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(STAR TREK: Season 2, Episode 6, 1967)

OPINION: By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


Like one of Captain Kirk’s nemeses, “The Doomsday Machine” — which was a mindless bio-mechanical robot — today’s New Socialist Democrat Party, appears to seek total destruction and consumption of America. Its bits and slivers. 

Every “normal” person apparently already knows this. I won’t hammer details. 

I’m here to point out that Captain James T. Kirk is not an exception. Kirk is a born conservative. And “a cowboy,” yes. But, he is a dedicated warrior of his own era. And, of our era, too, thanks to a man named Vic Mignogna.

Vic Mignogna – Polymath Genius:  Actor, Director, Writer, Editor, VO, Executive Producer, Ex-Cop, etc. –

Captain James T. Kirk never changes. He already knows who he is and what he stands for. He has no “character arc,” in film literature. He remains the same in every episode. 

Like the original James Bond, or “Dirty” Harry, Indiana Jones, or even John Wick — James T. Kirk never “evolves.” He doesn’t have to. He’s  a symbol. A person of his time. 

Fans love him that way. No true fan wants him to change. Nobody wants Kirk to maybe advocate for, tofu-burgers, or physical “equality” between — say — body-builders and quadriplegics, for open borders, unisex lavatories and showers, or, for the radiant glories of “socialism.” 

Whatever’s newer is better, we are told. Socialism will dominate and rule the world, we are told. Let’s just give it a chance, they tell us. What could it hurt? 

After all, socialism sounds so much nicer than “communism.” 

For instance, Supergirl, on Canadian and US TV, has such a way-nicer, socialist arc than Kirk.  She “evolves,” merges with Millennials, and spews liberal-loved propaganda to doting friends of that persuasion. 

However, in keeping with original Star Trek ideals and principles, the concept of Old Time Is The Best Time, has been renewed by Vic Mignogna, in a modern way. 

This is accomplished in the eleven-part, Internet series, STAR TREK CONTINUES, starring,  Vic Mignoga

STAR TREK CONTINUES, is an astonishing, fan-replication — down to the last detail of the original Star Trek, which ran from, 1966-1969, on NBC. 

This new series is described as a “labor of love,” and not a parody or satire. People involved in this new production seem deadly serious about it. 

STAR TREK CONTINUES is so much like the original that almost all special effects and costumes are, “done the way they did it back then.”

The new series even reprises in detail those (well-known) panels of grained plywood painted red that accented the corridor of the original Enterprise!   

William Shatner, STAR TREK – Enterprise Corridor –

In STAR TREK CONTINUES, Vic Mignogna stars as Captain James Tiberius Kirk. 

Mignogna is so good at portraying William Shatner portraying James T. Kirk, that, at times, he seems to actually become Shatner. 

Mignogna states in a 2017 Internet interview, that he knows Shatner personally, has dined with him, and had marveled at the original Star Trek series on TV, as a boy in need of a role model.

Mignogna states that the new series is “an act of love and respect.” That William Shatner as Kirk, played an important part in Mignogna’s early life. That he seeks to honor William Shatner, and not in any way parody him. 

As I said, the resemblance between Mignogna and Kirk is astounding. The “look,” the attitude, and movements are pure Shatner-As-Kirk. Mignogna is a great actor, to unaffectedly carry this off. 

The series appears to be a conservative view of life, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of universal justice.

Yet, I, personally, did not think Episode 9 – “That’s What Ships Are For” —  starring the great, John de Lancie — is true to conservatism. This was the only episode where I felt that way. 

Further, about that episode, which seems to deal with immigration, Vic Mignogna stated directly to me: “Some people wrote us and told us it was too liberal while others wrote us and told us they thought it was too conservative! That’s how we know we did it right.” 

Given that Vic Mignogna apparently also believes, as he further stated to me, that, “both points of view are equally and legitimately represented,” is good enough. I no longer think any part of the series is totally liberal. With Mignogna having been born in the early 1960’s, I believe, that he believes, he does reach out “to both points of view.”

This is something I could never do, having been born into a much earlier time and different state of being and sensibilities, during World War II.

The script for the described, episode 9, upon a second view, turned out to be perhaps just very dense and intellectual. Mignogna was apparently correct in saying everything is there for everybody.

I applaud Vic Mignogna and STAR TREK CONTINUES. I think this series is something that needs to be made. A relatively conservative voice in an era of Democrat lies, subversion, destruction, insanity, desperation, and attempted coup d’etat. 

There seem to be a constant, Internet call for “revolution, molon labe,” and “lock and load.” A “second American Revolution.” 

But I maintain it cannot be done — not in this era of Star Trek-like science and surveillance capabilities. There’s no place to hide, anymore. 

There can be no secrets. 

There is no point to any reputed, “armed insurrection,” or “second civil war.” It would be put down by whomever might be in charge. It could not be won by purported groups of patriots, police, military, citizen minute-men, or what have we. 

It would amount to a “statement” only — and death.

There would nothing for America to gain in destroying itself so openly, in the clear, in front of the entire world, and in Living Color on TV

In, “Divided We Stand” — STAR TREK CONTINUES, episode 5 — Mignogna writes about The War Between The States. The original US Civil War. 

In it, Vic Mignogna makes wondrous arguments for the principles of  personal freedom, and its defense. 

The character, Kirk, delivers several, moving orations in this regard, as he attempts to comfort and bolster a frightened boy. 

In the end, Kirk’s heartfelt arguments are so powerfully driven, that the boy becomes a hero — but dies. This illustrates the power and draw of freedom, but shows it can also get one dead. 

Thereby, Mignogna does seem to reach out to both points of view, regarding a divided America. Like the one facing us now. 

Was the division worse in 1861? Or is it worse today, in 2019, going on 2020? Either case is horrible. 

In my opinion, there is one best way to settle this matter of a purported Democrat takeover attempt, and the advent of full-blast, totalitarian communism. 

We must beat them at the polls — in a landslide event that will cancel out Democrat “Socialism,” the mass media, social warriors, wild, wild Internet marauders and subversives, and the Deep State “Shadow” Government. 

I mean — who the hell wants to “evolve” into a socialist? I don’t. Do you? Neither — apparently — does Kirk.

Kirk, in STAR TREK CONTINUES, is the same as in the original series. He’s a cowboy with bold moves that can’t be anticipated or tracked — and yet, he searches for Reason.   

He understands how being in a civil war may seem patriotic and good, or even religious. And how it can also make one fruitlessly dead. 

And now, everything old is new again.

Because Vic Mignogna — actor, polymath genius, and ex-cop — understands freedom. He understands death. 

Kirk lives.

STAR TREK CONTINUES, see the episodes:

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