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Democrats are at the yada yada yada stage of gaslighting

Democrats, in media and politics, rely on the elusive Seinfeldian yada yada yada to sound truthful even as they are lying like crazy.

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes was the yada yada yada episode. (Spoilers ahead.) George has started dating a woman who tells very abbreviated stories. She starts with the premise, says, “and yada yada yada,” and then jumps to the conclusion:

Marcy: You know, a friend of mine thought she got Legionnaire’s disease in the hot tub.

George: Really? What happened?

Marcy: Oh, yada yada yada, just some bad egg salad. I’ll be right back. (She gets up)

Jerry: I noticed she’s big on the phrase “yada yada.”

George: Is “yada yada” bad?

Jerry: No, “yada yada” is good. She’s very succinct.

George: She is succinct.

Jerry: Yeah, it’s like you’re dating USA Today.

Soon, all four members of the Seinfeld gang are yada yada yada-ing their way through conversation.

Of course, the plot twist is that Marcy’s been leaving out more than even the squirrely Seinfeld gang realized. Thus, when she said, “So I’m on 3rd Avenue, mindin’ my own business, and, yada yada yada, I get a free massage and a facial,” this was the whole story:

George: All right, enough! Enough! From now on, no more yada yada’s. Just give me the full story.

Marcy: Okay.

George: Tell me about the free facial.

Marcy: Okay, well, like I said I was on 3rd Avenue, and I stopped by a large department store.

George: Which one?

Marcy: Bloomingdale’s.

George: Very good. Go on.

Marcy: Oh, and I stole a Piaget watch.

George: What’s that?

Marcy: And then, I was on such a… high, that I went upstairs to the salon on the fifth floor, and got a massage and facial, and skipped out on the bill.

George: Shoplifting.

George himself was less than honest, tell Marcy about his engagement to Susan, but forgetting to say that she died from the glue on the super cheap envelopes George bought for their wedding invitations when he started getting cold feet about the whole thing:

George: Well, we were engaged to be married, uh, we bought the wedding invitations, and, uh, yada yada yada, I’m still single.

Marcy: So what’s she doing now?

George: Yada.

Some details are just too important to be left out.

I was irresistibly reminded of that Seinfeld episode this morning when I listened to Derek Hunter’s podcast. He made the point that the power the media has is not in the telling of things, but in the things “it chooses to leaving on the cutting room floor.”

A perfect example arose apropos his guest, Jerome Hudson, who is the entertainment editor for Breitbart and who has written a bestselling book: 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know. We know it’s a bestseller because the Amazon algorithm, which is honest, tells us so.

You wouldn’t have known about the book’s bestseller status, though, if you only read the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Both of them ignored the book entirely when they compiled their bestseller lists. (Hudson and Hunter joke that the LA Times print edition simply started the list at number 2, so as to avoid naming Hudson’s book as number 1, but I couldn’t find evidence of this.)

Before the internet, the Democrats and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself), could get away with this yada yada yada approach to information. Even if someone came along after them and looked on the cutting room floor for all the things the Leftists left behind, there was no way to get that information to the public. Nowadays, though, the yada yada yada approach to news and political speech no longer works.

Just think of the way Adam Schiff’s role in the Ukraine hoax has been unspooling. It’s like a real life Seinfeld yada yada yada episode. First, Schiff said he knew nothing about the whistle blower.

Yada yada yada.

It turned out that the whistle blower had gone directly to Schiff’s office with his hearsay information.

Faced with this, Schiff said that he was sorry that his straightforward “no” was so ambiguous that people didn’t understand the real nuance behind it, which was that the guy/gal came to Schiff’s office looking for instruction about how to lodge a whistle blower report and was extremely “vague.” In other words, Schiff and his staff knew “nothing! nothing!” His “no” wasn’t a lie, it was just a nuanced way of saying I knew “almost nothing.”

Yada yada yada.

It turned out that Schiff knew enough that he was deeply concerned about the president’s major violation of election law and constitutionality, leading him to take the matter to the next level. Oh, and there was the fact that he tweeted out an amazingly prescient statement about the whistle blower’s claims weeks before the claims allegedly left the IG IC’s office.

Another example was the conclusion to the dreadlock hoax about the school at which Karen Pence teaches. The hoax was the fact that Amari Allen, a female sixth grader, claimed that three white boys held her down and cut away at her dreadlocks. It was, the media implied, an obviously racial and sexist assault. The media was all over the story in breathless detail.

The yada yada yada problem arose when Allen admitted the whole thing never happened (and to their credit, her family immediately apologized). Sharp-eyed people on the internet instantly noticed the yada yada yada in the media’s reporting about Allen’s recantation:

dreadlocks hoax

And so it goes, with every news story and statement from the Democrats containing more dot-dot-dot (…) or yada-yada-yada then even the Seinfeld writers could fit into a half hour show that’s all about the important things people leave out of their narratives.

In the legal world, when it comes to fraud, lies by omission are just as actionable as lies by commission. For the better part of a century, Democrat media outlets and politicians skated on their fraudulent narratives to the American people. The internet, though, is ending that, which is why the gatekeepers — Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc. — are cracking down harder and harder on free speech. They can’t afford for the cuttings on the floor to become the news.

When it comes to today’s Democrat establishment, always remember that what they don’t say is as important as, if not more important than, what they do say. Before you make up your mind about any story wait at least 24 hours for the new media, the open investigative media, to troll through the cutting room and give you all the facts. Otherwise, yada yada yada, you’re uninformed.

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