. Democrats don’t change sides when they get elected. They promise to reign financial ruin on the country in the form of more welfare and to attack oil companies with reckless abandon if elected. And they always follow through. As despicable as most Democrats are, they usually follow through on their campaign promises. No matter what. And they can be counted on by the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business to provide a steady stream of illegal aliens to provide cheap slave labor in the name of “love” and tolerance.

If Republicans actually delivered what they promised they wouldn’t fear a third party run.

So why do Democrats and Republicans fear Trump?

Because Republicans and Democrats both sell their souls to the big money interests that comes from the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business. Without that cash flow they cannot win elections. That is why there are really no political parties in Washington. Republicans and Democrats face off as opponents whenever there are mics and cameras present, but behind the closed doors, they both work for the money providers. Now Republicans tend to get more money from Big Oil than Democrats, but the Union money evens that out.

Donald Trump, 0n the other hand, can thumb his nose at the Big Money crowd. And that makes him dangerous to the status quo in Washington. Imagine, a politician who is not in the back pocket of Big Money. Who is not owned lock, stock and barrel by special interests. A man who can actually afford to do what is right. Do what is best for the Nation without regard to the special interests. Someone who can just do it. And even worse, someone not intimidated or controlled by threats to cut off donations!

And imagine a man that has the money and power and platform to go after these corrupting influences. And a man who is unafraid of the fallout.

In the debate, Senator Rand Paul tried to go after Trump for “buying and selling” politicians.

“I’ve given you lot’s of money Senator,” was the reply Paul didn’t want to hear.

And I have seen all of the Trump detractors, most of whom have their horse already chosen. The RINO’s are the loudest and most absurd of the lot. And they are also the most frustrated when the old tried and true techniques for taking out Republicans fail.

We have seen all of the attacks. Trump gave money to Democrats. To Hillary for crying out loud. Yes. He did. And he has admitted that his money bought her attendance at his wedding. I would imagine it bought him more than that, but the beauty of this statement was how much it hurt Hillary among Democrats. Not only has she fraternized with “the enemy” Trump, she was actually bought and sold. And in her attempt to move to the left, Trump just jerked her to the right in the eyes of her fellow Democrats. Especially the Socalist supporters of Bernie Sanders. Hillary’s association drove a wedge between her and Sander’s followers that makes it far more difficult for her to reconnect with those voters.

And how did Trump respond when the left wing Gawker released his phone number, hoping to create problems for the Don? His counter-attack was one for the record books. As ABC News reported:

Donald Trump has turned the tables on Gawker. After the online site released one of Donald Trump’s cellphone numbers, the GOP presidential candidate changed his voicemail this morning.

“Hi, this is Donald Trump and I’m running for the presidency of the United States of America,” he says on the recording. “With your help and support, together we can make America truly great again! Visit me at twitter @realDonaldTrump and check out my campaign website at Hope to see you on the campaign trail, we’re going to do it!”

You might think that Carly Fiorina is the main Republican attack dog going after Hillary Clinton. Fiorina herself claims to have an advantage in attacking Hillary because they are both females, and we know how much the press and the Democrats love to advance the “Republican War on Women” myth. But the truth is, all of her attacks fall on deaf ears in Democrat circles. She’s just a Republican telling lies as far as they are concerned. Fiorina’s attacks are for Republican ears. She cannot damage Hillary with her words. Essentially, no Republican can.

Until Donald Trump came along.

The picture of the Trumps and the Clintons at the Trump wedding was devastating to Hillary. Trump bought her. At least that is how it is perceived in Democrat circles.

And there are still any number of attacks from Republicans, Democrats and the Media on Trump. And the common denominator of these three groups is that they are all doing the bidding of Big Money. Even Fox News went on the attack against Trump. Although I am not really surprised. Fox gets it’s money from Big Business who buy ads to finance the network. And the unfair questions Trump received at the debate were the result of Big Money pressure on the News Network.

And I can’t recall another time where a single statement like the one Trump made about Megyn Kelly, “You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” was so distorted and perverted. How someone can turn that into a crude menstruation remark shows not only the depravity of his detractors as Trump said, but the desperation, frustration and hatred towards the man Big Business can neither buy nor control.

And the list of times Trump switched parties, donated to or complimented Democrats, supported one liberal cause or another fails to work on Trump’s supporters because they understand that he is (was) a businessman. Trump has expressed regret, not in what he has had to do to win deals, but at the fact that if you want to be successful, as he is, you have to play the game. He has said that that is unfortunate and he would like to change it.

And the Republican hypocrites that level these attacks should be reminded that when McConnell and Boehner and whoever it is that they are supporting resort to theater votes, punishment for casting a vote the people demand and the corrupt way our government runs things on a daily basis, they are doing exactly the same thing they feign to find so distasteful in Donald Trump. They are using leverage and money to close the deal. The difference is, the deals Trump makes tend to make him a rich man. And the deals Congress and the twin parties R and D make tend to make us, the taxpayers, individually and as a Nation – broke. $19 trillion in debt is the result of Big Business controlling the White House, the Senate and the House. And practically every elected official in the government.

People who find Trump a refreshing alternative to the corrupt system we have are the only ones with their eyes open. Those attacking Trump for every imagined weakness or fault are either in the pockets of Big Business themselves or blind followers of those that are bought and paid for by Big Business. Those of us who see Donald Trump as the only candidate not controlled by Big Business, political correctness or the demands of the party heads who are not so transparently trying to rig the nomination process in favor of a Big Business RINO (like McCain or Romney) understand just how much trouble America is truly in. That nominating a Big Business owned candidate ensures the eventual collapse of America. It ensures that our children and grandchildren will have nothing. That America will become a third world country and necessarily move into the history books as just another fallen empire.

And we can’t let that happen.

The Trump detractors try to paint him as unreliable, crude, even crazy. They claim we cannot be sure how he will act in office. Will he make crude remarks to other world leaders? (And why do we care?) The current occupant of the White House has already insulted all of our allies and proven weak to our enemies who no longer believe America is a threat to terrorism.

Will Trump be truthful and Make America Great Again? Or is it all a lie.

Can we take a chance that Trump is telling the truth about his intentions, if elected President?

Well, I can’t say for sure. But what I do know is that the rest of the field is owned by Big Business and the only way they will win the Presidency is to allow themselves to be bought by Big Business. And we also know one thing for sure. They will all lie to us to get elected. Their masters will see to that. History supports the fact that they are all liars, beholden not to the voters and the people who elected them, but rather to Big Business who bought them.

The only candidate in the race who is not for sale, the only one who can’t be bought, is Donald Trump. We know the rest are liars. Time will tell with Trump. But I believe he truly wants to make America great again. I believe he will stand up to members of either party who want to sell out America with smoke and mirrors and theatrical votes. I love his crude comments and the words he uses to not only garner attention, but to counter-attack his opponents. That is what has been missing from the discussion for a very long time. I am sick and tired of politically correct Republican whiners who cave in to the media and think advice from the Washington Post, NY Times or the liberal cable media (even Fox now) is intended to be helpful to Republicans. Chuck Todd tried his best to get Trump to apologize. To neutered liberals like Todd, Trump should apologize to anyone who took his comments the wrong way. And of course most Republicans would bow to this pressure and apologize. Probably 16 of the 17 candidates. But Trump knows that the the media would turn an apology for someone taking something the wrong way into an admission of guilt, confirming that he intended to talk about Kelly’s menstruation cycle. That is how it works with the liberal media.

And it was truly refreshing to hear Trump stand his ground. Something I haven’t seen a Republican do in a long time.

For anyone struggling to truly understand Trump, read his book “The Art of the Deal”. And you will understand why he refuses to rule out a third party run. (Hint: Leverage.) You will understand why he refuses to allow himself to be maneuvered into a position of weakness. Why you should expect a counter-attack immediately and with greater voracity than your attack on him.

Trump brings the tactics of a Big Business tycoon into the political realm currently controlled by Big Business. That has never happened before. We are in uncharted territory with The Donald vs the Uniparty.

That is why the tried and true tactics that normally easily dispatch other Republicans will not work with Trump. So how do you go about getting a Republican out of a race? First you pretend something he said or did was so outrageous that he is not deserving of support and then Big business withholds all financial support. It works every time. Find a reason, make up one if you have to, but the important part is to cut off funding.

And then there is what Donald is saying. He needs to keep up the talk about stopping the flood of illegal aliens. He needs to call out Republicans for their hypocrisy. He needs to keep on kicking butt and taking names. He has tapped into a theme that resonates with Americans. He has the ability to cross race and party lines and despite Fox News’ attempt at slaying his candidacy with the “War on Women” wooden stake, they failed. Of course they had a woman, Megyn Kelly, launch the attack and the post debate show that her efforts were as effective on Trump supporters as “the other woman” Fiorina’s attacks are on Hillary supporters. Completely ineffective.

At this point, I am very high on a Trump presidency. And his lead in the polls reflects my own feelings about him. The forces that fear Trump actually fear that he might be the man to return the country to sanity. To poke fun at and completely ignore political correctness. To tell the truth about the influx of illegals and their massive cost to Americans, both in terms of crime and money. And someone who has the ability to boldly tell the lying political class to go to Hell.

Trump is the only candidate that has a chance of turning America around and he is the only one that can return the voice of the people to its proper place – in charge.

Trump is someone who cannot be bought. And that scares the life out of the media and political elite.

Article written by: Tom White