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How Dumb Must Millennials Be–Buying Into Socialism and Communism?



…It is a sobering reminder of how successful the propaganda of the leftist media and higher education system has been when one realizes that socialism is viewed by nearly half of the millions of young Americans as a sociable way of life — a better way of life where they feel people work together for the good of everyone, where the wealth generated by the sweat of the worker is not accumulated into the bank accounts of a small group of the mega-wealthy.

The Democrat candidates for president continually talk about getting the wealthy to pay their fair share to make public college free and to offer free health care for everyone.

Socialism, they say, is the sensitive political system, whereas capitalism is ruthless and runs on greed and profits, where the poor worker sleeps on the streets outside the mansions of the factory-owners.

Currently leading the Democrat socialist field are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are both trying to see who can be more “caring” to young Americans by “out-socializing” the other.  Offerings of the lowest-cost or no-cost health care for all, free education for all, and forgiveness of student debt are just some of the key areas that both candidates are struggling to rule….


For many, “Socialism” seems just a nicer way of saying “Communism.”

Millennials seem to believe Communism sounds “pretty good.” They have been taught this almost from birth. How “wonderful” Communism is, compared to Evil Capitalism and Especially to “Evil” America.

They have been taught this in daycare, in schools, in universities, in the “news,” movies, and on TV.

It’s a twenty-four hour, world-wide drum they have banging inside cellphone-blurred heads. They are organized around it–the cellphone–liberal TV, leftist Internet sites, and “social media.”

Russian CAPTAIN PLANET Good – American Trump Climate Accords Bad –

There is no world, other than the one illustrated, scripted, and foretold to Millennials on their “magic” oracles–the phones.


Totalitarian Communism–is what Democrats And their enablers/supporters seem to want. Evidenced by the Full-Stalinist, Schiff-Trials. Adam Schiff, it seems, in whatever universe he populates, seeks total command and control.

The “problem” is– not  that “The Schiff Has Hit The Fan.”

The problem is that too many are “set-up” to actually  BELIEVE  Schiff, and that he is viewed and reported as Absolute Truth.

Communists, Globalists, Politicians, and World Money Masters seek total dominance of Earth. Some may seem to be Capitalists, but actually foment and promote Socialism/Communism.

Elites want to rule Earth, with a population of walking dead enslaved to them–the same way ancient serfs were to feudal lords.

 Overlord Master and Serfdom Slaves –

Socialism is not for the masses. Socialism is for the Elite, who seek wealth, power, luxury, and Dominance.

No. Millennials aren’t born “dumb.” They are made that way. Almost from birth.

They are made dumb. Stupid. Unable to learn. Blocked. Enslaved to the Phones. To a make-believe, made-up “Reality.”

Millennials are inculcated by foreign nannies, in daycare, in schools, and universities.  They are made to “trust” their emotions and feelings. They are made into life-long Liberals.

They are made into suburban housewives, metrosexuals, and trans-Whatever. They are made inured to the violence of History.

“Trump and America –Evil. Facebook And social media –Good.”

 Arnold And Terminator Good – Guns Bad – Death Of Capitalism Good (but, GUNS GOOD For That!)  –

Millennials have been recreated by World Masters.

Millennials are made by “social engineers.” They are scripted and cast in walking dead roles, with no lines–other than the Democrat Communist Party-Line.

Das Partei (That’s German, kids.)


DNA is never wiped out. But it can be modified. When liberals have children with other liberals, you just might get more liberals.

Groups, and herds of them.

Flocks and gangs of them.

Liberals, to populate a niche. Liberals, as a permanent part of the gene pool.

Liberals to take Earth.


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