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Article by Jeffrey A. Friedberg





Well, kids, THEY have tried the impeachment ploy, the gay thing, the COVID-19 lockdowns, the death of a major criminal (George Floyd or whoever,) “black is beautiful beer” marketing, and other sillyass stuff.

Yet, Trump still stands tall.

However, the democrat Communist Party–as well as Hollywood, Cher, BLM, Tom Arnold, and other raving Communists–now need some new, major distraction and anti-Trumpist “Cause.” Something to motivate THEM to riot, burn things down, kill people, and scream about.

I don’t think the reported,  “latest cop murder of a black man” will do it for them this time.

So…let’s see here…what shall it be…?

…Hmmmm. Well, “Gun Control,” has been out of their contrived, MATRIX-Like universe for “too long.”

Ergo, I predict a major push by them along these lines very soon. Maybe today or next week. (Mark it down.) I am predicting maybe a Gun Control Push by THEM.

Everybody seems to finally know this now, but I’ll say it anyway—a summary—because I have been shouting it into the wind–unheeded–for about ten years:

The democrats, “progressives,” liberals, socialists, “Hollywood,” and other communists seem to me, hell-bent on dismantling–destroying: American tradition, rule of law, guiding institutions, history, political structure, “Can-Do” spirit of World War II, Our innate decency, and our naturalistic morality.

We are told we must love honor and obey, THEM, and only THEM….

…and all they purvey and “stand for.” Among these “truths” they hold to be “self-evident,” are: Rule By THEM only, our unlimited serfdom, unlimited invasion and desecration of America by leftist foreigners and their potential voters, deification of confirmed violent criminals, worship of skin-tone and melanin-content,  the rewriting of history—and all the rest of it.

You already know all this.

The question remains: what are *YOU* going to do about it, when your time comes.

And it will come.

“Your time.”

For you.

Sooner than you might think. So you had better know, what you are going to do.





I have never actually cared about Gay, Lesbian, or the so-called, “Transgender.” Not until it all somehow became a self-proclaimed, totalitarian, violent force, reminiscent of the old Nazi SA—which was run by a Gay Guy.


National Socialism (Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism.”


“SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German: “Assault Division”), byname Storm Troopers or Brownshirts, German Sturmtruppen or Braunhemden, in the German Nazi Party, a paramilitary organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

“The SA was founded in Munich by Hitler in 1921 out of various roughneck elements… that battled…in the streets in the early days of the Weimar Republic. Outfitted in brown uniforms after the fashion of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Blackshirts in Italy, the SA men protected party meetings, marched in Nazi rallies, and physically assaulted political opponents….

(Gay Guy) Ernst Röhm – Nazi SA Commandant

Ernst Rohm, A Gay Guy:

“From January 1931 it [SA] was headed by Ernst Röhm[a Gay Guy] who harboured radical anticapitalist notions and dreamed of building the SA into Germany’s main military force. Under Röhm SA membership, swelled from the ranks of the Great Depression’s unemployed, grew to 400,000 by 1932 and to perhaps 2,000,000—20 times the size of the regular army—by the time that Hitler came to power in 1933.“

Today, here in 2019, somehow, Gay, Lesbian, and so-called, Transgender, seem to have become all the rage. I mean—it’s like the gods themselves have returned, or something.

Millennials, Liberals, Socialists, ANTIFA, Politicians, and others are perhaps even trying to figure out ways to have sex with such. I mean—who wouldn’t, am I right?

I mean—I saw where, on TV, they said, like, being all homosexual and stuff—“It’s just skin.”

I saw that on the “Comedy” Channel. So, like, why not, and all? Right?

All that homosexual stuff—it’s now deemed, “normal,” by the Leftist World-Wide Media, Hollywood, and “western politicians.” Moreover, it’s rated as maybe even “superior,” to “Straight.”

For instance: we are told—advised—instructed—that Gay parents are “superior” to straight parents. “

“…My parents let me wear mismatched all pink ensembles for years. They also let my, now rugby playing, younger brother put on make-up with my mom, Nina, in the morning and once wear a skirt to school….”

See? All perfectly normal. What could go wrong?

With all this positive input, from the world-wide, international, conglomerate of Leftist media, politicians, Hollywood, TeeVee, Supergirl, and general Kneelers and Cavers—HOW CAN IT NOT ALL BE TRUE?

I ASK YOU, if we can’t trust the media, and all those named above, then who can we trust?

Donald Trump? Trust Donald Trump?

Everybody knows we can’t trust Trump! I mean—we are told around-the-clock that he is baaaad, insane, a killer, wears a wig, and all like, etc. Right?

I mean—once he even talked about grabbing a pussy or something:


Trump, baaaad!

Socialism, Communism, Liberals, ANTIFA, gooooood!

What are some “homosexual practices?” Even I won’t list them. But you can read about it for yourself, here.

This all began with Barack Obama, whom some say is Gay. I seem to have read somewhere that he “experimented” with Gay sex? I believe that.

Some say his wife Michelle is really a man, and the two girls are adopted. I don’t believe that.

Okay, even if Obama did have sex with men, he’s still the one who seems to have unleashed the apparent hidden, domineering, vengeful hatred of the Gay Left.

And then, those with vested interests in Gay—or the destruction of American Society—promoted, promulgated, and pushed the Agenda.

Now—in 2019—we are given a list of at least 58 pronouns by which we may refer to Gays. It’s said there are more “pronouns.”

I still say, “okay,” to Gay, but am verging onto saying maybe, “bullshlt.”

I mean—ANYbody can say what they want to be called, but I don’t have to do it. At least, not yet.

But, I’m sure it’s coming. (Islam and Muslims aside, because they apparently kill Gays, but that’s a secret.)

It’s coming—along with tons of other things we will be forced to do and say. The so-called, “Gay Mafia,” already seems to rule the world. EVERYthing they may say is taken seriously. EVERY complaint or Want they may have is taken seriously.

I mean—one named Buttigieg is running openly for President—and saying a lot of “crazy” things. And people love it. They tell us, “The time for a gay president has come.”

I’m sure that total, USA OBEDIENCE, to the Leftist Gay, Lesbian, and so-called, “Transgender” hallucinations of Power and Dominance will be ordered and compelled by Law.

It’s just a question of time, is all. And then, what?

Oh—and be sure to vote Democrat.

That is, if you want the destruction of America, it’s Truth, Justice, and the way we used to do things—before “Socialism” became the insane, unworkable, totalitarian, Communist tsunami that it now is….

…desired by Millennials, “suburban housewives.” Lusted for as Law by corporate greed, internationalists, one-worlders, Hollywood, the media, politicians, multimillionaire kneelers, and others.

Where does that leave you? Where do you stand?

Where is your ground?

What are you?


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