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Why Are Republicans So Confused Over Immigration?

Bearing Drift just excoriated the Bull Elephant over immigration.

So let’s look at immigration.

The Republican Establishment continues to fund President Obama’s executive amnesty for a reason – they want the cheap labor. The Libertarian Party tends to support open borders, because we don’t believe in discrimination. However, we have a massive prison state and welfare state that seems to absorb our immigrant populations, and instead of benefiting from immigration to our country, we are subsidizing it.

I want free immigration to the United States for the best and the brightest; but we can’t have a “legal system” that ends up creating an immigration policy which invites people into our prison and welfare state.

We need immigrants, but we also need assimilation. We need decades of immigration and decades of assimilation.

blog_republican_splitIdeologically, our opinions on immigration are moot. The fact is that the Chamber of Commerce is bringing in poor, uneducated immigrant labor to drive down the cost of labor in America. Republicans and Democrats are fighting over the illegal immigrant population because both parties want their votes the second they are naturalized. Why haven’t they been naturalized, because neither party will support naturalization until they know for a fact that they’ll get their votes. In the meantime, they fight for their support. Citizen? Screw you. You’ve probably already made up your mind.

What conservatives and libertarians need to ask themselves, is that if immigrants are being brought into this country to lower wages and provide the Democrat Party with voters, then isn’t that a broken immigration system? Let’s scratch all the pro-Mexican and anti-Mexican claptrap. Race and nationality has nothing to do with this. We’re importing poverty and cheap labor. Yes, both Democrat and Republican politicians benefit, but do you? Does your family? Does your community?

I suggest reshaping our government and our society into something that can welcome self-reliant immigrants with open arms, with excitement, and with our full throated support!


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker