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Bush Voters May Be Moving to Kasich

Jeb Bush was at the top of the heap when 2015 began, polling in the mid teens and as high as 17.8%. That is until Donald Trump entered the race and his numbers have steadily declined ending in his suspension of his campaign last Saturday night after yet another rejection by the voters in South Carolina.

And since his announcement (and even before), people began speculating on where the Bush supporters would go. It is a pretty good bet that anyone who supported Bush would never support Trump or Cruz. And Carson would be unlikely as well.

So it comes down to Ohio governor John Kasich who, despite a strong finish in New Hampshire fell back into obscurity in South Carolina finishing 5th, until Bush left the race and elevated him to 4th.

And the other possibility is Marco Rubio. It actually makes sense for the Bush voters to move to Rubio, at least in the minds of those supporting Trump and Cruz. And in the news media, especially the “all in for Rubio” Fox News. Rubio finished 3rd in Iowa, Kasich 8th. He was 5th in New Hampshire with Kasich taking second, and Rubio managed second place in South Carolina while Kasich was 5th. New Hampshire was probably an anomaly for Kasich. Like Santorum did in Iowa 4 years ago, Kasich spent a lot of time and money in New Hampshire this year. And Santorum won Iowa and Kasich pulled out second place in New Hampshire. And like Santorum in 2012, that is looking like it for Kasich. Except Ohio.

The logical thing to do would be for the Bushie’s to move to Rubio who has momentum. The media is hoping for that with some even calling for Rubio to name Kasich as his VP running mate to consolidate the vote and stop Trump and Cruz.

But when have the RINO establishment folks ever done the logical thing? Remember, here in Virginia we are talking about Eric Cantor, Bill Bolling, consultant Boyd Marcus and a host of other left wingers who hate Conservatives (while pretending to be one) more than the Democrats.

I have raised an eyebrow or two at the RINO’s dumping hate on Cruz and saying they would rather see Trump as the nominee between the two. Bob Dole comes to mind. I would figure they would prefer Cruz who is an elected senator over Trump who does not hold any office. But then these RINO’s were happy to stay at home and let McAuliffe become the governor, so logic is not their strong suit.

But looking around the RINO droppings on Social Media and various websites, the former Bush supporters seem to be advocating a move to John Kasich. Of course Kasich is the bigger RINO between he and Rubio, but I suppose Kasich’s Obamacare medicaid expansion in Ohio is slightly more liberal than Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” amnesty episode. Of course Rubio changed his mond and Kasich implemented the budget busting Obamacare expansion. Perhaps if Rubio had actually passed amnesty things would be different. And maybe it is the long gone TEA Party support for Rubio that left a bitter taste in the RINO’s mouths. Probably both.

But my totally unscientific stealth RINO poll shows that the establishment Bush supporting herd seem to be migrating to Kasich instead of Rubio.

We will see what the polls say in the coming hours and days without Bush. But my anecdotal research seems to show Kasich will get a boost. I’m sure some will go to Rubio, but Kasich will definitely see more support and perhaps cash.

And if you are a Trump supporter, the more support Kasich gets from the Bush people the better. Keep splitting those votes!


Article written by: Tom White

What Trump’s ‘YUGE’ Victory in New Hampshire Means to the Rest of the Candidates

DonaldDonald Trump had the kind of night in New Hampshire he and his supporters dreamed of and his opponents and detractors feared. This time, the polls were right. Or close enough.

Watching the anti-Trump crowd try to diminish the expected Trump victory in the days and hours before the New Hampshire primary was both tedious and entertaining. The talking heads and their guests were in full pre-game spin mode.

“Trump’s ground game is simply not up to the challenge,” they said.

“The polls are likely over polling Trump. His voters won’t show up.”

RINO John Sununu who was Chief of Staff for the Bush Daddy White House for a couple of years had the most laughable statement on the expected Trump victory. He said that if Trump only wins by 12 or fewer points it will be a huge loss for him.

Only in the dream world of the RINO’s can a double digit victory really be a loss. I would assume some of the internal polls pointed to a 12 point or less win for Trump which is why that was Sununu’s mark. And it was fun watching Sununu squirm when Fox News put him back on after the results were in showing Trump with a nearly 20 point margin of victory.

Who Over performed?

Well, despite all the naysayers and the political pundits that were predicting a poor performance by Trump, The Donald actually over performed more than any of the field. He came in 4 points higher than the Real Clear Politics average predicted. Kasich also out preformed the polls with +2.3 and Christie was up 1.7%.

Who Under Performed?

Well, everyone else. Cruz was down .1%, Bush was down .4%, Carson -.5% and Fiorian -.6%. The biggest loser as far as expected performance was Rubio who was down 3.5%.

But Rubio’s night was far worse. There were only a couple of polls that were taken after the debate last Saturday night but after “Christie smoked a Cuban” as one headline reported the smack down, it was widely assumed that Rubio would see a drop in his support. And that he did. Heading in to the primary just prior to the debate Rubio looked to be the establishment friendly candidate that was on the rise. Not quite the “thrill down the leg” the RINO Class gets with “Dauphan” Jebby, but his pro amnesty position with his “Gang” makes their little RINO hearts go all aflutter.

But, alas, it was not to be.

The RINO Class Delimma

It should be abundantly clear to the GOPe that Donald Trump is formidable. All efforts from the RINO’s in concert with their lapdog media (although it is actually hard to tell which dog is in which lap) that Trump is unlike any other Republican they have destroyed. So at this point, all but a few of them that are incapable of putting logic ahead of emotion, will grudgingly admit, at least to themselves, that Trump is in it to stay. And more, that he is the odds on favorite to win.

So what can the RINO’s do? The problem they have is that this is a three way race in ideological terms. Trump is the populist who has tapped into the anger that has been seething with the ruling class Republicans and the left wing politicians in general. There is almost always a choice between several really bad options in the primary and in the general. To Trump supporters, Carson and Fiorina are not viable candidates. Outsiders, yes. But not people who they can see really getting things done. And that means reversing the political correctness, the stupidity of the Ruling Class to always screw America in favor of any other country. A nation where we all get trophies so there are no real winners. Trump reminds us tha we used to be winners, not whiners. And while Cruz pretends to be an outsider, he isn’t. He is a sitting Senator. Same as John McCain, same as Obama, same as Graham and Dole. Only with less experience. And while Trump’s supporters are looking for someone to make America great again, Cruz supporters are looking for a national pastor. Trump supporters already have a spiritual leader. Or they don’t. But they want someone who will fix the illegal problem, fix the negative deals we have with other countries and let our military engage the enemy like we are in it to win it. And Cruz simply has no experience and has proven incapable of doing more than giving speeches that excite the Conservative base who put more stock in the Godliness and Conservatism of a candidate than evaluating candidates on the basis of who can actually get things done that will actually fix America.

So we have the “Make America Great” folks, the “I want a pastor” folks and the RINO’s who want to appease the big money fat cats who demand amnesty and cheap labor in return for their donations.

So we have Donald Trump in the first group, Ted Cruz in the second and Rubio, Kasich, Bush and Christie in the RINO camp. So the lines are clearly drawn. Three ideological groups that are not likely to cross ideological lines until their ideological soulmate exits the race.

The RINO’s are in a tizzy. Rubio is damaged goods at this point. Who knows if he can salvage himself. But the problem is, he is not really a RINO Establishment favorite, just someone who represents the most Conservative position that they could be dragged to kicking and screaming if their other options don’t pan out. They won’t go to Cruz. Ever. A few could possibly go to Trump over Cruz. But mostly they will not.

The only chance the RINO’s have is if 3 of the 4 RINO friendly candidates drop out. They were ready to settle on Rubio before Christie sat on him. And now Kasich comes in a respectable second place in New Hampshire. This was the best Trump could have hoped for. Kasich has no chance outside of New Hampshire (and maybe Ohio) but now he will see an influx of cash, keeping him in the race. Rubio is not likely to drop out yet and Bush has too much ego and money to go gentle into that good night. Christie may be the best option to winnow the RINO herd to stop dividing the votes. But his New Hampshire 7.4% is probably going to be his high water mark. South Carolina, the next stop, is not really into Christie. Or Kasich for that matter. Which opens the door a crack for Rubio to come back a bit and Bush to have an OK showing. Which will serve quite nicely to keep a sickly and limping herd of RINO’s in the race.

At this point, Fiorina and Carson are done. The only question is where will the “outsider” votes go? Fiorina’s supporters are not likely to embrace Cruz or any of the establishment candidates. And I don’t see them moving to Trump. Most will probably just go sit on the bench and wait for November. Carson’s supporters do not like the GOPe RINO’s. And after the dirty trick Cruz played on Carson in Iowa, continuing to call his poll workers and telling them to spread the news Carson was dropping out after they knew that was a false rumor. If Trump takes to Twitter – if and when Carson does drop out – and reminds them of the Iowa dirty trick, the Iowa victory might cost Cruz the dwindling pool of Carson supporters.

Awaiting the Polls

Everyone has concentrated on New Hampshire and the pollsters are no different. National polls have been on hiatus for about a week and the last South Carolina poll was 2 weeks ago. It will be interesting to see what the polls say in the next few days. Trump’s big win should give him a bump, but the two week old polls in South Carolina show him up an average of 16.3% already. I expect Rubio will see a drop and Kasich will see a bump, but Kasich isn’t going to see more than a couple of points added to his 2% average as of today. As it looks now, Kasich will be hammered back down and Bush will move up. And Rubio will need a strong debate performance to recover and a lot rides on that.

Trump is hoping to keep as many of the RINO herd in the race as possible. Going into South Carolina just 9 days from today Trump has the momentum coming off of the big win in New Hampshire. Cruz will spin his third place finish as a victory, but it is not. Trump and Kasich will be the two winners out of this. And Trump already has a strong lead in South Carolina in the aging polls. And he leads in Nevada which comes up on 2/23 just 3 days after the 2/20 SC Primary.

The SCC primary on March 1 will be exciting.

Bring on some polls! While the accuracy was not so good in Iowa, they were a lot better in New Hampshire.



Article written by: Tom White

Trump Doesn’t Have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America

DonaldIn most elections I find myself gravitating to the most Conservative candidate. I have supported Conservatives for every level of office. Sometimes my pick wins, sometimes not.

Now I don’t fall for that “most Conservative that can win” claptrap. That is a dog whistle call for a RINO. They believe that chasing after the Democrats to remain “centrist” is the way to win and keep office. And they are now well past the point the entire Democratic Party was a couple of decades ago.

I think all of my Conservative friends today would gladly follow a leader who said “Ask not what your country can do for you…”. JFK, if he were alive today would no doubt be branded a far right Tea Party whack job by the Media and the Democrats. Today’s Democrats say “Ask what we can do for you we are not already doing”. And the RINO’s are reaching across the imperceptible aisle to be just like them. Only less.

But the biggest reason I work to elect Conservatives is that they are less likely to be completely compromised by big money. It is rare when even the most Conservative of politicians does not succumb to the enticing call of the US Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street with the long number of zeros on the checks they dangle in front of their eyes. A candidate that is Conservative will still be compromised, but not to the extent of, say, Eric Cantor. He became quite adroit in the art of illusion. And there are a lot more examples. $19 trillion worth to be exact.

Conservatives bend, lesser men break to the wiles and seduction of the Almighty Dollar, and the strings that come with it.

When I looked at the field of candidates running for President on the GOP side, I immediately cast off all of them but Cruz. Ben Carson never seemed to have what I was looking for and being a Computer and IT guy Carly Fiorina was someone I remember from HP. A definite no.

And I also wrote off Donald Trump. I even think I wrote a snarky blog post about him not being a serious candidate and expected him to flirt with the idea of running for attention.

But an unexpected thing happened in the midst of Trump’s successful flirtation with the prospect of running and announcing he was, indeed, running. Now I do not believe for one second Donald Trump ever expected he would be leading the GOP field by large margins for 9 months running. And I do not think Trump walked into his first rally, or which ever rally it was, with a prepared strategy. But something happened on the stage that day. Something happened to the crowd, but more importantly, something happened to Donald Trump.

He said we would build a wall. And the crowd exploded with applause and cheers. I think that was the defining moment when Trump found the pulse of an America that has been battered and abused by the government. By both parties. He realized that America was mad as hell and was looking for someone to lead them into not taking it anymore.

And that was the beginning of Trump’s strategy that coincided with the decline of Jeb Bush and dashed the hopes of RINO’s everywhere that had counted on the fact that it was theigen-stonewall-jackson-1ar turn to take over the screwing of America. To most people caught in the middle, the Republicans and the Democrats have been playing a tag team match and the American People were the victims.

I imagine that the day Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname was the same type of moment. “There stands General Jackson like a stone wall. Rally behind the Virginians!”

So a man who has perfected the New York persona – loud, narcissistic, pompous, arrogant – and more – stood head and shoulders above the politicians and poked the establishment in the eye. And the nose and eventually the gut. I imagine that as the platform moved from an accidental off the cuff “build the wall” statement to the current list of populist grievances, no one was more surprised at this than Trump. He found the pulse of a large swath of the formerly silent majority and they are angry with where America has gone. They are furious at the loss of freedom and they blame the Republicans who promised to fix it. And failed. Hell, they never even tried.

Trump is, I truly believe, the accidental candidate. The most unlikely front runner. And the man that scares the hell out of Republicans, Democrats and the Media. But is surrounded by masses of adoring fans. And the energy is real. And the anticipation is unlike anything I have ever seen in the political world. I had the opportunity to speak at a Trump rally in Manassas Va a few weeks ago and the crowd was alive. And when Donald Trump finally arrived, Elvis would have been impressed with the reaction.

And when you add in the fact that Donald Trump is self funding, and 100% immune to corrupt influences and slavery of big money, how could anyone who cares about America not support Donald Trump? Is it his New York Persona? His New York Values?

If you were to sit down and make a list of what you want the next President to accomplish, what would you write?

Well, here is my list:

  • Stop nation building and constant wars. These countries are not ready nor are they compatible with Democracy. And America today is no shining example of Democracy anyway.
  • Our military has become a joke under Obama. We are weak and ill prepared.
  • Let’s have a foreign policy built on strength instead of leading from behind.
  • Terrorists belong in Gitmo. Not the US court system.
  • Stop the currency manipulation from China.
  • Treat OPEC like an organized crime mob. An oil cartel is no different than a drug cartel.
  • Secure the freaking border. Build a wall. And enforce the laws already on the books.
  • Repeal Obamacare and replace it with a well thought out plan and limit lawsuits.
  • Fix the out of control spending.
  • But take care of our people and keep the promises of Medicare and Social Security.
  • Reform welfare (again). The reforms from the Clinton Administration are gone and we have massively increased welfare.
  • Climate Change is a hoax. Kill it.
  • Common Core should be scrapped.
  • Stop funding abortionists
  • Leave my guns the hell alone.
  • Let states decide who can marry whom.
  • Stop refugees until we can properly vet them. Better yet, kill ISIS and send them all home.
  • Protect Christianity. Jews and Christians are being killed all over the world by Muslims. That MUST stop.
  • Make Political Correctness politically incorrect.
  • Jobs. We need jobs, jobs and jobs. Bring them back!

FixItThere are more, but this is enough to start on. This is what Trump plans to do. America has told him that we need these things fixed. Donald Trump has a long career of solving problems and making money. Under budget and ahead of schedule.

When Trump said most of these things, many in the GOP and the media said that he was done. He crossed the line. But his poll numbers rose with each line.

And the detractors are screaming from every corner. So, just for the record, I will set things straight.

  • I don’t care if Trump gave money to Hillary, Harry Reid, Pelosi or whoever. He didn’t give them money to help them, he gave to help himself and his business. Purely selfish reasons. He buys politicians. That is good business. NOw I would take issue with his donations if I thought he wanted to help people like Pelosi and Hillary.
  • I don’t care if Trump is not very Conservative. I don’t need him to be conservative, just fix the things on my list. Big money is not going to own him.
  • I don’t care if Trump is not a good Christian. I’m not saying he is not, I wouldn’t make that judgement. But he understands that Christians and Jews are under siege and he plans to put a stop to it. His relationship with God is between him and Him.
  • I don’t care if Trump has New York Values. I don’t even know what that means. Just fix the stuff on my list.
  • I don’t care if Trump is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Just fix the stuff on my list.
  • I don’t care if you call me or Trump a racist, nativist, xenophobe, homophobe, or jerk. Just fix the stuff on my list.
  • I don’t care if Trump is in favor of eminent domain. He believes the land owners should be well compensated. You can’t build the Keystone Pipeline without it. But it is not something a president would use. Just fix the stuff on my list.

So for all of the people who support some other candidate and can’t figure why us Trump supporters don’t give a rip about all those reasons you keep tossing out expecting us to run away from Trump, I don’t care. We don’t care.

The list. Remember?

And then there is that little issue of the Republicans lying to us again and again and again. The reason Trump, Carson and Fiorina polled so well was their status as outsiders. Even Cruz gets a bit of street cred as an outsider despite his couple of years in the Senate as a Republican.

President is a completely different animal than any other office. We need as many Conservatives as possible in the House and Senate to fend off the liberals. The more the merrier. But the sad truth is, even an A+ Conservative like Dave Brat who has not allowed the Big Money puppeteers to attach their strings to his votes, they are unable to change a lot of things because they are pushed away because they do not play the game. They have a hard time raising money and are ostracized and isolated by their big money controlled colleagues. They may be Republicans, but they face a tough fight every day.

And the intent of this post is not to bash Cruz, but he can expect the same treatment if he were president as Dave Brat and the rest of the Conservatives. A President Cruz would not have to fight the Democrats nearly as hard as he would have to fight the Republicans. He called McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. McConnell is a liar, but that is one bridge Cruz has burned. Obama has found a soulmate in McConnell, Boehner and now Ryan. Cruz will find it hard to accomplish anything at all with the present makeup of Congress.

Trump, on the other hand, has given money to a lot of politicians. Left and Right. And he is a master with the press. If he had to shut down the government to implement my list, the press would trump-hatbe powerless to blame the Republicans or Trump. He simply won’t let that happen.

So you can hate Trump if you want, make fun of his hair, his religion, his New York values or anything else you want. But no one else has promised to work on my list of objectives. No one else has the proven successful track record of Trump. And no one else is able to own the press and his detractors like Donald Trump.

Which is why I say Donald Trump doesn’t have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America.

He just has to execute the repairs. Preferably under budget and ahead of schedule.

And I truly believe Donald Trump can and will Make America Great Again!


Article written by: Tom White

Bill Bolling: A Case Study in Classic Delusional RINO-ism



We have a lot of RINO’s in Virginia. And in the nation as a whole. RINO’s – Republicans in Name Only – are responsible for the leftward lurch of the Republican Party. And one thing I have noticed is that they all believe themselves to be Conservatives and they all believe they are moderate Republicans. I am convinced that they actually do really believe this.

But I think the area where they are fooling themselves is in the way they measure the terms moderate and Conservative.

Their measuring stick is not based on the Constitution, nor is it based on a constant and stationary point on the political spectrum. Rather, it is based on the current position of the Democrats. They self-define Moderate and Conservative as being just a little to the right of the Democrats (and the media). And I think even the RINO’s would quickly admit that the Democrats are and have been racing to the left at such a pace that they are now indistinguishable from Socialists. Or Marxists, take your pick. And a valid argument could be made that they have moved so far to the left that Socialism and Marxism are almost Conservative values as far as the Democrats are concerned. Certainly the Democrats consider their far left Party of today to be the new mainstream, which is constantly in motion leftward.

So the Republicans, many of whom are staunch followers and lovers of Ronald Reagan, have become followers, constantly moving left. Ever chasing the Democrats further and further to the left in an effort to remain moderate, as measured by the Democrat’s political position du jour.

And when the RINO’s stop and take a look at where most of the people in the Republican Party are politically today from the vantage point of their constantly leftward moving position, they see those of us who have stood our ground, or misguidedly followed the RINO’s to the left for a while and corrected our course, as far right wing extremists. They believe we have moved to the right, when it is they who have moved.

It is impossible to know if the RINO’s position on Conservatives is one of deception or delusion. Or perhaps a combination of both.

Politicians in general are masters of deception. For example, Eric Cantor delivered his speeches about smaller, limited government, balanced budgets and Conservative principles with aplomb. He sounded sincere and fooled a lot of people for a long time. But when you examined his record you understand that politicians are quite accomplished in saying one thing and doing another while using sleight of hand show votes to fool the people at home. Cantor would point to dozens of votes to repeal Obamacare, for instance, none of which ever stood a chance of becoming law, while funding the Health Care Leviathan as keeper of the purse. And Paul Ryan has already mastered this art as he points to the legislation to repeal Obamacare and de-fund Planned Parenthood that he sent to Obama’s desk. Which was promptly vetoed. And now Ryan promises a veto override that has exactly zero chance of passing.

More theater. More show voted that mean nothing. But they fool the people at home.

The RINO’s are fooled at least.

Eric Cantor was shown the door last year. We know what he was doing.

Now it would be incorrect of me to write that the Republican Party has become more conservative since Obama came into office in 2009. A lot of us were blindly following the Republican leadership as they chased after the Democrats sprinting to the left. A lot of sleeping Republicans woke up and realized we were following so called leaders who were not leading, but rather were following the Democrats down Socialism Highway.

We put on the brakes and went back to the starting blocks. Back to the old time Conservatism of Ronald Reagan. And yes, we shunned the Progressive “Conservatism” as redefined almost daily by the RINO Contingency of the Republican Party.

But this weekend, I was astonished to read a Facebook post by Virginia’s former two term Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.

Bolling is one of those RINO’s who has been drifting left for years and seems blissfully ignorant of his leftward lunge. Perhaps it was more subtle than a lunge. We can just call it a leftward drift.

Now Bolling has come to despise those of us that are true Conservatives. He is oblivious of the fact that he has been in hot pursuit of the now Socialist Democrats in an effort to remain a moderate mainstream Republican. You see, he believes the equally Socialistic Media that says Republican must be “moderates” in order to win elections. Bolling has reached a point in his political prism that he finds Democrats like Terry McAuliffe more his politically ideological mate than the Conservatives in his own party. He even shunned Conservative Republican Ken Cuccinelli (along with many of his fellow RINO’s) and at the very least put up no resistance to the McAuliffe victory. At worse, he helped the Democrats win.

So does it really come as a surprise to learn the Bolling also despises GOP front-runner Donald Trump and runner up Ted Cruz? It shouldn’t.

Bill posted this on Facebook Sunday:

Bill Bolling FacebookWhen I saw that, I headed straight for the comments section to have my say on this delusional post. Ronald Reagan would have demanded Bolling be kicked out of the party.

Bolling and the candidates he has supported have put this country $19 trillion in debt, nearly 1/3 of the nation is not working and the entire country is a racial and political powder keg on the verge of a meltdown.

The “fears” that he is talking about and the “division” in America are due to the policies his RINO buddies have allowed. Or instigated. Amnesty, refugees, illegal aliens, debt and a massive federal government are the RINO legacy. And the candidates that support these atrocities are not responsible candidates, they are irresponsible big government Progressive Republicans who will do nothing to change the spiral of destruction we are in, but will support the status quo.

Bolling is completely incapable of understanding that the appeal of Trump and Cruz by Republicans is a complete and utter rebuke of the “moderate, mainstream” Republicanism that has guided America to the brink of total destruction. Since Reagan left office, Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger were the direct cause of the Clintons and Obama.

Debt, wars, death and destruction has been the path America has been sprinting down. Be a Bush or a Clinton or an Obama. America has lost her soul since Reagan left.

You can blame it on the Democrats all you want, but without the assistance and acquiescence of the Republican Party that Bill Bolling thinks has been responsible this could not have happened. His “responsible” candidate, no doubt another Bush or Rubio, or worse, would indeed be responsible. Responsible for more debt, wars, death and destruction. His “responsible” candidates will not do a single thing to reverse the course we are on.

Yea. That was what I wanted to say. But you know what? I didn’t have to. Dozens of people had already responded and said it all. And much more. And there were a few RINO’s that agreed with Bolling, but they were a tiny minority.

Here are some of the responses. I will leave out the names, but this post is still up on Facebook. See for yourself here.

  • People are discouraged with politicians.
  • The people are trying to send a message, they’re tired and want change, real change not just words
  • How can anyone vote straight party lines when you tells us one thing an do another.People are so fed up with the status quo and the do nothing Washington takes care of themselves an not the voters shame on you.Its not fear that is driving people to Trump its Washington. He has enough money he can’t be bought like so many in Washington.97000 people are no longer in the work force,Welfare is thriving.It pays to be illegal.Veterans aren’t being taken care of,500 day wait to be evaluated .This country is a mess.I’m sick of the politicians double talk .Hopefully term limits will be set on these lifer dead beats
  • If the Republican Party would listen to the people instead of business as usual and doing nothing but trying their job.
  • That’s what ALL politicians do Virginia, tell people what they WANT to hear. How many other jobs can you work for 2-6 years and come out a millionaire.
  • Ted Cruz is the True conservative here. The Republican establishment is afraid of him.
  • The Republican party needs to get its act together and quit acting like Democrats. People are tired of being lied to.
  • Cruz isn’t a conservative. Not when he supports govt. overreach instead of the citizens in Oregon.
    The Republican party will continue to be a party of losers as long as it tries to be the same thing as Democrats, except for taking stands on social issues that are backward and turn people off. Republicans say one thing, but they govern exactly like Democrats. People know this. And people are angry enough that they’re willing to hang their hopes on a guy like Trump – who might well build the fence, but he’ll be just as statist as the rest.
  • What they say about Trump they used to say about Reagan in 76
  • The party can’t get out a message to save it’s life. LIke it or not, Trump’s been the loudest message ever heard.
  • Bottom line is most Americans are tired of the establishment, myself included…the narrowing margins are ridiculous, John Boehner is a disgrace, Paul Ryan isn’t much better, the RNC is out of touch, and the old guard on both sides care more about their respective political affiliations than the American people. In response to what most Americans fear, their fear is real and continues to be validated….that’s what happened to the party.
  • It is because Trump and Cruz are saying the things we are all seeing.
  • I think the GOP is a lost cause due to it’s lack of leadership
  • America is tired of the PARTY no matter which side you are on! They care about America not the PARTY! If the Congress, Senate and President did the same we wouldn’t be in the state we are in and going down the road we are going! We are all tired of our elected officials just wanting to do what is best for themselves! Trump is a business man and really knows more about dealing foreign Gov.s than any other candidate that I have seen! I agree it is scary but the raod we are on isn’t getting America anywhere but wrecked!
  • I do not believe anyone in our party loves Mr. Reagan and what be stood for more than me, but remember he was the outsider when be ran, the establishment wanted Bush. I don’t think the problem is with what the party finds conservative, it is what the establishment t wants to call conservative. Like it or not Trump is simply brave enough to say what most of us are thinking and the pc police tell us we cannot. I will also remind you, Trex was sent to Washington as a VP so the political establishment could nuetralize him. He seems to have been OK as President.
  • Bill, I can answer that question. We’ve been ignored for 4-7 years and we are in search of a leader. It doesn’t appear anyone can bring a stop to the Socialism agenda on the current team…..
  • The party left Reagan a long time ago.
  • The Republican party is to blame for Trump. They were given a shot in 2010 and have done nothing. Said they needed the Senate. We gave them the Senate and they have done nothing. They just keep giving in to obama without anything in return and he keeps blaming them for all that’s broken. We want someone that will stand up for our values. Is there risk? Yes but at this point no one is stepping up. Bush has shown us just how weak he is. The people like Cruz and Paul have been demonized by the mainstream GOP. Let’s face it, it is time for change.

And there are many, many more.

You see, Bill, you represent the failures of the last couple of decades. Your Milquetoast brand of “Conservatism” is an ever changing experiment in redefinition. People have blindly followed the GOP for years. Like robots (or Cantor Zombies) marching to the polls, voting straight Republican and expecting things to get better. Expecting Republicans to keep their promises. Can’t you see it? We have supported losers like McCain and Romney. We supported “W” and he managed to make Obama appealing. Nothing will change if we nominated Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich or any of the RINO pack. It will be more of the same.

Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina have had such appeal because they are not moderate mainstream Republicans who are responsible for the state we find ourselves in.

We tried it your way. We followed you. In your second administration Republicans were given the three top offices in Virginia. We ended up with the largest tax hike in Virgin9ia history and a governor who is praying the Supreme Court will hear his corruption case and keep him out of jail.

In 2010 we gave Republicans the House and took the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. In 2014 we added the Senate to the Republican column. And what has changed?

Nothing! Not a damn thing.

John Boehner squandered his power and it became his downfall. The Senate has done absolutely nothing. Paul Ryan gave Obama everything he dreamed of and more. Pelosi and Harry Reid marveled at the stupidity of the Republicans cave on the Omnibus bill and wouldn’t have dared to spend money that recklessly. Your “responsible” RINO’s were ridiculed by the likes of Pelosi and Reid for their spending. And it was not even Conservative spending. It was the left’s bucket list.

And Cruz is being rewarded for having the stones to shut down the government over Conservative principles. And what do you do, Bolling? You ridicule him. You promise Dave Brat that you will not forget his “betrayal” in voting against Boehner. Brat actually listened to the voters, something the 7th District was not accustomed to under the Cantor machine.

The people who are supporting Trump and Cruz want a candidate that will address the problems facing America.

We have a president now who is proud of leading from behind. But what Americans find even more disgusting than “leading from behind” is leaders who chase Democrats.

We are fed up. We have watched the RINO Republicans fail to deliver on a single promise over and over again.

This time we have choices. This time we have an opportunity to actually elect a candidate that won’t cave in as soon as he is elected.

You may remember Conservatives who vote against the status quo, but America remembers the lies and broken promises you “moderate” Republicans have inflicted on her.

And God willing the Republican Party will soon turn back to the true Conservatism that is Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

Article written by: Tom White

Why I Am Supporting Donald Trump

DonaldIt seems that in my circle of Conservative friends, you are either a Donald Trump supporter or a Ted Cruz supporter.

The rest of the field might as well all be named Hillary Clinton. There is one caveat, however, and that is Ben Carson. I know a number of people that support Carson, but they will eventually come around as they find that he is just learning about the 2nd Amendment, goes after pro life folks for Planned Parenthood shootings and is simply totally and completely out of his element when it comes to terrorism and ISIS. But the guy is an empty suit.

Rubio is picking up the support as voters leave the Bush nightmare behind, but only because he in the most popular RINO left standing.

People supporting Rubio or the lesser RINO’s – Kasich, Christie and the rest of the wannabees just can’t seem to get it into their heads that nothing will change if we elect these people. We will be on the same trajectory that Obama has put us on and these people are all owned by the US Chamber of Commerce and big business who have bought and paid for their soles. Amnesty and open borders will happen. Or keep happening. Because these people want cheap labor to maximize profits. They do not care about the country, just the bottom line.

So the RINO candidates, no matter how pure they claim to be, no matter how pure they start out, will be 100% corrupted by the time the elections are over.

The Chamber of Commerce and the big money fat cats do not make political donations. They make political investments. And they demand a very high return on their investment.

So I cannot support a candidate that is beholden, not to the voters, but to the money behind the curtain.

I get the attraction to Cruz, but his connection and donations from Goldman Sachs, where his wife is a VP. Cruz also voted for the Trade Promotion Authority (ObamaTrade) before he was against it. And the 800 pound gorilla in the room is his Canadian birth.

Whacko Alan Grayson has promised to file suit should Cruz win the nomination challenging his eligibility to be on the ballot. And since something like this can drag on for years, it is possible Cruz will fail to qualify for the ballot in many states. It will certainly be an expensive distraction as Hillary waltzes into the White House.

According to “The Hill“:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) says he will file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential bid if Cruz wins his party’s nomination.
Grayson said Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, is “unqualified” to be president “because he’s ineligible.”
“I’m waiting for the moment that he gets the nomination, and then I will file that beautiful lawsuit saying that he’s unqualified for the job because he’s ineligible,” Grayson said on Fox News Radio’s “The Alan Colmes Show” on Wednesday.
“Call me crazy but I think the President of America should be an American,” he added. Cruz is an American citizen.
The Florida lawmaker compared questions of Cruz’s eligibility to “birthers” who claimed President Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible for the office.
“It’s interesting to me that the people who had a problem with Obama’s birth certificate don’t have a problem with Ted Cruz, who literally was born in another country and renounced his Canadian citizenry,” Grayson said.
Other candidates who have run for president over the years have been born outside the U.S.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was the Republican nominee for president in 2008 despite being born on a military base in Panama.
And George Romney, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968, was born in Mexico to American parents.
The Constitution’s Natural Born Citizenship Clause states that “no person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”
The Supreme Court has never ruled on the meaning of “natural born citizen” in the clause.

So that makes my decision to support Donald Trump a pretty easy one. Not by default, or process of elimination, but because of his common sense, no nonsense, won’t back down approach. Trump isn’t afraid to say what is on the minds of the majority of Americans. Often and loudly.

And I agree 100%. Let’s build the damn wall.

Do you know the first dead give away that someone is a RINO? If they call you a nativist or a racist when you say “build the wall”. Typical Alinsky tactic. If you have no real argument, call your opponent names. Accuse him of being a horrible person. But they use those pejoratives, not actually believing them, but because their stance, ordered by the big money Chamber and the RINO bosses is one of open borders and total amnesty.

The vast majority of Trump supporters believe strongly in legal immigration. And rule of law. We cannot have a sovereign nation without borders and control of who comes in. There is no shame and nothing wrong with a pro legal immigration stance and anyone that tells you otherwise is a lying RINO bought and sold by the big money string pullers.

One of the worst things that has happened in America is political correctness. Trump has single-handedly driven a stake through the heart of political correctness.

So who is peeing their pants over the possibility, the strong possibility, that Trump will win the Republican nomination? Well, the media, the Democrats and the RINO’s. That alone is enough to tell you Trump is the best candidate.

And I have had all of the arguments used against Trump tossed my way.

  • Trump donated to Hillary. Well, that means that she is for sale.
  • Trump donated to McAuliffe. Yep. For sale. Pay for play.
  • Trump supports eminent domain. Well, how else would you build the Keystone pipeline? And the “wall”.
  • Trump made fun of …. whoever. Yep. So? Not politically correct.

And it goes on and on. Trump is not “conservative”.

Well, neither are the RINO’s who always claim to be.

And the media and the RINO’s do not get Trumps supporters. I have attended many political rallies in my time and one thing I always notice is, I know just about everyone there. Not so at Trump rallies. These people are the ones that normally stay home because the choices are bad and worse. Trump “gets” them. And they “get” Trump.

I am 100% convinced that every candidate running will eventually turn out to be a liar as their masters pull back on the reins as soon as they are elected.

That will not happen with Donald Trump. And while he is now taking donations, these are small donations. Absolutely no one will be allowed to donate enough money that they will have Trump in a bind. And after decades of letting big money call the shots in America, it is time we had a president actually make his own decisions.

See you at the Manassas rally tomorrow!


Article written by: Tom White

GOP Power Rankings or ‘When the Polls Don’t Go Your Way, Make $HIT Up’


Please dear lord. Don’t let Donald Trump win. We can never control him and make him bow to our donors.

Have you seen the news media touting the GOP Power Rankings? What the hell is that, I thought?

Well, it seems that when the polls don’t go your way and an outsider candidate named Trump is leading in all the polls, what is the Establishment GOP to do? Well, you make shit up. And the GOP Power Rankings are a prime example. So despite the fact that only one poll – a CNN poll – taken just after the CNN Debate which was designed to knock Donald Trump down a few pegs shows a huge drop for Trump and a huge gain for Fiorina, these Power Rankings show Fiorina as the #1 Candidate.

And despite the fact that 2 other post CNN debate polls – Zogby and NBC – showed Trump rising after the debates, Fiorina comes out on top. And on a side note here, I see that Real Clear Politics has declined to add these 2 polls into the average polling mix. Is this an oversight? Who knows. But it fits in with the impression the GOP, DNC and Mainstream Media is pushing. Trump is finally in decline.

Only he’s not.

So what are these “Power Rankings” and how do they decide who is on top?

About Dot Com says “These rankings are not based exclusively – or even heavily – on polling data, but instead on a combination of factors including debate performances, favorability ratings, evidence of momentum, and general campaign activity.

In other words, these rankings rely more on “feelings” than actual tangible, measurable facts and statistics.

So are these “feelings” on power rankings any good? Are they believable?

Well, the latest power rankings at USCONSERVATIVES.ABOUT.COM shows the race like this:

  1. Marco Rubio (Last Week #1)
  2. Carly Fiorina (Last Week #3)
  3. Jeb Bush (Last Week #2)
  4. Ben Carson (Last Week #5)
  5. Donald Trump (Last Week #10)

It should be noted that Donald Trump was ranked #10 the previous week, despite his massive lead in the polls. And only in the land of the RINO’s are Rubio and Bush in the top 3. These two guys are polling at around 7% each, yet the Power Rankings show them on top.

But others do their own Power Rankings. So just how do they match up to one another? Are they close?

USA Today ranks them like this for the latest weekly rankings:

  1. Carly Fiorina
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Marco Rubio
  4. Ben Carson
  5. Jeb Bush

I am not sure that Jeb Bush deserves to be in these rankings in the top 5, and Fiorina is #1 despite never besting Trump in any poll.

All in all, a pretty worthless measure of “Power” in my opinion. This is nothing more than a not so transparent attempt to drive the narrative that the polls are telling in a different direction. I suppose that if you are looking for any RINO in a storm, the power rankings will be something you can grab on to to pretend that an establishment politician is high on anyone’s list this election cycle.

Me, I’ll stick to polls. I prefer tangible measurements of actual voters to “feelings” on how the race should be according to some media types with heavy input from the establishment RINO Gop no doubt.


Article written by: Tom White

Who is Dissing Trump? RINO Losers and the Newly Disenfranchised Mainstream Media of Course!

Just watching the RINO’s and Lamestream Media falling all over themselves trying to ruin Donald Trump and send him packing is wet your pants hysterical. All of these Media heads, Jeb Bush supporters, Christie supporters, the John McCain apologists and K-Street Zombies – there’s another idea for a song – crack me up listening to their laments about The Donald. They don’t get it. Why is Donald Trump so popular?

Well, the media does not like anyone who tells them to go to hell and dares to punish them for misbehaving. They are tired of looking at Trump’s middle finger. The Republican Candidates are supposed to bow and scrape and beg for coverage, right? How dare this come-over sporting windbag tell the media what they can and cannot do? Who does he think he is? Hillary? A Democrat?

Republicans are supposed to fear an ill word from the media. Obviously Donald does not. Because he knows he is rich enough to buy their network or liberal rag and fire them all. they are so frustrated by this guy. He has absolutely no fear of them. And just like Obama from whom they are willing to accept punishment, Trump does the “go to your room” thing too. But they absolutely despise it when a Republican does this. And other than Newt Gingrich 4 years ago, the press pretty much ravages Republicans and they sit there like dunces and take it. Always hoping the press will somehow decide to like them. Which, of course, never happens.

And then we have the RINO’s who are just about everyone who does not support Trump, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Sorry Walker supporters. Scotty boy is a big amnesty proponent. K Street, Chamber of Commerce, Big Business ass kisser just like the rest of the field. And Carson is a one trick pony. And the truth is, a lot of his support is due to white guilt built up by the press. If the guy were white, he wouldn’t be appealing to most of his supporters. (Sorry folks, we calls ’em like we sees ’em here.)

And as the case may be, the RINO’s and the press have a common enemy – The Donald. Most of the time, the RINO’s bristle at whatever the Washington Post or the NY Times has to say. But often, like when the WaPo proclaimed that if Virginia had a Convention to select the presidential candidate then we would be the laughing stock of the nation because Conventions always pick Conservatives. And the Whiney RINO’s went along with that. HINT: The Washington Post wants Republicans to lose and Democrats to win. Their greatest fear is that we will pick a winning Conservative that would become President. And that is something they couldn’t take. And they are quite aware that the more “Centrist” a Republican claims to be, the less likely he is to win.  Voters don’t elect Democrat Lite when the real thing is available. But stupid RINO’s can’t seem to understand that.

But why is Trump leading in most polls? How can so many people be so stupid? Don’t they know Trump gave money to Democrats? Was pro abortion and on almost every side of every issue?

Yep. We know. And we don’t care. Because we have been boiling over about the supposed Republican leadership like the now dethroned Eric Cantor, his former boss John Boehner and Senate waste Mitch McConnell. All of these people have promised to get rid of Obamacare, but we only get show votes. They promised to stop Obama’s amnesty, EPA overreach, lack of Justice Department and every far left idea that comes out of Obama’s handler’s heads. But in th eend, they cave in and give Obama what he wants. Because th eK Street crowd demands it. We have come to realize that the Republican leadership are all liars and play us for fools. And we are sick of it. We are sick of the political lies, half truths and corruption. And we are desperately seeking an answer to the decline and fall of America.

And with the exception of Trump and Cruz, and maybe Rand Paul (I am not convinced he has the right stuff) the rest of the field are no different from Hillary or Barack.

I never thought I could say this, but the Socialist nut job Bernie Sanders – who is not in the pockets of big business and K Street – would be preferable to Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. At least he is only a Socialist, and he is honest about it. Bush, Clinton and most of the other Republicans are Progressives – something far more sinister.

Trump’s rise is directly proportional to the lies the Republicans tell. The more Boehner and McConnell lie, the higher Trump goes. And the more the RINO’s and the press go after Trump, the higher he rises. The liberal press thought they had Trump when the Daily Beast went back 30 years to his divorce from Ivana. She said at the time Trump made her feel violated during sex.

And what was the fall out? Ivana endorsed The Donald. The morons at the Daily Beast are feeling a bit beastly I imagine. The press can’t conceive of a Republican surviving a sex accusation. That is usually the silver bullet. Bur Trump may have the last laugh as he promises to drain the bank account of the Beast writer.

As Ted Cruz said on the floor of the Senate the other day, not a single thing has changed since we elected a Republican majority in the Senate. And Trump’s star will continue to rise until the rest of the Republican field learn to deal with a candidate that calls the Republicans out on their own game.

And money helps. The public is crying out for an honest leader.

And Trump might be that man.


Article written by: Tom White