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NFL Predictions 2015/2016

I’ve been making NFL Predictions for years and have had quite a bit of success prognosticating, but never with Virginia Right. This year, however, I am taking a tact toward pessimism with regard to the AFC. While the NFC has, over the last six years, rebuilt itself into the dominant conference in the NFL, this is the first year where I am picking them to win more game than the AFC. The simple fact is, that Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay and Seattle would win any division in the AFC.

ravensThe AFC North, who sent 3 teams to the playoffs and which proved itself the dominant division in the AFC is going to have to take on Seattle this year. Seattle will be at Baltimore and Cincinnati, but will probably win both of those road games. Seattle also lucks out hosting Pittsburgh and Cleveland at home. I suspect Seattle will sweep the division. The fact is, the the AFC North doesn’t match up well against most of the NFC West, which will take a serious toll on our overall record. (I’m a Baltimore Ravens’ Fan: in case you didn’t know that).

Other problems for the AFC is that New England and Denver haven’t gotten any better. Neither team will see the sort of overall success they saw last year. Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Oakland are all much improved. So, we can safely say that there will be more parody in the the AFC records this year.

The NFC is going to match up well against the AFC across the board this year, so while a winning record was good enough to make you eligible for a playoff spot in the AFC last year, 8-8 could be good enough this year.

Now, I know this is Virginia, and there might be some collection of Washington Redskins fans out there. To you sweet, gentle people, I would recommend clicking the red X at the top right-hand side of your screen. You aren’t going to want to see this.


New England 10-6

Buffalo 8-8

Miami 7-9

New York: 6-10


Pittsburgh 12-4

Baltimore 8-8

Cincinnati 8-8

Cleveland 6-10


Indianapolis 13-3

Houston 8-8

Jacksonville 5-11

Tennessee 5-11


Denver 10-6

San Diego 8-8

Kansas City 7-9

Oakland 7-9


Dallas 11-5

Philadelphia 10-6

New York 8-8

Washington 3-13


Green Bay 12-4

Detroit 9-7

Minnesota 8-8

Chicago 6-10


Carolina 10-6

Atlanta 9-7

New Orleans 7-9

Tampa Bay 5-11


Seattle 14-2

San Fransisco 9-7

Arizona 8-8

St. Louis 8-8


Out of the AFC I suspect that we’ll see New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Denver in the playoffs. Joined by Buffalo, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston, or San Diego. I’m going with Cincinnati and San Diego. (My Ravens will be back next year!)

Out of the NFC I suspect that we’ll see Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Carolina, Seattle, and San Fransisco. Though, Detroit and Atlanta could surprise people.

AFC Championship: Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh (I need a shower).

NFC Championship: Seattle vs. Dallas (YUCK!)

Super Bowl: Seattle vs. Indianapolis

World Champion: Seattle Seahawks.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker