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If it requires a war in the republican party, let’s get on with it

I have always admired the Bush family and their collective service to our nation. George H.W Bush in particular because of his heroic service during WW II and his genuine zest for life, exhibited up until the last few years with his age defying acts to celebrate his birthdays.

All of that however is in danger of slipping away with the childlike behavior exhibited this week when they publically stated their intent of not endorsing Trump ,and or not voting for him. Perhaps Jeb , a recent combatant in what was at times an unpleasant primary campaign might still be licking his wounds, but for the family including 2 former Presidents to behave this way is unacceptable.

“ Read my lips”, the now infamous quote of H.W’s during his 1988 campaign , and in 2004 W’s promoting and passage of Medicare Part D ( solely to secure a 2nd term himself ) hardly endear these two as stalwart conservatives in the minds of those who were encouraged in 2008 and 2012 to set aside any differences in the interest of party unity.  This conduct only solidifies many conservatives view that the Bush family embodiment of establishment politics is so ingrained as to preclude them from now accepting the will of the voters in their choice of Trump as a standard bearer for the Republican Party.

If indeed this fracture isn’t healed and Hillary Clinton is sworn in next January those of us who have held our noses in the past and supported candidates that were too establishment for our tastes will not soon forget the Bush families distasteful conduct . If the republican party is to go to war with itself, then so be it. Electing the Bush candidates hardly served conservative values, and voters have clearly had enough of the family monarchy, to include both the Bush and Clinton family.

Bob Shannon  King William

Article written by: Tom White

Cruz Moving to Suspend His Campaign With Indiana Loss Today? Here’s Why.

This is being reported by DC Whispers:
FYI:  Today the very same rumor from two different (and trusted) sources  suggest Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign is currently engaged in ongoing discussions regarding the subject of suspending the campaign as early as this week should the Texas senator lose tomorrow’s Indiana primary.

Apparently Team Cruz is receiving a growing chorus of calls for his withdrawal from top Republican officials as well as donors now in the process of terminating their support of the Cruz campaign.

**UPDATE**  A message to a known Cruz campaign state operative was given the following reply to the above rumor:


Readers will have to decide for themselves to take that as a confirmation or not.

It is important to note that the Cruz Campaign responded with “No Comment” instead of a denial.

Ted Cruz has made a series of mistakes driven by desperation as he sees his campaign and his hopes to win the GOP nomination going down the drain. Cruz has not won a primary since April 5 and has only picked up 6 delegates since then. (Which is 6 more than Kasich has won.) And during that time period Trump has gained 246 Delegates. In fact, Trump has won 7 of the last 10 contests and amassed 304 delegates to just 92 for Cruz and 9 for Kasich.
All of this put Trump on a roll and Cruz and Kasich decided to team up when the race reached the point where neither could win on the first ballot, and try to block Trump. Poll after poll has shown this was seen as a very unpopular insider move by the GOP Establishment. Cruz had been running as an outsider, but started playing the establishment game. And at the same time, Cruz began “stealing” delegates at conventions hoping for a contested convention and a second or third ballot. And while this is not against the rules, voters see it as more back room establishment trickery and Trump has capitalized on the “rigged system” mantra. And again, voters see Cruz as just another establishment politician.
And Carly Fiorina is one of the least liked personalities in the initial group of 17 and she washed out early. When she ran against Barbara Boxer, her record at HP alone made Boxer look like a saint. Watch this devastating ad Boxer used to derail Fiorina. And ask yourself “what was Cruz thinking,”?

Fiorina is a huge mistake. An unforced error on the part of Cruz and many called it an incomplete Hail Mary pass born of desperation. Perhaps a lot of this has to do with the exit polls from last Tuesday’s 5 state romp by Trump. It seems that according to the exit polls, Trump won pretty much every demographic across the board. The LA Times reported:

It’s a clean sweep for Trump in the five Republican primaries Tuesday — and exit polls from three of those states demonstrate why: He won in practically every demographic.

Take education level, for example. Trump performed strongly among those who completed less schooling — 7 in 10 of those who finished high school and around 6 in 10 of those with some college.

But he also scooped up around half of the voters with college degrees and was the top finisher, albeit more narrowly, for those with postgraduate degrees. (In Maryland, he had a virtual tie with John Kasich in the highly educated category.)

He also locked up voters across the age spectrum. In Pennsylvania and Connecticut, more than half of voters aged 18-44 picked Trump, and nearly 6 in 10 voters aged 45 and older sided with the front-runner.

His margins were slightly lower in Maryland; he won just under half of the 18- to 44-year-old voters and more than 5 in 10 voters aged 45 and up.

And while Trump’s appeal to female voters has been much scrutinized, he was the top finisher among women in all three states. He won a more than half of women in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and just short of a majority in Maryland.

All of these recent actions by Cruz reek of desperation and a flailing campaign that has now become the establishment campaign Cruz has pretended not to be. And a recent story exposes Cruz top 3 big money backers as he tries to pretend his campaign is about individual donors.
And if we go back to March 15, the day that 6 states held primaries, Trump has won 12 out of 17 contests, Cruz has won 3 of 17 and Kasich just 1. (Note – American Samoa has 9 delegates and awarded 1 to Trump and 1 to Cruz. The rest are unbound.) And the delegate count for the last 17 contests, Trump – 533, Cruz – 144.
Trump vs Cruz
In last week’s performance by Trump in the 5 state’s primaries, Trump dominated. And as you can see by the chart above, Trump is on steep climb as far as delegates while Cruz has flat-lined. And as the wins pile up, Trump’s momentum has picked up like a snowball rolling down a hill. Everyone wants to be on the winning side and back the winner, once that becomes inevitable.
Let’s look at the effects of the last few weeks and the Trump momentum and the effect it is having on state primaries.
California has been pretty close right up until the April 19 New York win by Donald Trump. Look at the chart below from Real Clear Politics:
CA GOP PollsAs you can see by the position of the markers on April 19, Trump was leading Cruz by under 10 points, which has been historically the case in the Golden State. As of today, Trump has gone from an 8.5% lead over Cruz to a 26.4% lead since the New York win on April 19. And more significantly, Trump is now averaging 50.7%. The latest poll has him at 54%. California has 172 delegates and is a winner take all (by congressional district) state. The significance of this lead is that with Trump standing to win 172 delegates in California, if we add that to his current total he would stand at 1,168 delegates, only 69 shy of the magic number to win the nomination on the first ballot of 1,237. Winning a majority of the Indiana delegates today (57) would put Trump just 12 shy of the nomination. With The Donald expected to win both West Virginia (34 delegates) and New Jersey (51 delegates), that would put him at over 1,300, far more than required to win.
After Indiana where Trump leads in the polls by double digits and with the already mentioned West Virginia (Trump +20) and New Jersey (Trump +29) we also have Oregon where the Cruz/Kasich pact was supposed to block Trump. But a brand new poll shows Trump up by 17. Oregon is a proportional state, so Trump will no doubt add to his total delegate count.
There are other contests, but unfortunately there is no available polling data. But even if Trump does not win a single delegate beyond West Va and New Jersey (and CA) the race is over.
The momentum is heavily favoring Donald Trump. The only thing that can slow the inevitable Trump victory would be a strong and decisive victory for Ted Cruz in Indiana tonight. A victory for Trump would dry up money to Cruz and there will be no stopping Donald Trump all the way to Cleveland – and beyond. But a loss for Cruz tonight spells the end for his campaign.

Article written by: Tom White

Are the Oligarchs shoes too tight?

By Bob Shannon   Central Garage

Nice to see the Oligarchs now concerned about spending.  Mr. Campbell last year for the first time  spoke on items he thought could be eliminated from the 2014/15 budget. The timing of his comments were oddly coincidental since  Land Use Tax Exemptions were on the chopping block. Watch how fast local spending gets reined in should the Land Use Tax Exemption program be eliminated.  The whiners writing letters now with a furious pace could never find the time to attend a BOS budget meeting and or crusade with us on cutting spending …..until now.

Mr. Campbell offers beleaguered homeowners a .01 reduction in the real estate tax rate while  advocating for self-serving tax exemptions & subsidies . Mr. Campbell’s new found budget frugality might suggest which one of the exemptions /subsidies would he be willing to let go of, since he wants to keep these superior County services he touts as necessary. Cato and other institutions have labelled Federal Farm Subsidies “corporate welfare”, maybe he is willing to start there ? Campbell defends Land Use Tax exemptions, which are  “tax shifting  Stop calling it Tax Exemptions—-it is tax shifting. Stop calling it ( if  ended) a  “tax increase”.  It would be an end to an EXEMPTION.  The runaway development nonsense is beginning to sound like a parrot. Amend the Comprehensive Plan to allow for minimum 10 acre lots ….if that is their real concern.

As for the KWTP and the tactics of intimidation ?   When you can’t win the argument on the facts smear the other side.   KWTP holds elected officials accountable, a necessity if we are to correct the problems facing both our communities and our nation. For too long we allowed politicians to make campaign pledges, only to watch them morph afterwards into mouth pieces for local power brokers.  Mr. Campbell labels that intimidation, voters disagreed. Beneficiaries    of the status quo simply refuse to accept their agenda was defeated. The average Joe/Jane had had enough. We have some Supervisors who now are pushing the voters agenda.

Supervisor Hansen  coined the phrase “ homeowners in KW county are not sharecroppers”, and  that  sentiment was reflected in comments last Monday night when one of the folks benefitting by these schemes said “ some of us are from  here’s & some of you are come here’s”  Does this man understand the form of government we have in the U.S , or know that half or more of the citizens of King William  today are “ come here’s” . Is he suggesting a different class of citizenship for these folks ?

Homeowners and small business owners want the tax policy field leveled & spending cut.  Stop the name calling and respect the voters will.


Article written by: Tom White

King William Re-Education Camps ?

                                             King William Re-Education Camps ?

By Bob Shannon Central Garage

The nostalgic longing for the good ol days, when …..” elected officials primary concern was the interest of all citizens” should have warned what was to come.   Would “all citizens” include the folks who for years wanted spending restrained and taxes cut ? Citizens made their voices heard in November. Are conservatives a separate class, should they keep their opinions to themselves ? Is the writer advocating that conservatives be sent off to re-education camp so we fall in line ?

Readers following this have to ask one simple question. Did the KW TEA Party place enforcers at polling stations last Nov. 3rd and strong arm voters to pull the lever for a new Supervisor ? Or is it possible …….voters independent and of their own accord concluded the KW TEA Party might have some valid points ? The writer uses the phrase “ urged on by outside influence”……..just whom does the writer mean by that ? Was King William invaded by pillaging Vikings ?

Are citizens of King William who apparently voted for new leadership part of that outside influence ? If anyone has created an environment of hysteria and animosity it is the folks who engineered the “ phony crisis” this writer furthers with once again repeating the grand lie that $5 million in budget cuts to the schools were ever even mentioned , discussed or considered. It takes some hubris to insinuate that others are using misinformation — after spreading that lie. Take away the feeding trough from the public sector and prepare for this type of discourse.

We now have F.O.I.A requests made for e-mails between private citizens and their elected representatives on the B.O.S ? Did anyone from the TEA Party ever ask for e-mails between former Supervisor’s Stone, Redd or Williams and private citizen’s ? No we did not, and we won’t idly sit by while the new Nazi’s in the County attempt to deny us the same right to communicate with these elected officials who at least are willing to listen to our concerns and ideas. Did these former Supervisors communicate with members of the Farm Bureau, the Ruritan’s, and other citizens in the County who expressed their opinion ? If you are a citizen who has another perspective is the writer suggesting we be denied the same rights ? The KWTP has informed and educated broader swaths of citizens allowing them a better understanding of how local government really works.

The writer has discovered ………a “budget process”, one that I personally have been a fixture at for the last 6 years. Odd, I don’t recall in all 35 or so of those meetings ever seeing the writer there. Often in the all day meetings I sat alone doing just what the writer suggests, learning as much as possible about the county budget, where the money was being spent and offering specific proposals on how expenditures could be reduced. The former elected official’s , predisposed to spend other people’s hard earned money had little regard for what we might think, or what objections we may have. The writer concludes with the sentence, “when will we rally and say ENOUGH ? . Readers will recall one of Candidate Hansen’s signs that asked that same straightforward question “HAD ENOUGH YET ?. Voters answered the question . Whether he won with 38% of the vote or 98% of the vote he won, and that is the system we have. Perhaps the writer just doesn’t like the outcome.


Article written by: Tom White

Can I Have 10 MORE Minutes with Mr. Trump Please?

I found this report in the Youngstown Vindicator interesting (hat tip to Breitbart where I found it) and it said that a thousand voters (who in Ohio only have to ask for a GOP ballot to be a Republican primary voter) had switched from Democrat to Republican so, some said openly, so they could vote for Donald Trump:

About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

“We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

A number of Democrats taking a Republican ballot when voting early at the board “say they want to vote for Trump,” said Joyce Kale-Pesta, Mahoning County Board of Elections director.

I remember how rural voters in Ohio saved George W. Bush in 2004 from possible defeat – they turned out in spite of the increased numbers in the Cleveland area presumably for Kerry-Edwards.  Many were believers and some had not voted in election after election.

And it is not limited to Mahoning County according to the article:

Election officials in Trumbull and Columbiana counties say they aren’t keeping track of how many voters are changing party affiliations.

“But we’ve had some people say, ‘I want to switch to the Trump party,” said Stephanie Penrose, Trumbull County’s elections board director.

“There are a lot of Democrats switching over,” said Kim Meeks, Columbiana County’s elections board deputy director. “We see a trend, but we won’t know details until after the primary.”

I would suspect this is happening all about the Buckeye State where I graduated from college (Wright State) and started law school (Dayton) just like what happened in 2004.
Why is this?  Unethical voting for the least popular GOP candidate?  Perhaps some.  But not all.  People are fed up with lying pols in BOTH parties and what seems to be Tweedledee and Tweedledum in both major parties:  Both for bad trade deals that gut our sovereignty.  Both for increased deficits and debt.  Both for bigger more intrusive government.  Both for the US to enforce UN resolutions with a billy club made up of wonderful men and women, some who do not return or return grievously injured in mind or body.  But someone has offered hope to many of these voters.  They want to see America great again.
Now if I had that ten minutes with Mr. Trump (and I understand he needs a speechwriter – I could do it part time but I must say – I disagree with the Muslim thing) I say:
Millions are placing their hope in you, Mr. Trump.  Don’t let them down.  Stop the silly stuff, the insults (never call Senator Sasse a loser – he won an election – call him right away and privately deal with it), and the vulgarity.  It is too important.  We might not get another chance.  The globalists are circling the US and UK with coveteousness.  Keep to the message.  Make US great again.  Stand for our sovereignty.  Fight Agenda 21 and other globalist ideals.  Say let’s build better schools and roads and infrastructure and leave the billy club to others.  You were right when you said we spent five trillion dollars in the Middle East and won nothing.
Consider this your greatest building effort, Mr. Trump.  Bigger than a building or the casino or a golf course.  Your nation calls on you.  Don’t let us down.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

Did they miss the election in King William?

elections-have-consequencesBy Bob Shannon Central Garage

Our critics portend to speak for others , is it possible that the local TEA Party indeed represents the views of those very voters who sent 3 sitting Supervisors packing ? Perhaps these same folks who use terms like “ we” when referencing just who wants higher levels of spending each year might consider that their views are the ones that are out of lockstep with the KW public, if the election results are to mean anything.

One of the most disturbing tactics our opponents are employing is the obviously insincere attempts at flattering Supervisor Stephen Greenwood, coming from individuals who never supported Supv. Greenwood, yet today use thinly veiled reference’s , stating that Greenwood has demonstrated a willingness to serve the majority of residents in King William. Does Mr. Mills mean the majority that threw out the tax and spend crowd, or what constitutes the majority as he defines it , or wishes it were. Can this man count ? Did he watch the MAJORITY of voters who declared they had enough ? Voters moved the Oligarchs cheese.

Greenwood has a record of advocating for spending cuts . Mr. Mills and Wagner insult the intellect of both Greenwood and voters with their thinly veiled efforts at manipulation. Our group has always supported and admired Supv. Greenwood, and I don’t recall either of these gentlemen being there . Stephen is too smart to fall for their disingenuous deceit. Through two election cycles I collected signatures, put out yard signs and worked the phones for Greenwood, I don’t recall Mr. Mills or Wagner being a part of that effort. I’ve witnessed Greenwood take on Tom Redd, and Trent Funkhouser, along with Travis Moskalski. Greenwood is the only one on that last Board with any principles . Our groups admiration is sincere and long standing, unlike these Johnny come lately’s .

Wagner splits hairs when he states…. “ Greenwood in his four years on the board has done an exemplary job holding the other board members in check by voting time and again to cut spending, however his fiscal conservatism was not and is not based on the agenda of the TEA Party “. NEWS FLASH Mr. Wagner—our agenda as you say is just that fiscal conservatism. The TEA Party “agenda” that these critics rail about apparently found favor with the voters,

Readers with the interest that are following all of this might just ask this one question. Isn’t it interesting that those advocating for “ unsurpassed services and excellent education” are more often than not the same ones who hide behind every corner of the tax code they can find to minimize their own contributions to these services they claim so dearly to care about. Now there’s an AGENDA.


Article written by: Tom White

Why KW School Board Chairwoman Kathy Morrison should resign immediately

By Bob Shannon Central Garage

Any elected official has an ethical and professional obligation to ensure anything they put their name on is truthful, credible and fact based. What appeared on the KW County School Website ( attached ) is none of those. Ms. Morrison elected to use exaggerated claims under a scenario that both she and the members of the BOS know isn’t true. This was indeed a shameful example of what happens when anyone challenges expenditures of the public’s money. It might also explain why it was pulled from the school website within hours of it’s posting.

Throughout 2015 a contested and very public discussion took place over County spending, to include the School Systems Budget Excesses. These excesses were best exemplified by a widely circulated comparison between Nottoway County Schools and King William County Schools. Nottoway has 6 schools and some 300 more students, to King Williams 4 schools. Nottoway had a school budget last year of 19.9 million vs. King William 25.7 million ( these numbers were taken from each County’s websites) The Debt Service cost from 2015 , the amount of money allocated in each budget for servicing past school debt was 2.3 million in KW County, and $230,000.00 in Nottoway, ( 1/10th what is was here ) clearly indicating which School Board has a more frugal approach to debt and spending someone else’s money.

Even allowing for the 2.3 million in Debt Service Costs King William’s 4 Schools are spending $90,000.00 a week more than Nottoway. You need not be a budget expert to recognize something is terribly wrong. The County Schools do a very good job, this isn’t a criticism about the quality of the schools, just one of Leadership not watching tax payers dollars.

Voters paid attention and voted out 3 sitting members of the BOS after weighing the merits of the public discussion. Ms. Morrison demeans Supervisor Hansen & Supervisor Ehrhart for simply following the wishes and intentions of voters who said ENOUGH !

It is incumbent that someone sitting as the Chair of the School Board display impartiality and honesty in all of their public assertions. Whatever Ms. Morrison’s politics are , are her business. It is however a different story when she allows her personal political beliefs to be injected into what should be a fact based honest discussion on the spending of tax dollars. As such Ms. Morrison should immediately resign from her position on the School Board.


Article written by: Tom White

Could Rand Paul Surprise in Iowa Tomorrow?

I was reading several reports about how Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of my hero the former Representative for liberty, Ron Paul, might have a stealth campaign in Iowa that may surprise.

The conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are in a tight race for first and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is in third, although he may slip a bit.

But Rand Paul may benefit from several factors.  First he is at about five percent – already in fifth place (behind Trump/Cruz, Rubio and Doctor Ben Carson) and may be enjoying a bit of a surge.

Second, Paul will get a benefit I wish his father had:  Students back at college.  Paul is trying to raise 10,000 caucus voters in university towns.  If he gets anywhere near this, this will produce several more percent of caucusgoers and these may be under the polling radar.  College students could not be available or speak with pollsters or have cell phones.  But there are issues with getting students to caucus:

But given the competitive caucus contests underway in both parties and the fragmented nature of the Republican field – never mind young voters’ uneven record of political engagement – the pool of voters from which Paul can draw 10,000 caucus commitments is almost surely much smaller.

Hagle noted, too, that organizing college campuses is further complicated by many students’ desire to remain registered to vote in their hometowns – requiring them to leave campus on a Monday night in order to participate in the caucuses.

There is also this unconventional outreach that Paul is doing:

Demographic trends are unmistakably leading to a future where a candidate can’t win the presidency with the support of white voters alone. This speaks to why Paul’s outreach, especially to young people and minorities, is so important for conservatism.

Whether it’s Paul’s engagements at historically black universities, his focus on helping cities like Detroit and Baltimore through criminal justice and economic reform, or his welcoming diverse new members to the GOP, he’s one of the few Republicans consistently engaged in outreach beyond the traditional Republican base.

Will it be enough?  Seems like to me Paul did well in the debate (so did Rubio but Rubio always seems a bit modulated to me although he is an excellent speaker and debater and I wonder why he does not do better!) and since the final Des Moines Register poll did not show a surge for the Florida Senator maybe people are looking for another alternative.   I would also say that Carson did not do well either.  If most of Carson’s vote and some of the anti-Trump/Cruz vote that might have gone to Rubio decide to go elsewhere, maybe Rand Paul is the answer?

The Senator from Kentucky says he’ll surprise the world and win Monday night:

Rand Paul said Sunday that he might win Monday’s Iowa caucuses and will significantly outperform recent polls he claimed are not capturing his younger supporters.

“We think we’re a lot stronger than the polls represent,” the Kentucky senator told a panel on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

I do not think Rand will win but he could beat Rubio for third and maybe shock a falling Cruz for second.  But Virginia Right is famous for incredible predictions!  So let’s see.  Rand will do better than expected.  Third.  Maybe second.  More than remote but not much more than remote possibility of a Paul victory.  (Governor Gilmore is concentrating on New Hampshire.)

If something like that happens, or if Rand wins, like former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum did in 2012, the Presidential race is turned on its head.  New Hampshire will be more friendly for the Kentucky Senator.  So might Nevada.  Even Virginia might be in play due to its open primary.  And Sandy might switch to Rand!

If you can’t vote for Cruz or Trump or Rubio – shake the world – vote Rand Paul.


Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders

The History of the Republican Loyalty Oath and Why the RPV is a National Joke

The Republican Party of Virginia

The Republican Party of Virginia

According to the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman John Whitbeck, the “Statement of Party Affiliation” isn’t about voter suppression, it is about ensuring that only Republicans vote in the Republican primary. The party wants to keep Democrats from voting in the Republican primary. These “crossover” voters are assumed to have ill intent and wish to effect the outcome of the Primary in such a way that these nefarious party flippers would elect the GOP candidate that would be easiest for the Democratic nominee to defeat.

And obviously no true Republican wants to allow Democrats to select the Republican nominee. Right?

Unless that Republican is an Establishment Republican, or GOPe for short. (Or RINO, pick your favorite term.)

Urging Democrats to cross over and vote in the GOP Primary is one tactic GOPe’ers use to defeat the dreaded Conservatives and TEA Party candidates. Scare the Democrats into believing these right wing “kooks” will kill women and eat their children is a favorite ploy.

Patricia Harless, a Republican Lawmaker from Texas credits the Democrats with electing her.

And who can forget Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran urging Democrats to vote for him or else they will get the scary Conservative?

Or Rick Santorum urging Democrats to vote for him in the Republican Primary.

Or closer to home, here in Virginia in Fauquier.

And the common thread is the ones pushing for Democrat votes are Establishment Republicans. RINO’s. GOPe.

So let’s look at the history of the Republican Party of Virginia and their demand for party loyalty oaths.

In 2007, the RPV decided to force loyalty oaths on the primary voters. And not unlike today, the outcry was immediate and intense against requiring this oath.

The WaPo reported in 2007:

Virginia Republican leaders decided yesterday to scrap plans to require voters to sign a loyalty pledge before they cast their ballots in the Feb. 12 presidential primary.

The decision by the 86-member Virginia Republican State Central Committee, meeting in Crystal City, came after a public outcry over the pledge and mounting concern among party leaders that it could drive independents and moderate Republicans away from GOP candidates.

“We have heard the voice of the people,” said John H. Hager, the state party chairman. “It’s a new day, and our job has to be to build the party. We welcome new people into the party. We want as many people as possible participating if they share our principles and values.”

The reversal occurred less than a week after the State Board of Elections approved a party request to require that voters sign a piece of paper that said, “I, the undersigned, pledge that I intend to support the nominee of the Republican Party for President.”

The pledge included instructions saying that anyone who refused to sign it “will not be permitted to vote” — a requirement that would have been difficult to enforce.

GOP officials said the pledge was designed to keep Democrats from voting in the primary, which is open to all voters, but it prompted many Republicans to call or send angry e-mails to state party headquarters this week.

Some party activists say the pledge would have sent a signal that Virginia Republicans do not want to reach out to the many voters who are not affiliated with either party but who often decide statewide races.

So the idea was scrapped in the 2008 primary because Republicans hated the idea. Mostly because it makes the Republican Party unwelcoming to new participants and places a barrier to attracting new party members.

So what happened in the 2012 Presidential Primary?

Well, the definition of insanity (stupidity?) is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The Stupid Republican Party of Virginia did an “Oops I did it again” move:

Yep. Oops I did it again.

The RPV demanded a loyalty oath.

But this time it was different. Everyone loved the idea of preventing people from participating in the primary if they would not sign a loyalty oath. JUST KIDDING!!!

The Republican rank and file blasted the idiots that keep doing this. Even the Republican Governor Bob McDonnell thought it was a lousy idea.

And again the WaPo reported on the RPV retreat:

Virginia Republicans announced Tuesday night that they will scrap plans to require voters to pledge support for the party’s eventual nominee at the presidential primary March 6.

Pat Mullins, party chairman, wrote on his Facebook page that he had informed the State Board of Elections that he will rescind the “loyalty oath” after informally polling the state GOP’s governing board .

“We welcome all newcomers like these to our party with open arms as we build a coalition to bring our Country back to greatness once again,’’ he wrote.

Late last month, the State Board of Elections approved the “loyalty oath,” a form for primary voters that would say: “I, the undersigned, pledge that I intend to support the nominee of the Republican Party for president.”

But since then the state GOP has received a slew of criticism. Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) opposed the move as well.

So in keeping with our musical guest who has a history of doing really stupid things, we will let Brittany Spears explain the insanity of 2012 in Baby One More Time:

So let’s fast forward to the 2016 primary.

John Whitbeck and the Republican State Central Committee prove the old saying “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

And who said it better than The Captain and Tennille in “Do That To Me One More Time”. (Sorry, more Brittany ahead.)

So is the Republican Party really that stupid? Do they expect different results this year? the answer to both questions is obviously yes and yes.

And as the world has watched, the Virginia GOP Clown car has circled the election field yet again, and wants to do a loyalty oath (or call it statement of affiliation, whatever) for the 2016 election.

And even as the Democratic Party has negotiated with the State Board of Elections to work on making the voting lines shorter and arrived at a solution, leave it to the RPV to gum up the works with a stupid signature requirement that is non binding and absolutely useless unless you want to keep masses of new voters away from the polls. And antagonize (I used that because it is more polite than writing ‘piss off’ which is what I really wanted to convey) the party faithful.

Donald Trump has attracted a lot of supporters who have either become disillusioned with the GOP in general – like the recently passed $1.1 trillion spending bill the Republicans passed that funds Syrian “Refugee” terrorists – or have not found any candidate worth voting for with an “R” after their name. It has been the stated goal of the Republican Party for many years to attract minorities and independents and they keep telling us people like John McCain and Mitt Romney are the answer. Or Jeb Bush pandering in Spanish. But which Republican is actually accomplishing this? Donald Trump, the one candidate who’s supporters would be most likely to take issue with any kind of oath.

For decades the Republicans have been drooling for a candidate that can attract 40% of the black vote and 45% of the Hispanic vote:

Donald Trump has defied political gravity, capturing 45% of the black vote in a new poll released by survey USA.

Pundits might point to billionaire Donald Trump’s huge lead in the GOP presidential primary race as being the result of his generally anti-Washington, anti-government, anti-establishment, anti-politically correct attitude.

If so, it’s not just whites who are ticked at the bureaucracy, but minorities too.

Because a new poll, which still has Trump leading the race, shows 40 percent of blacks are lining up behind Trump, as are 45 percent of Hispanics, and even nearly 19 percent of Asians.

Blacks and Hispanics, in fact, even support Trump at a higher level than whites.

And no, that WND/Clout poll is not an outlier. A Survey USA poll found Trump at 45% of black voters up from 25% in September.

So the question John Whitbeck needs to answer is, given the sorry state of the RPV finances and the already boisterous and contentious dissent within the party, can the RPV afford to offend new voters, especially blacks and Hispanics? Can they afford to turn a perceived cold shoulder to former Republicans sickened by the actions of Republicans in Congress who are less popular than Syrian Refugees? Is the RPV inclusive or is that just talk?

The facts are undeniable.

  • Trump brings with him a lot of non traditional Republican voters.
  • Trump can expand the RPV and the National Republican Party.
  • The one group of supporters likely to be disproportionately offended are Trump’s supporters.
  • The Democrats have a pretty gnarly primary themselves going on between The Wicked Witch of the West and the Wizard of Oz. They are not going to cross party lines in any great numbers.

Why does the Republican Party, especially in Virginia insist on being so stupid.

And there is one more Brittany Spears song (as promised) to bring home the point. I hope Whitbeck and the SCC enjoy the message in (You Drive Me) Crazy:



Article written by: Tom White

Denmark Rejects Tweedledee-Tweedledum and Says NO to the EU!

A great victory for liberty and sovereignty occurred last week and you probably did not hear about it:  Denmark rejected closer union with the EU.  Here’s the BBC’s report:

Danes have rejected adopting EU rules on cross-border policing in a referendum that could have seen the country take closer ties with the bloc, according to final results.

It was close but decisive 53-47% referendum.  It is significant who supported closer union with Europe:

Denmark’s centre-right government had wanted to abandon some Danish opt-outs from EU home affairs legislation.


The government, backed by the opposition, had campaigned for Yes, saying it would help Danish authorities in the wake of the Paris attacks.

So Tweedledee and Tweedledum raised their head.  But one party said NO:

The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP), which props up Mr Rasmussen’s administration in parliament, had urged voters to say No to avoid giving away further sovereignty to Brussels.

Although a Yes vote would not have affected Denmark’s opt-out on immigration, the DPP argued that it could eventually have led to immigration policies being dictated by the EU.

The usual sky-will-fall warnings were trotted out:

Ultimately, voting No means Denmark remains exempt from large parts of the EU’s criminal justice and home affairs system, a position it negotiated in 1993.

It risks losing access to Europol, Europe’s crime and intelligence-sharing agency, a service frequently used by Denmark.


The result means Denmark will have to negotiate a special agreement to stay inside Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency which tackles organised crime and terrorism.

And finally, we have the first attempt to discredit the vote:

The confusing wording of the referendum question seems to have been a factor.

One voter described it as “the most baffling in the history of the EU”, and on the foggy, wet streets of Copenhagen, that sentiment seemed to be shared by voters as they left polling stations, saying the question was too complicated and technical, and that explanations from politicians were not comprehensive.

This is the kind of thing that will happen in the UK when they vote to leave the EU.  It will be a fight of fights.  But liberty and sovereignty are in the balance – for the European peoples and for us, too.

Article written by: Elwood "Sandy" Sanders