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The Rubes of the Republican Party

Brian Schoenaman, of Bearing Drift, has just published an amazing defense of McConnell and Boehner entitled, Tired of Being Lied to? Blame Yourself. I really don’t feel like quoting his article, but I recommend that everyone read it (and read the comments!). I’m not necessarilly trying to drive Bearing Drift traffic, but at the end of the day, if you don’t know your enemy, you’ll never defeat them. Know your enemy.

The ultra-condensed version of his admittedly well-written piece is this: that if conservatives were stupid enough to believe that giving the Republican Party the House of Represenatives and a less than 60 Senator majority in the Senate was going to result in any action whatever while Obama remains in the White House, that’s a them problem. They drank the koolaid and thought that a Republican Congress actually could do something to defeat the Obama Agenda. Like children, conservatives deluded themselves into buying into the rhetoric of dishonest and disreputible politicians like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, and have no one but themselves to blame for their current disappointment.

So, here is my question – why are any of us voting for Republicans?

The country is infected with a cancer and the Republican Party is a Party of BandAid’s. Honestly, what’s the point?

I think the most important thing to take away from the Schoenaman piece is this – that conservatives and constitutionalists really are foolish for thinking that this Republican Party will ever represent or fight for them. Not only won’t they represent you, but they are laughing at you. They think you are all a gaggle of overly-emotional rubes who, regardless of how they treat you, will vote for their candidates anyway.

How many of us voted for McCain? I did. How many of us voted for Romney? I did.

That’s all they know and that’s all they care about. They think we’ll vote for whichever Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, K-Street Republican they nominate to represent the Republican Party. Unless I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, Jeb Bush will pick Kasich to serve as VP so that the stellar, enlightened, folk in Ohio, who have given us John Boehner will show up en masse for Bush in November. They have no doubt in their minds that we won’t show up too, because that’s what we’ve always done. We’ve always felt that things are so bad and that the Democrats are so dangerous, that we’d vote for any Republican, no matter how much we hate them. We have. But……

I’m out.

I’m done.

McCain is running around calling conservatives “Crazies” and Romney is spending all his time figuring out how to get rid of Mike Lee.

I know it seems like if the Democrats keep the White House for four more years, the country is done; but George W. Bush held the White House for 8 years and the Democrat Agenda moved foward anyway. The economy collapsed and the Democrats won the Congress. Only Democrats can accomplish legislation without a 60 Senator majority.

Your Republican Party despises you. Frankly, I am wondering how in hell we can wake up in the morning and respect ourselves if we cast another vote for one of their establishment pawns. I know I can’t.

How about you?

Every time we cast a vote for a Republican, we’re casting a vote for this guy. Mississippi. Remember? I do.


Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker