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In 2020, America had its first postmodernist election

Postmodernism has meant decades teaching Americans there is no absolute truth — so why shouldn’t they believe the lies around this election?

A young friend of mine, a leftist and a “scientist,” insists that there’s absolutely nothing bizarre about the fact that, as of 3 a.m. in the contested states, the number of ballots for Trump dropped to zero. It’s just that after 3 a.m., he assures me, the states were counting mail-in ballots and it’s perfectly reasonable that 100% of them were for Biden.

He’s not alone. Other Democrats accept that checking voter identification is racist, while it’s not racist to ask for identification in every other area of life, whether boarding a plane, buying alcohol, going to a concert, or going to a Democrat political rally. They believe that, thanks to the Wuhan virus, voting in person will kill you, as will going to a restaurant after 10 p.m. in New York City, but that it’s perfectly safe to have mass rallies to protest the death of an ex-felon who overdosed on the streets or to celebrate the election of a senile old man who’s campaign appearances, in total, added up to about a week’s worth of time. That Trump had 52,000 at his Pennsylvania rally and Biden 12 means nothing, because all of Biden’s supporters, the same ones who turned out in the thousands on the streets on election night, were avoiding personal appearances because of the Wuhan virus.

Clearly, logic is in short supply on the left. But what I’m describing goes far beyond the fact that American education has completely abandoned teaching school children logic and reason. We’re seeing something much more serious here, which is that we’ve just had the first postmodernist election. However postmodernism is described (and you can find lots of definitions), its fundamental aspect is that there is no such thing as fixed, or absolute, truth.

Surprisingly, the most obvious way in which postmodernism has woven itself into society is with the phrase, “My truth.” It’s used politely. “Well, I know you say that Joe Biden digitally raped you, but my truth is that he would never do that.” Actually, the truth is something objective: Either Joe did or did not trap a young woman in a Senate basement hallway and digitally rape her. We may never have the facts to prove that truth one way or another, but there is a truth out there.

The lack of absolute truth also shows up with gender madness. We have raised a generation of young people who believe that there is no such thing as biological sex. Instead, there’s “gender, which is a social construct,” and which is separate entirely from those pesky absolutist chromosomes. In postmodernism, you can change your gender as often as you change your underwear and — and this is the really significant thing — everyone has to go along with you because it’s “your truth.”

Since the 1960s, increasing numbers of Amerian youth have been told the opposite of logic. They’ve been inculcated with feelings, not facts or evidence. This is why that arch-racist, Barack Obama, can tell the world that colorblind Americans elected Trump because they wanted to get a black man out of the White House. And you can’t argue, because that’s Obama’s truth and, because he’s black, his truth is truthier than your truth, you racist.

And that’s how leftists can  ignore the massive evidence of fraud in this election as meaningless. Statistical data showing the absolute unreality of alleged voting machines in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and elsewhere, is irrelevant because it’s “your truth,” not the “Biden wins the election truth.”

Unfortunately for leftists — and an America under leftist control — the natural world (which Democrats purport to speak for) and the laws of physics do not operate on “your truth” or “my truth.” Instead, they have their own inexorable, unchangeable logic which will always Trump leftist fantasies. The same is true for the laws of economics. When governments manage the marketplace, people eventually starve or freeze, or perhaps bake or get overrun and slaughtered.

It always ends in death, because death is inexorable — and, of course, death cares only about its own truth.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards

The Democrats’ “You’re stupid, so shut up” response to claims about election fraud are the apex of their double standards.

We all remember the last four years: The public breakdowns, the “Trump is Hitler” garbage, the attempted coup, the “He’s not my president” crap, etc. And that was just Hillary. The whole left had a collective breakdown and they did so without any evidence whatsoever.

For three years, despite a complete absence of documentary or witness evidence, Democrats asserted with an absolutely straight face that Trump had colluded with Russia to win the White House. All they had was the classic conspiracy: invisible dots connected by imaginary lines. Notwithstanding the Mueller Report, which spent two years and $35 million dollars to find absolutely nothing, many still contend that the Russia Hoax was, in fact, true.

Since the election, the Trump team has assembled thousands of affidavits from ordinary citizens providing specific details about incidences in which they saw people charged with counting ballots violate rules. The people who signed these affidavits did so under the penalty of perjury. Post workers who blew the whistle took the risk that they’d lose their jobs. In addition to eye-witness statements, there are uncounted videos showing illegal or improper conduct in connection with vote counting.

The media (including Fox’s Neil Cavuto, among others) consistently state that the allegations about fraud in vote counting are “untrue” and “unfounded”:

Politico: “Trump camp stokes fear over unfounded claims of mass voter fraud in Philly”

NPR: “FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Claims Widespread Fraud In Latest Election Speech”

HuffPost: “Trump Voters Have Been Primed For His Bogus Voter Fraud Claims For Years”

Washington Post: “GOP splits over Trump’s false election claims, unfounded fraud allegations”

I could do this all day. Every single media outlet calls the allegations “unfounded” or “bogus” or some variation on that. Understand that every media outlet is callin ordinary citizens liars.

The same double standards appear with the Democrats’ “shock” that Republicans are not accepting the media’s claim that Biden won the election. Democrats spent four years screaming about a stolen allegation based upon a the Steele Dossier. We know now that Hillary colluded with Russian operatives to buy that Dossier. Again, there was not a scintilla of evidence (and Andrew Weissman looked harded) that anyone other than Hillary — and certainly not Trump — colluded with Russia.

Now, though, Trump supporters are being told “shut up.” James Wood had the best response:

Sen. Mitch McConnell didn’t do so badly either:

Let’s not have any lectures, no lectures, about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election and who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate too if they lost again — only if they lost. The people who push this hysteria could not have any more egg on their faces than they do right now.

What you’ll also discover if you pursue those links is that the Democrats’ and NeverTrumpers’ argument against conservative/pro-Trump contentions is “shut up.”

Whatever you do, don’t let the same Democrats who still claim, without evidence, that Trump isn’t their president, gaslight you into giving up on Prsident Trump’s fight now. This fight is real, it’s big, and we can and should win.

(As an aside, and I don’t have time to develop it, look at the double standards re the Democrat virus: If conservatives gather — for example, at Trump rallies — we’re all going to die. If leftists gather — whether BLM, Antifa, or Biden parties — nothing bad will happen.)

One more thing: Remember that Biden is a truly awful human being. He’s been a government parasite for 48 years. He sold our country out to the Chinese, the Russians and anyone else who would pay him. He has a history of open racism, whether because of his friendship with KKK types or his awful pronouncements about race. Even if he isn’t an active pedophile, he’s a creep around little girls. There is a credible sexual assault allegation against him. Politically, he’s been wrong on every issue. He’s continually and falsely accused Trump of being a racist and, by implication, accused half of America of being racist. He’s a known liar and plagiarizer.

By any metric, Biden isn’t the chewing gum that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe. That’s too kind. He’s the mixture of chewing gum, slimy hawked loogies, and dog poop that lies at the edge of every gutter in every big city.

The election: If you’ve got the coattails, you’ve got to have the coat

The fact that there is a red wave on the down-ballot votes in the swing states is all the proof you need that the Biden surge is a fraud.

Initially, I thought it marginally possible that Americans, after the four-year, nonstop media drumbeat against Trump, combined with the media’s and tech tyrants’ censoring anything negative about Democrats, might indeed have elected Joe Biden. Now, though, I’m convinced that the apparent Biden victory is a result of pure, untrammeled fraud in Democrat-run jurisdictions.

I haven’t reached this conclusion for the obvious reasons. That is, I don’t look for my proof of fraud in back-dated ballots, as happened in Michigan post offices. I also ignore Pennsylvania’s rabid efforts to lock out election observers; Nevada’s mobster-like voting, which is cheating on an epic scale; the shenanigans in Georgia; or any of the other apparently numberless examples of overt fraud.

For me, it’s all about coattails. When we looked at the rallies for Trump, especially in the Rust Belt swingstates, we saw coattails. That is, we knew that every one of those rally attendees would vote for Trump.

We also knew that these were not split-ticket voters. That is, they wouldn’t vote for Trump and then for a Democrat Senate candidate (both for Congress and their home state’s Senate). Likewise, looking at these rapturous crowds, it was inconceivable that they’d vote for a Republican House member but still select Biden as their president.

In the swing states (indeed, in all the states), this was all about Trump’s coattails: These voters would go to the polls and vote a straight Republican ticket to keep Trump in the White House and give him the Congress he needs to get the job done. And then, while they were at it, they’d cast votes their votes for Democrats in the state elections.

And by golly! Those coattails were there. I’m not going to take the time to hunt down the numbers but will quote Steven Hayward’s summing up because I trust him to be right about the facts:

Most pre-election forecasts were certain that Republicans would lose ground in the House of Representatives, but as of this moment, it is not impossible that Republicans might take the House right now. They elected a record number of GOP women candidates. (Incidentally, Republicans did well in state legislative races around the country, and didn’t lose control of a single chamber.)

The GOP has gained about 10 House seats so far, and is currently leading in about 20-25 more. (I’m not keeping up with the moment-by-moment counts in any of these races.) Not all of these leads are expected to hold up, but Speaker Pelosi is going to have a very slim majority come January, and may even face a leadership challenge.

In addition, notwithstanding what I’m certain was fraud against John James in Michigan, the Republicans are holding the Senate.

I am positive that every one of those conservative votes was a coattail vote.  Nevertheless, we’re being told that this ginormous red wave across the country was paired with the same voters happily marking “Joe Biden” on their ballot. Bunkum! That’s completely unbelievable.

It’s especially unbelievable when, as Trump said in his statement on Thursday night, he was leading in almost every state — at which point the swing states locked down the counting and waited like frogs on a lily pad looking for flies — and what were these flies? They were ballots that floated in from everywhere, in the tens of thousands, all for Biden.

But here’s the kicker: While they were all for Biden, they didn’t change those coattail votes! Just as it’s inconceivable that people whose down-ballot votes were conservative would then choose Biden for president, it’s inconceivable that people who honestly voted for Biden would vote for conservatives on the rest of the ballot or even leave the rest of the ballot blank.

The only way to account for the bizarre fact that Trump and a red-wave of conservatives won on election day, while Biden and a red-wave of conservatives won the day after election, is to accept that all those day-after Biden votes are fraudulent. The people committing the fraud don’t have time to fill out an entire ballot. They’re just ticking of Biden’s name and letting the rest go.

To me, this is all the evidence I need showing fraud on a massive scale: Trump’s coattails won but we’re being asked to believe that his coat didn’t.

The election — and my decision to be happy

If Biden really wins, a lot of bad things are coming our way, but that doesn’t mean we give up the fight or destroy our personal happiness.

As I write these words, the election is anything but over. It’s possible that the Democrats overplayed their hand when it came to vote fraud. It’s also possible that, in January, Americans will see a doddering, corrupt old man sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

I can game out some things if Biden actually wins (and by Biden, I also mean Harris when the Dems kick Biden out under the 25th Amendment), without getting the Senate, and it’s a mixed bag. These are my guesses:

1. Sunni nations will rush to make deals with Israel because Biden and Harris have promised to pull Iran back from the useful brink to which Trump’s policies pushed it. Those alliances might be enough to create a balance that looks like, although it won’t actually be, peace. This will be good for Israel because the new Democrat party is extremely hostile and President Biden-Harris will do everything possible to make Israel’s life miserable and pander to the Palestinians.

2. Biden will crack down on fracking because his base demands it. America will cease to be an energy-independent, energy-exporting nation and we’ll again start funding bad actors around the world who happen to be sitting on oil and gas. Everything will become much more expensive because our entire modern economy runs on oil. This will be a disaster for people on fixed incomes.

3. Because conservatives seem (just barely) to have kept the Senate, we will have two years during which we will not need to worry about court-packing or adding new states. If the Senate flips in 2022, expect both to happen immediately. The fact that the Constitution bars the District of Columbia from becoming a state will not stop Democrats because they will have a 15 member Supreme Court that finds a penumbra of an emanation that overrides the Constitution’s explicit words.

4. Biden will immediately reverse the President’s executive orders about Critical Race Theory, the 1776 Project, and the reinstatement of due process for men in academia accused of sexual wrongdoing. American education will continue to degrade and federal workers will be indoctrinated in Critical Race Theory. Race relations in America, contrary to what the media have told America, will decline rapidly. White men will bear the brunt of it, which neurotic white women engaging in high masochism to show that they’re not racist.

5. Biden will make love to China, which will once again suck the money out of our economy, and Midwesterners will return to unemployment and illegal Chinese opiates.

6. Biden will expand DACA and essentially give amnesty to all illegal aliens. The border will be reopened entirely. This election will have been a little too close for comfort for the Democrats, so they’ll continue to work on replacing the existing population with people already accustomed to socialism and corruption.

7. No, the Supreme Court won’t be able to stop him because the federal bureaucracy will simply ignore the Supreme Court. That’s the real problem. Trump has created a mostly conservative federal judicial system. But because Biden will allow the bureaucracy to do what it will, the Deep State will ignore any rulings it doesn’t like and their boss — the president — will do nothing to stop them. Indeed, ultimately, court-packing will prove irrelevant as the left realizes that the Court’s power is imaginary.

8. Keeping in mind that the Court’s power will be imaginary, Biden will issue a stream of executive orders aimed at disarming Americans.

That’s off the top of my head.

Having said all that, I’ve still decided to be happy. I’m certainly not happy about what will happen under President Biden, but I don’t do myself or the world a service if I collapse into a neurotic, screaming heap as the lefties did for the four years of Trump’s presidency. I will be a happy activist working to shore up conservativism in America, working to keep the Senate in Republican hands in 2022, and working even harder for a future President Crenshaw, or Cotton, or Cruz, or any number of other hugely intelligent, committed, proactive young conservatives.

Yes, politics is my life — I write about it for a living — but that doesn’t mean it has to destroy my life. There are so many good things: Lindsey Graham, my Senator, beat back the most heavily funded Democrat in American campaign history. I have my health and a good, hard-working brain. I have loving children. I have wonderful friends. America is still America and, God willing and thanks to Trump’s hard work over the last four years, it is strong enough to survive four more years of crazy.

What we conservatives need to do is what the leftists have done for 50 years — we need to fight to take back America’s institutions. Speaking of which, Fox, which hired a Democrat operative for its election desk, needs to be thrown in the garbage heap. I will continue to listen to Tucker, and I know there are many of you who like Gutfield (I just don’t have the time for both him and Tucker), but otherwise the station is dead to me.

Every election we talk about fighting back, but we never do. We’re conservative. We put our heads down and pay attention to our lives so that we can be self-reliant, free people. We have to look outwards, though. Frankly, I don’t know how. I guess that, like George Washington Plunkett, if you see your opportunity, take it!

And that’s all I have to say for now. The sun is shining, my dog is gently snoring behind me, and I am happy.

Ignore the media; America is still in good shape

The media are lying to us: Outside of the media’s Democrat-run communities, Americans are getting along fine and are well aware of what’s really going on.

Believe it or not, things in America are better than you think. In a way, America is the equivalent of a fundamentally healthy plant under attack from hard-left aphids. If we can rid ourselves of that parasite, we will be fine. This post needs three personal anecdotes to explain what I mean.

Anecdote One: I lived in San Francisco in 1989 when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck. It was a severe earthquake that killed 63 people, most of whom died when a freeway in the East Bay collapsed. I missed it entirely because I was on vacation in Hawaii.

Thirty-one years ago, there was no internet, and the phone lines into the City were down. The only way to know what was happening was to watch television news. Because my family was still in the City, I was glued to the TV set. Every outlet showed images of fires and collapsed buildings.

It was only when my initial panic subsided that I realized that the media was focusing on just three or four locations in San Francisco. The neighborhoods in which my family members and I lived never made it to the television screen because nothing had happened there. My parents lost a TV that fell off its stand, and a picture in my apartment was crooked. While the media focused on the bad things, for most people, once they got their power back, life was normal.

Anecdote Two: My friend and I went to a local gun range a couple of weeks ago. We were the first people waiting in line. A few minutes later, a young black man joined the line behind us. I greeted him, he returned my greeting, and we started chatting. Within a few minutes, he looked at us – two middle-aged white people – and said, “What happened downtown, that’s not who we are here. Those people, they just want to make trouble, burning a car, and making a mess. Here, we’re all in it together. We’re good people.”

I found it utterly endearing that this young man wanted us to feel safe and comfortable. I also believed him. In my very mixed-race, suburban community, outside of the Democrat-run urban center, things are peaceful, and people treat each other with kindness and respect.

Anecdote Three: I was in Madison, Wisconsin, recently. A few days before I arrived, rioters hit the city center, where the state capital is, with a vengeance. I spoke with a woman who’s lived in Madison all her life. She was furious at the state and city government for allowing these riots to happen. I suspect she’ll still be angry in November.

At the Madison airport, I blatantly eavesdropped as three white men sitting near me, all in their 30s or 40s, talked to each other. They were obviously strangers who had bonded as travelers do, over a shared belief system. They believe that black lives matter and that police lives matter. They think that the rioters are dangerous people who are putting white and police lives at risk and that they need to be stopped. None of the three men struck me as a news junkie, but all were well-informed and worried about what was happening. If they haven’t voted before, I think they’ll vote now.

Getting to the point: The point of my first anecdote is that the mainstream media outlets are headquartered in and focus on the big cities. Rather than looking outside of their narrow focus, they extrapolate from it. If New York and other Democrat-run cities are in shambles racism, then all of America must be racist.

My second and third anecdotes hint that the media are wrong. (Two anecdotes don’t make data, but they’re a start.) When you get outside of America’s big cities (and I’ve traveled extensively in America over the past couple of years, so I’ve seen a fair bit of our country), most people transcend race or at least rub along well enough for communities to avoid racial friction. They have the shared bonds of neighborhood, jobs, hobbies, children, and, although leftists may find this hard to believe, love for their country and its values.

Naturally, the media aren’t selling this narrative merely because they’re insular. They’re selling it to make people believe that America is a disaster and that Trump is the cause. As William A. Jacobson explains in a must-read post, this is what the media does every time a Republican president runs for re-election. They spin the news to demoralize Americans away from voting for the Democrat. This year, they’re spinning harder and faster than ever, aided by Democrat-approved mobs tearing up the streets.

Remember, though, what you’re seeing is Democrat America. It’s in Democrat America that unemployment is high; that people are trapped in their homes, dying from untreated diseases, loneliness, and economic despair; that mobs are ransacking cities and destroying cultural institutions; that police have been bullied off the street, leaving the cities’ predators to go on murderous rampages; and that cultural institutions (such as museums and once-revered colleges and universities) are immolating themselves. The rest of us are doing just fine, thank you!

The fact that the media are selling a narrative that only goes to a minute segment of the American experience doesn’t mean that it cannot do untold harm. Neither Hitler nor Lenin got a majority of votes in elections. As with China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, and Turkey’s Erdogan, all that mattered was that they got close enough to power to seize it. It’s still up to ordinary Americans to stop the takeover. My point is simply that the media are lying and that many ordinary instinctively understand the truth.

Rudyard Kipling, who long ago became a literary persona non grata thanks to his highly imperialist views, wrote a poem called If. I’ve never been a fan of his poetry, but I think the first verse of If is worth remembering:

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise….

If you can do that (and a few other unrelated things), Kipling promises that “you’ll be a Man, my son!” Nowadays, it would end, “you’ll be an American, my friend!”

Let’s not lose our heads this summer as the media works to amplify Democrat self-destruction to demoralize the rest of us. Keep your head, separate the truth from lies, don’t give in to hate against your fellow man, and vote a straight Republican ticket in November. Trump deserves your vote; Biden does not.

As for the many Republican quislings seeking election and re-election, patriotic conservatives need to do better in the primaries. Once they’re officially on the ticket, we risk everything if we let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Don’t lose sight of the fact that, no matter how weak they are, they’re still better than a Democrat-run Congress.

Image: Collapsed Building in the Marina following the Loma Prieta earthquake (cropped)

Caroline County Endorsements: Trying to Build a Better Caroline County

Caroline County Politics is complicated. The Republican Party in Caroline County is controlled by a single family. As I look at the ballots in the county, almost every conservative is running as an Independent. Why do they run as independents? Because Jeff Sili and his family rule the Caroline County Republican Party with a self-interested Iron-Fist. There is no Republican Party in Caroline County. There’s only Jeff Sili, who is currently running for re-election for County Supervisor in the Bowling Green District and his friends. Every other conservative in the county that has refused to kiss the ring has been run off or kicked out of the party. Hence all the good, conservative folks running as Independents. As I’ve reached out to local officials and candidates to request information as voter, I was astonished to discover that no one on the ballot in my district was running as a Republican. Something is very, very wrong in Caroline County.

I am aware that there is not much of an online social media presence in Caroline County, there is no Republican Party outreach, no mailers, no pamphlets, and no grassroots. Apparently the Republican Party in Caroline County is busy with other things. I also know that the majority of our readers here at Virginia Right live in Henrico, Hanover, Spotsylvania and King George. Surely some of you must know some disenfranchised, unrepresented, marginalized, principled conservatives in Caroline County that you can reach out to. Reach out to them and share these endorsements.

The Bowling Green District for County Board of Supervisors:

Jeff Sili, one of only two residents of Caroline County allowed to run as Republican, and ruler of the Republican Party in Caroline County, is running for reelection against Wayne Brooks. Jeff Sili, the Eric Cantor of Caroline County, has banished all those who wish to have a say in the local Republican Party and who do not agree with him, from the table of discussion. When Congressman Rob Wittman came to Caroline County to meet with the Board of Supervisors, Jeff Sili could not be bothered to show up. Congressman Wittman, with whom I’ve had many disagreements, but who has been an outstanding Congressman over the last year, deserves to at least be graced with the presence of the prince of Caroline County.

Sadly, Jeff Sili isn’t representing the Bowling Green district on the Board of Supervisors, nor is he representing Republicans in Caroline County’s Republican Party. He’s representing himself and himself alone.

That’s why I endorse Wayne Brooks for County Supervisor in the Bowling Green District. Wayne is a great friend to the community, a stanch supporter of commerce and tourism in Caroline County, and committed to reducing our county debt without raising taxes. Wayne Brooks also understands the profound importance of Fort A.P Hill in Caroline County, and is looking for innovative ways to create a more profitable relationship between the County at large and Fort AP Hill.

It should also be noted that the only way for Caroline County to boast of a Republican Party that would be respected by her peers in neighboring counties, is to remove Jeff Sili as Supervisor and as Emperor of the Caroline County Republican Party.

The Madison District for County Board of Supervisors:

I am proud to endorse Wayne Acors for Supervisor. Wayne Acors is my Supervisor and he has done an amazing job turning Ladysmith, Virginia into a marvelous up-scale residential area. While Wayne Acors has been wildly successful at brining residential development to the West-End of Caroline County (the most beautiful end of Caroline County), he’s no longer looking to expand residential development. One of Wayne Acors’ best qualities has been his ability to form a realistic vision for the future of the county. Uncontrolled rapid development. while good for developers, isn’t what Wayne is after. Wayne will oppose future residential sub-division housing, as current developments retain enough free lots to accommodate future residents. Wayne Acors is open to the construction of some kind of retirement village, however, so that elderly residents of Caroline County won’t have to leave their friends and families in the county for more urban and more overly-developed areas at a great distance from their relative here.

Wayne Acors is being challenged in this election. Clay Forehand is a longtime safety professional with a great vision for the county. He has run a great campaign and should be considered a respected up and comer in our community. However, in the Madison District, we are currently reaping the benefits of years of thoughtful and strategic planing secured for us by Wayne Acors. We need to let Wayne finish the job. Wayne isn’t going to be here forever and he is most certainly not trying to hang on longer than he should. He’s looking for just one more term to finish the incredible work he’s done over the last two decades. I have no doubt that Clay Forehand is a good candidate and a great member of our community, but the fact is that he’s only been in the County for four years and he has not been involved in the fruit our region of the county is currently enjoying.

I am grateful that I live in the Madison District, with two outstanding candidates running to represent me, but let Wayne Acors finish the job he started. He’s done immense and wonderful things for the Madison District and we need to see these current projects through to the end. Wayne Acors is the man to see us across the finish line.

The Caroline County Sheriffs Race:

I moved to Caroline County for a reason. It’s an outstanding place to live. It’s safe, rural, clean, friendly, and growing. Nothing pleases me more than the fact that we have three honorable men running for Sheriff in Caroline County, all running honorable and respectable campaigns. I’m so used to the mean-spirited, cutthroat narratives of Washington and Richmond politics that its refreshing to witness a race between acting Sheriff Tony Lippa, Chris Wooldirdge, and Charles Garnett. Sheriff Tony Lippa has done a great job as Sheriff and I endorse him for re-election. Sheriff Lippa is accessible and accountable and active in the community. I love loving in Caroline County and I feel safe and secure.

Chris Wooldridge isn’t a bad challenger. He’s young, with fresh ideas and a great vision for the county. I have no doubt that he’d make an excellent Sheriff. I just don’t think this year was the right time to run. Sheriff Tony Lippa is wildly popular in the county, well-respected, and there is very little to complain about. I just can’t see changing direction when there is no reason for a change. That doesn’t mean that Chris Wooldridge wouldn’t make a great Sheriff or that he shouldn’t run again in the future. In fact, when Tony Lippa is ready to hang up his spurs, I’ll be delighted to support Chris for Sheriff. I just don’t see any reason to abandon a good thing for another good thing.

I hope that Caroline County will reelect Sheriff Tony Lippa and I hope that Chris Wooldridge stays in our community and considers running again in the future.

Mostly, I’m hoping for a strong Republican Party in Caroline County. The days of single families ruling over a county are gone. Caroline County is one of the last holdouts, but it is ready for a change. I look forward to a day when conservatives in Caroline County can run as the Republicans they are! Please, reach out to your friends and family in my county and let them know that we are ready unleash our potential. For Board of Supervisors, VOTE Wayne ACORS and Wayne BROOKS, and Sheriff Tony Lippa for Sheriff!


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Remember, Remember The 3rd of November

All-Politics-is-LocalIt is often said that all politics is local, though locals rarely show up to vote for their town councilmen, county supervisors, sheriffs, State Delegates and Senators. Obama can’t raise your property taxes, or your gas tax, or approve new utility fees, or build large condensed housing in the middle of your rural area.  Your United States Senator can’t allow your local police force to perform shady deals, like purchasing dozens of cars from dealership friends of the sheriffs campaign. Congressman Dave Brat and Rob Wittman can’t pass on proffers and raise taxes on the good folks of Hanover County on behalf of local developers (or on behalf of themselves).

Your Sheriff is responsible for fighting crime in your neighborhood and protecting your children – so I find it hard to fathom that folks don’t bother getting involved in their elections for sheriff. County and Town Supervisors can raise your taxes. Cigarettes in Ashland have their own special little sticker missing from convenience stores in nearby areas. Folks in Ashland are paying an extra tax. Obama can’t be blamed for that.

Your State Delegate may be the only thing standing between a Medicaid Expansion that will bankrupt our State Budget and Republican Budgets that actually give our State a chance to stay competitive, economically, in the future.

These local elections are phenomenally important and your vote is immensely powerful! A Delegate here and delegate there and Governor McAuliffe gets to ram his liberal agenda down the throats of every Virginian. I can’t think of a single Republican Delegate running in the State of Virginia for whom I wouldn’t vote. While we have a decent majority in the House, the Senate majority is as slim as can be, and we need a strong, robust Republican force operating in the House of Delegates in Richmond.

That said, I suggest you get to know your Sheriff and your Supervisor. If they aren’t accessible, they might not be the Sheriff or Supervisor you want representing you in the first place.

Here in Caroline County, whether you support him or not, Sheriff Tony Lippa is utterly accessible. So is my delegate Wayne Acors. Now, in rural politics, partisanship doesn’t play as big of a role as it does in Richmond or Washington D.C. Many of these folks run as independents and they have nothing but their records and their accessibility to run on. Now, I can’t just come out and endorse Sheriff Lippa or Wayne Acors, because I haven’t lived in Caroline County long enough to truly judge their performance, but I can tell you they are both accessible and involved in the community. And when you, as an average citizen, can have the ear of those people representing you in your county, you have an influence you could never have with your United States Congressman or Senator.

November 3rd is coming fast, but you still have time to reach out to the people running for office. Judges, Clerks, Sheriffs, Supervisors, Delegates and Senators have an enormous impact on your daily lives, whether you notice it or not. Take the next week to get to know the people running for office, ask them for a  couple minutes of their time, and ask them questions about what’s important to you. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the issues facing your communities and ask around about how the folks currently representing you have doing on your behalf. You just don’t know who’s going to vote on election day. Don’t let other people decide for you who represents you in your town, county, or in Richmond. Vote. Make your voice heard.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Remember Policy? John Kasich Does

I’ve often been bothered by the lack of policy and experience exhibited by the Carson and Trump camps. They resonate with voters. They speak our language. Yet, they refuse to run on actual policy. I think this is why they are winning in the polls, however. Voters aren’t looking for policy or reason or thoughtfulness. They want contrariety and aggression and verbiage. Trump and Carson are speaking to the average voter. The average voter who doesn’t understand policy or political principles. They just want someone that talks like them and to them and who, in general, agrees with them. I get that. I really do.

I’ve long felt that this campaign ought to be Bush v. Cruz, because I think that Bush adequately represents the moderate Republicans and Cruz adequately represents conservative Republicans. However, Bush has disappeared. If you want a constitutional conservative, you want Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. You probably like Ben Carson, but who knows how he really feels about the Constitution? He doesn’t have a record. Neither does Trump, if you’re leaning in that direction. Yet, what about the establishment voter? They were told they had to be for Bush, but Bush hasn’t given them anything to vote for.

Kasich has.

In fact, in the real world of Republican Politics, we might be looking at a battle no one saw coming – a battle between Trump, Kasich, and Cruz, assuming Carson’s and Bush’s money don’t keep them in the game until the end (which it’s likely to, but humor me). We all know what Jeb Bush means for the Republican Party. It means the same thing we’ve seen for years. The same people in the father’s circle were in W’s circle, and will be in Jeb!’s circle.

The new establishment candidate may be John Kasich. He is a big government, pro-state candidate. His biggest failings have been on Medicaid Expansion in Ohio and on his quasi-pro-amnesty rhetoric. But, Kasich isn’t Bush. Kasich’s people aren’t Bush people. Take a look at his platform. Unlike Bush and Christie, Kasich is looking to return power back to the States. Yes, as Governor, he’s done things the grassroots can’t stomach, but he has backed it up with a fighting platform against the federal government.

Maybe Kasich is the Federalist-Establishment Candidate? Personally, after studying Kacish’s Presidential Platform, if it weren’t for his awful positioning on immigration, I would consider him to be heads and tails ahead of the rest of the establishment elite gunning for the GOP nomination. I can’t support him, because where he’s bad on policy, he’s really bad; but where he’s good, he’s really good.

Considering his policy proposals and experience, I am a bit surprised that the establishment, in abandoning Bush, have gravitated to Marco Rubio (a Pro-Amnesty TEA Party corundum with a fairly conservative voting record), instead of Kasich, who has much more experience and is rolling out bold plans for reforms that might actually make it through the current United States Congress. Yes! Even this Congress.

I won’t be voting for Governor Kasich, but my estimation of him has greatly increased. He is a serious candidate. Unfortunately, like Rand Paul, whomever is orchestrating the melody of his campaign persona has failed completely to grasp the mood and motivation of his target audience. Kasich needs more than just smart ideas. He needs to reach across the aisle to conservatives and offer them something they can latch on to – and being soft on illegal immigration is exactly the wrong tune to play. Kasich is a smart man, it would seem, with great ideas and bold policy initiatives – but his team miscalculated what it would take to win the Republican Nomination.

They have not, however, miscalculated how to make their candidate an outstanding Vice-Presidential Nominee (if an outsider like Trump, Carson, or Fiorina, or a constitutional conservative/libertarian like Cruz or Paul, win the nomination.






Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

Could Chris Peace LOSE the Election? UPDATED with Website

Yes of course Del. Peace could lose.  Anytime we have a contested race, the incumbent could lose.  I do not think it is likely – in fact it would be something of a perfect storm election for Erica Lawler to win.  She’s not even a Democrat but rather an Independent Green.  And she has only raised $700 according to VPAP.  Not enough for any sort of mailing, let alone signs etc.  Lawler has clear talents and has issues to discuss; when I spoke with her, she understood the issues well enough to try to convince other people.

Conservatives need to make sure we vote and urge others to vote in this election.  I think this race ought to be in the bag but take no chances.  I will be curious what the turnout and percentages will be but get out and help Del. Peace.

I forgot:  Here is the website for Del. Peace!

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

PSA: Give Rand Paul a Pass on Cruz Attacks

Much ado has been made throughout the day about Rand Paul going after Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz supporters are understandably upset and disappointed. However, we really ought to stay focused on the nature of primaries and understand that for Rand Paul to win the nomination, he has to beat Ted Cruz. Where do you think all this birther nonsense is coming? It’s coming from the Paul Campaign. Most of the anti-Cruz talking points I’ve heard over the last few weeks are coming out of the Paul Campaign. So what?

tedpaulIt’s a campaign. Rand Paul wants to be President as much as anyone else running for the highest office in the land. He’s paying a staff to help get him elected. They have got to be telling him that if he wants to win the nomination, he’s got to put some distance between himself and Cruz and he’s got to pry a great deal of Cruz supporters away and claim them as his own.

That’s the nature of a campaign. Rand Paul hasn’t abandoned the cause, hasn’t become a political hack, or anything nefarious of the kind. In elections, our candidates and ourselves must have thick skin. We must be able to accept that our friends will try to beat us. That’s just the nature of the beast. I just listened to Mark Levin rail against Rand Paul as if Paul had become the devil. He hasn’t.

My request of Ted Cruz supporters is simple: take the high road. Let Rand Paul run his campaign as he sees fit. Paul is simply trying to demonstrate the difference between himself and Ted Cruz.

Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday said fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted. Cruz is “done for” in the Senate.
“Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names, which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate, and as a consequence, he can’t get anything done legislatively,” Paul told Fox News Radio. “He is pretty much done for and stifled and it’s really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem.” – MSNBC

Ted Cruz has on numerous occasions gone after Mitch McConnell by name. Rand Paul is very close to Mitch McConnell, he supported him in his campaign, and he doesn’t have to stay silent when Cruz goes after the Senior Senator from Paul’s own state. Paul is merely making it clear where he stands and how he differs from Cruz. Let him make these distinctions without feeling the need to get defensive.

It’s an election. Give Paul a pass.

Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker